Speaking in Tongues to Create a Heavenly Atmosphere

In my early days of attending church where people speak in tongues, I was always amazed at how people were able to command a heavenly atmosphere and manifest various prophetic acts.

I observed individuals having visions and prophesying, as well as praying for the sick and witnessing their healing. I was intrigued by the ability of those believers to operate in such power.

Being a born-again believer that was yet to encounter the heavenly realm, I embarked on a journey of learning how they were able to perform miracles, interpret tongues, and experience visions.

Through my research, I discovered that the foundation of these miraculous acts, was speaking in tongues. By creating a heavenly atmosphere through speaking in tongues, everything else fell into place effortlessly.

In this article, I aim to share three essential techniques I have learned that can help you create a heavenly atmosphere and reap its benefits through the gift of speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues for long

The first observation I made in church was the prolonged practice of speaking in tongues. Instead of praying for just a few minutes, it would go on for a significant amount of time.

In fact, the church service itself would last the entire day, starting from 8 am and sometimes even stretching to 7pm. This allowed us ample time to intercede through speaking in tongues.

Through this experience, I came to understand that speaking in tongues for an extended period naturally creates a heavenly atmosphere. This spirit-filled environment lays the foundation for other miracles and breakthroughs.

To test this theory, I initially set a timer on my phone for forty-five minutes on the first day. I continued this practice, gradually increasing the duration to one hour, then one hour and fifteen minutes, and eventually to over one hour and thirty minutes.

I noticed a consistent correlation between the length of time spent speaking in tongues and the depth of the Heavenly atmosphere that was established. The longer I spoke in tongues, the lighter I felt, indicating the presence of a Heavenly realm.

Initially, it took me about an hour and 45 minutes to reach this state, but with consistent practice, the time gradually decreased to just 30 minutes. This journey has taught me that the more one speaks in tongues, the quicker and more effectively they can create a Heavenly atmosphere.

Praying in tongues with a purpose

Secondly, I learned that when speaking in tongues, it is important to have a specific focus in mind. Back in the day when I used to pray for set periods of time, my goal was to experience a heavenly atmosphere.

The more I focused my mind to achieve the experience, the faster I came close to it.  Even if I didn’t feel it immediately, I would continue speaking in tongues until I felt that peaceful experience.

Having a clear goal in mind helped me stay focused and motivated during my prayer time. It is essential to have a purpose in mind while speaking in tongues to create that heavenly atmosphere effectively.

A pure lifestyle

I discovered that maintaining a pure lifestyle is crucial in creating a heavenly atmosphere while speaking in tongues. Purity has a profound impact on our own spiritual growth and connection with God.

The Holy Spirit brings a level of purity that goes beyond the ordinary, accompanied by angels and God’s presence. God, being pure Himself, dwells where there is purity.

What actually happens is that when we speak in tongues, the angels first come to check and make sure that the environment is pure enough for God to come and dwell.

I came to learn that if I keep myself pure, it becomes very easy to experience the heavenly atmosphere that I so desire. Usually the peaceful atmosphere lingers around for as long as I remain undefiled by avoiding ungodly and worldly ways.

There are many benefits of operating in the heavenly atmosphere which is a breeding ground for God’s miracles. When a believer enters this realm, they are literally in the presence of God where all things are possible.

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