I had this Dream after Speaking in Tongues (Warfare in the Woods)

It is no secret that you get clear dreams when you speak in tongues. I have had many dreams over the years that I have been speaking in tongues.

I decided to document these dreams to motivate other believers to value speaking in tongues before going to bed.

When you speak in tongues, God is prompted to answer you. He can answer you instantly through a vision or through a dream when you fall asleep.

This is a series I intend to run for the longest time possible since I receive dreams every so often. Some of the dreams I get are personal but I’ll do my best to explain so that you understand.

The Speaking in Tongues Session Leading to the Dream

Before I tell you the dream, let me talk a bit about the speaking in tongues session that led to the dream. This is where the foundation is laid.

It was about midnight when I decided to pray in tongues. I was preparing to sleep after watching some YouTube videos but I decided to speak in tongues before I slept.

In addition, I was feeling the urge to pray in tongues. The atmosphere was still. The place I stay is usually dead silent at night unless dogs are barking.

When I began speaking in tongues, I felt great sorrow. The sorrow made me pray fervently. I often feel sorrowful when I am praying in tongues. The Holy Spirit helps me grieve the pain of this life.

When I am sorrowful, I pray harder to ward off the sorrow. That night was no different.

As I was praying, I kept remembering how many of my relationships are strained because of choosing to follow Jesus. Knowing that God is the only one I can cry to made me release myself fully.

This went on for about half an hour before I felt a shift.

After about half an hour, I felt a strong push to keep praying. I had begun thinking of calling it a night. Because of the strong urge to keep praying, I decided to extend the session to 1am.

I prepared a cup of tea and continued to pray in tongues.

At about 1am, I was still feeling a hunger to pray but I chose to end the session and rest. I struggled with a bit of guilt for not continuing to pray even though I had intended to end the prayer session at 1am.

I usually struggle with sorrow after ending a session of speaking in tongues. I always feel I should continue no matter how long I speak in tongues.

I figured out it is the longing of my spirit to be with the Lord. When I stop praying in tongues, my spirit grieves.

The Dream I had after Speaking in Tongues

I didn’t fall asleep immediately even though I went to bed immediately. I spent about an hour and a half trying to calm my mind down.

I usually think of many things when I go to bed. It takes conscious effort to calm my mind down. Speaking in tongues helps me calm down most of the time.

When I fell asleep, I found myself in a wooded area. Many of the dreams I find myself in wooded areas end up being warfare dreams. Those wooded areas are a habitation for demons.

This dream was not any different.

From where I was standing, I saw huge gorillas in a distance. They were furious and were attacking a group of people.

Those people were running towards where I was. I was on the ground and I quickly stood up. Those people were shouting asking everyone to stay in the group.

There were several other people who had fallen on the ground. They were standing up and joining the group of people.

When I saw the group of people coming towards me, I knew I needed to help them fight those gorillas which I knew were demons.

Instantly, I had a surge of energy and the idea of fighting those demons didn’t feel scary. The group of people seemed inexperienced in fighting those demons.

As the group of people approached me, I saw among them smaller demons. The demons that were among the people were invisible to the people but I saw them.

I called on the name of Jesus as I joined the group to fight the demons.

The next thing I remember, we were seated in a tent with that group of people and they were recalling the ordeal. One of them said he was running but didn’t see any demons; he was running because everyone was running.

I didn’t tell him the demons I saw. Shortly afterwards, I woke up.

Understanding the Dream I had after Speaking in Tongues

This was a straight forward dream. It was not the first time I have found myself fighting demons to help someone in trouble.

The Lord took me to that place to help that group of people. I know I am an experienced warrior in the Spirit. I have fought many times in my dreams.

Physically, I pray for people who come to me with issues but in the spirit those prayers are actual battles.

God uses me to fight battles in my dreams when I am spiritually strong. I don’t remember a single time I had a dream where I was helping someone fight evil spirits when I was spiritually low.

Speaking in tongues charges up my spirit and it prompts God to use me to help others. It feels good when God uses you to help others.

I don’t remember exactly where I learned this but I learned that God banished the spirits of the Nephilims into the harsh places of the earth.

God also made the spirits of the Nephilims invisible so that they would not traumatize people who strayed into areas where they dwell.

After having several dreams fighting demons in wooded areas, I believed even more that harsh places of the earth are reserved for the demons.

Remember Jesus also mentioned in Matthew 12:43 that when a demon is cast out of a person it goes into the wilderness.

Lessons Learned from this Dream

I can’t say I was waging war when I spoke in tongues before going to bed. I was praying in tongues primarily for spiritual nourishment.

But then when you are spiritually nourished, God will use you to help others.

This dream has taught me to do my best to stay spiritually nourished. Of course I’ll maintain my spiritual nourishment by speaking in tongues more.

When I’m nourished, I can then be used to serve in the army of the Lord.

It is great joy to fight for the Lord. You win every battle and leave the war without a scratch.

I believe anyone can be used by the Lord to carry out various spiritual tasks in their dreams. This is only possible if someone has invested time in nourishing himself spiritually by speaking in tongues.

Keep speaking in tongues and let’s be used of the Lord.


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