How to pray for a good house maid

“I want to pray that God may give me a good house maid but I don’t know where to begin.” If this is your concern, you have come to the right place. As a believer, it is good when you put prayer before everything that you do, including seeking for a house maid.

It is better to pray before hiring a house maid than having to pray after you get a house maid that causes you trouble. But then I understand that praying for a house maid can be a little puzzling. After all, it might be your first time praying for a house maid.

There are a few concerns that relate to praying for a house maid and those are the concerns I want to address in this article. Follow through and be assured that you will know how to pray for a good house maid by the end of the article. I’ll also include a sample prayer just to make things easy for you. Deal?

Does God answer prayer for a good house maid?

The first concern I want to address is for those people who want to pray for a good house maid but they are not sure if God listens to such prayers. As you know, if you don’t believe that God actually listens to prayers for good house maids, it will be impossible for you to pray. The motivation to pray comes from you knowing that God actually answers such prayers.

Where do we get the answer to this concern?

Well, the Bible is full of scriptures that urge us to cast our cares to the Lord. Scriptures such as Matthew 11:28 are an invitation for us to cast all our cares to the Lord that we may find rest. Having a good house maid will definitely allow you to have the peace of mind.

With that being the case, it goes without saying that praying for a good house maid is a burden worth giving to God. If it can cause you to be restless, you have every right to cast it to the Lord. God wants you to be at peace because you are His beloved child. Anything that disturbs your peace is a burden that God is willing to take off your shoulders.

Therefore, be confident and know that God answers prayers made for a good house maid.

How do I start praying for a good house maid?

Having confidence that God answers prayers for a good house maid is only one bit of the work; actual praying is the other bit you need to take care of. And as it is, knowing where to start can be challenging.

Before you make any prayer for a good house maid, you need to align yourself with the law of God. This alignment will help you be on the good side of God to get your prayers answered.

As you know, God considers a number of factors before answering the prayers that we make. If you put yourself in a good position, you will be guaranteed to get a good house maid.

One such area that you need to align yourself in is your love for people. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as ourselves. The house maid you are praying for is a human being worthy of receiving love. As much as you will be paying her to take care of your house, you still need to show her love because she is a child of God.

If God loves her, you will have to prove to Him that you will love her as well for God to permit her to come and be your servant. Of course the big thing you need to do is ask God to teach you to be a good master. As a good master, you will have to pay your maid on time and a fair amount of money.

God knows what you have intended to pay your house help in your heart. Before you pray to Him, He knows whether you have fair intentions or ill intentions. You may want to defend yourself that you are a good master but remember God is the judge. This is why it is important to start by asking God to help you be a good master.

When you humble yourself and accept that there is a possibility that you are sugarcoating your own character as a master, God will have mercy on you and guide you on how to be a good master.

Remember that God wants the house maid you employ to glorify His name because of the treatment you give her. For this reason, God has to thoroughly prune you to make sure that you will give your maid a treatment that will make her praise the name of the Lord.

What should I expect when I pray for a good house maid?

When you pray for a good house maid, God will shape your character to ensure that you are a good master and then will send you the good house maid that you desire. If your character as a master is pleasing before God, there will be no need for pruning and you will have your prayer answered straight away.

But as I said, God is the judge. Therefore, you can never be sure if you need some pruning or you are fine. But either way, that should not be your concern. Your duty is to pray for a good house maid and leave everything else to God.

If you need pruning, you will notice that your prayer is not answered immediately. When this happens, God expects you to be patient as your character is pruned and tested in various ways. This may be tough for you but it is necessary.

The last thing you should think of doing is to abandon the tests that God sends your way. If you refuse to be tested, God will have no obligation in getting you a good house maid. And be assured that if you refuse the guidance of God, the best house maid you can get won’t be good.

God is more concerned about your character as a master. His duty as a righteous judge is to give you a maid suitable to you. If you are stubborn, God will have no choice but to let you have a stubborn maid. But if you accept the pruning of God, God will make sure you get a maid whom God has pruned.

What should I do after praying for a good house maid?

After praying for a good house maid, you need to focus on becoming the best mistress you can be. After all, God will focus on making you the best master possible after you pray for a good house maid.

Don’t be scared of the tests that God may give to you. Being scared is a sign that you have little faith and remember that having little faith is annoying to God. God delights in us when we show great faith like our father Abraham.

If you are not scared of tests after you pray for a good house maid, it means you have great faith and God will not need to give you any test. That is the irony.

Apart from having faith after praying for a good house maid, you need to learn basic human interaction skills. Though these skills may not be spiritual, they will go a long way in helping you to give the maid God sends you an easy time working in your house. And God considers that also when He is contemplating sending you a good house maid.

Therefore, after praying for a good house maid, occupy yourself with molding your character as a master to be at its best and God will send you a good house maid in no time.

Sample Prayer for a good house maid

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your willingness to help me when I call on you. Today I pray Lord that you may send me a good house maid to work in my house. Just as you sent Joseph to Potiphar’s house and everything in the house flourished because of him, send me a maid who will make everything in my house flourish for the glory of your Holy Name. I trust you because I know you have many maids prepared. I also pray that you teach me to be a good master to the maid that you will send. Help me in areas where I am lacking that I may be a blessing to the maid that you will send. Thank you My Lord for you always hear me when I pray. Amen!

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