Crying when Praying in Tongues

Have you ever experienced crying when praying in tongues? I have experienced it on many occasions. Sometimes I understood why I was crying but other times I didn’t know why I was crying.

Either way, crying while praying in tongues is common. There are reasons that make us to cry while praying in tongues. In this article, I will go over the major reasons.

Why People Cry when Praying in Tongues

1. Overwhelming Love

God loves us and most of us know it. But there are dimensions of love that we have never experienced. When God ushers us into new dimensions of love, we feel overwhelmed.

Praying in tongues unlocks mysteries. The Bible tells us that whoever speaks in tongues speaks mysteries and no man understands him.

Love is a mystery. By praying in tongues, the Spirit of God asks God to usher us into a new dimension of love. The overwhelming love causes us to cry.

We are used to hearing preachers say God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son. But when God gives us details of how much pain He felt for giving His only son and how hard it was for Him to watch His son suffer, it gives us a new understanding of the love of God.

The new understanding of love makes us feel so sorry for having sinned against God and caused Him to go through so much pain.

When we experience overwhelming love when we are praying in tongues, it causes us to cry.

2. Expressing our Pain to God

Crying is a form of communication. Children cry when they need attention from their parents. The same is true for children of God.

The world we live in is cursed. Many things work against us. When we pray in tongues, the Spirit of God expresses the pain we have to God. Sometimes the pain can only be expressed by crying.

God not only listens to the words that we speak to Him but also our cries. Every cry that comes from a person is heard by God.

The Bible tells us of the story of Cain and Abel. When Cain killed Abel, the blood of Abel cried out to God against Cain.

When the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt, they cried to God in pain and God heard their cry.

If you find yourself crying while praying in tongues, it is an expression of your pain.

3. Mourning

When we express our pain to God while praying in tongues, we expect God to come and relieve us. But sometimes we cry when praying in tongues to mourn.

The difference between crying in pain and mourning is that crying in pain needs a response from God but mourning does not.

When you pray in tongues and God reveals to you some mysteries, you are moved to tears. When God reveals to you what men did to Jesus yet He was innocent, you mourn.

The state of the world can also make you mourn when God reveals it to you. The author of Ecclesiastes mourned the bitterness of life under the sun.

Job mourned the state of being human. Jesus mourned the misery that men go through.

Praying in tongues is communion with God. When you commune with God, He will reveal to you secrets. Some of the secrets are so sorrowful that you can’t help but cry.

The Power of Crying when Praying in Tongues

1. Evidence of Pain

When you cry while praying in tongues, the tears you shed are used as evidence when your case is presented before God.

The earth trembles when the tears of a righteous man fall on it. The same earth trembled when the innocent blood of Jesus fell on it.

Tears are used as evidence in heaven the same way blood is used. The blood of Abel cried out for vengeance when Cain killed Abel. The blood of Jesus cries out for mercy for those who nailed Him on the cross.

Remember Jesus said “Forgive them for they do not know what they do” before dying.

Our tears are witnesses of our pain. God knows that when tears are shed, there is a reason. Even when tears are shed without any word being spoken, God will investigate why the tears were shed.

In Revelations 21:4, God promises to wipe away our tears. Every tear we shed in the name of the Lord is taken to the court house in heaven. The tears remain there as witnesses until the final judgment.

After the final judgment, the tears will be wiped away because they would have completed their duty as witnesses to what happened.

2. Crying relieves us

When you cry while praying in tongues, the cry relieves you of the sorrow in your heart. Crying is a form of therapy that God gave to us because He knew we would go through so much pain.

The Spirit of God naturally leads us to cry when it is necessary so that we can be relieved of our pain. The Bible tells us that Jesus wept.

Weeping is the natural way of getting relief when we are in pain.

3. Expressing our genuineness

Apart from tears being witnesses to our pain, they are also a sign to God that our case is strong. Even in normal cases in our courts, if a case does not have witnesses, it is a weak case.

Tears show the gravity of the matter at hand. More pain will usually cause us to shed more tears. Prolonged pain causes us to shed tears for long.

When God embarks on solving cases, priority is given to cases with many witnesses (that have a lot of tears).

Crying when Praying in Tongues: Conclusion

Crying when praying in tongues is a good thing. The Spirit of God understands our situations and when He sees fit to cause us to cry, He does so.

Our tears testify before God what we went through when they were shed. While this works well for us, we have to be careful that we don’t cause others to shed tears against us.

The next time you pray in tongues and find yourself crying, allow the Spirit of God to do as He pleases.


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  1. I’ve never cried in tongue before until tonight. Didn’t know why I was crying so I googled it and this is the first link that popped up. Cried even more while reading and even though I don’t understand what I say, I do think I heard myself saying, Papa I love You, multiple times. Thank you for this article, and praise God most of all! ❤️

  2. When ever iam worshipping or praying in tongues i find myself crying and speaking the same words (tongues) but feel relived after but i just have that hunger to know God more


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