Can the Devil Speak in Tongues?

The devil cannot speak in tongues because he cannot be filled by the Spirit of God. It is only by the Spirit of God that someone can speak in tongues.

But the devil can imitate speaking in tongues. God permits the devil to imitate speaking in tongues to test our faith.

I have never experienced demonic speaking in tongues but I have heard testimonies of people who experienced them.

As it turns out, the tongues of the devil are rare.

Some people assume that all tongues spoken are of the devil but the truth is that most tongues we hear are of the Holy Spirit. It is just that some are empty because people who speak them don’t have love.

The Bible does not give us much information whether the devil speaks in tongues or not for a good reason. God does not want to cause fear among us.

For some people, knowing that the devil can imitate tongues can easily lead them to doubt the entire gift of speaking in tongues. Such people will shun speaking in tongues for good.

Those who are mature in the faith know that the devil can imitate speaking in tongues but they know they can’t fall victims to his schemes.

What Tongues does the Devil Speak?

If the devil cannot speak in tongues, what language does he use to communicate? Well, the devil has no language. Having a language to use is a privilege that God stripped away from the devil when he rebelled.

As a result, the devil can only use human languages. Since there have been many human languages ever since God divided men during the building of the tower of Babel, the devil has a variety.

Demons also don’t have a language. They rely on human languages.

When casting out devils, they speak in the language of the person they have possessed. They have no language of their own.

When demons imitate speaking in tongues, they do so to cause distrust in the genuine gift of speaking in tongues.

If someone with weak faith hears the tongues of the devil and how similar they sound to the tongues of the Spirit of God, the person will fear speaking in tongues.

Since the devil knows that speaking in tongues is a powerful gift, he will be happy to scare even one person from speaking in tongues.

When the devil imitates tongues, the aim is to plant seeds of fear.

I once read a comment of someone online who experienced demonic tongues and the trauma made him shun speaking in tongues. When he was writing that comment, he said he lost faith in speaking in tongues.

Can the Devil Influence People to Speak in Tongues?

Yes, the devil influences people to imitate speaking in tongues with demonic tongues. But the cases are rare.

According to the law of God, spirits have no right to operate on earth unless they are in an earthly body. This is why demons possess people and also why the Spirit of God can only operate on earth through us.

When it comes to speaking in tongues, the Spirit of God is the one who utters through the mouth of the believer.

Just as the Spirit of God can utter through a believer, demons can utter through people who have made covenants with them.

Actually, demonic tongues do not necessarily imitate speaking in tongues. Speaking vulgar is an inspiration of demons.

While some people speak vulgar because it is rampant, there are people who speak vulgar but it is actually devils speaking through them.

Do you remember the incident where the devil was persuading Jesus not to go to the cross through Peter? Jesus knew it was the devil speaking through Peter and that is why He rebuked him.

Our tongues can be used by the Spirit of God or by the devil depending on the covenants we get into.

Speaking in tongues is done by people and so are demonic tongues.

When the devil is imitating speaking in tongues, he uses people.

God Limiting the Devil Speaking in Tongues

Have you ever read a scripture in Matthew 24 that says if the time of tribulation was not shortened even the elect would be led astray?

The Bible hints to us that the devil has the power to deceive even the very best of us. If given time, he can deceive all of us.

That is true.

But of course the devil can’t deceive the Holy Spirit. If a believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, the devil stands no chance with his deception.

Just as Jesus overcame all the temptations of the devil because He was full of the Spirit of God, any believer who is full of the Spirit of God overcomes the devil.

In another scripture in the Bible, we are told that God does not permit us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. This means that God only permits the devil to tempt us according to how much of the Spirit of God we have.

The aim is to see if we will heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit or of the devil.

When it comes to letting the devil imitate speaking in tongues, God limits it based on the level at which someone is at. This is why no believer should be scared of the devil imitating speaking in tongues.

Can the Devil Speak in Tongues? Conclusion

The devil can influence people to imitate the gift of speaking in tongues. The whole purpose is to cause distrust in the gift of tongues.

As a believer, you can easily tell when speaking in tongues is of the devil because you will feel demonic presence. Just the same way speaking in tongues creates a heavenly presence, tongues of the devil cause a satanic presence.

You should never fear that the tongues you speak may be demonic. If you asked for the gift of speaking in tongues from God, there is no way you will receive demonic tongues.

Also, devils can only imitate speaking in tongues if God permits them. In most cases, they speak in human languages.

The fact that the Bible doesn’t mention demonic tongues goes to show that the important thing is to know the true gift of speaking in tongues. Focus on the true gift and you will be fine.


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