How to Pray for your Future Husband

Praying for your future husband is good. Every single girl should pray for her future husband. God has good plans for every girl and in those good plans, there is a husband.

But then it is the responsibility of every girl to cooperate with God to get those plans fulfilled.

Getting a husband from God is part of the plan but it is not the only element in the plan. There are other elements which God requires every girl to consider before she gets her husband.

Girls who are cooperative get their husbands early. Those who are uncooperative prolong their single life and tempt themselves to stray from the good plan that God has for them.

In this article, I will highlight to you important elements of praying for your future husband.

Praying for God to reveal your Future Husband

It is a good thing to pray for God to reveal your future husband. However, there are a few things you need to note…

1. God has requirements for revealing your future husband

The Bible is clear in the book of Matthew 7 that if we ask we shall receive, if we seek we shall find and if we knock the door shall be opened to us. Asking to know your future husband is included.

However, God requires you to prove your faithfulness to Him. God is reluctant to reveal husbands to girls who are not faithful to Him.

God refrains from revealing their future husbands lest they fall in love with their husbands and forget God. As a result, God trains girls to love Him and be faithful to Him before He reveals to them their future husbands.

If you have been praying for God to reveal to you your future husband with little success, it is likely that you have not proven your faithfulness to God.

Proving your faithfulness to God is as simple as affirming in your heart ‘Whether God gives me a husband or not, I will forever love and be dedicated to Him’.

2. It takes Faith to accept your Future Husband

Every girl has expectations about the husband she wants. The husband God reveals will meet all your godly expectations except that it won’t look obvious at first.

God usually conceals the good side of the husband He reveals to girls to test if they trust Him. If a girl is willing to take a man who doesn’t look like a good match for her just because God sent Him, God will be pleased with her faith and will reveal to her the good side of the man.

It is the same thing God did when He sent Jesus. At first, Jesus didn’t fit the profile of a savior that Israel was expecting but eventually, Jesus fulfilled every prophecy made about Him.

3. God may not reveal to you your future husband

For some girls, God decides not to reveal to them their future husband even when they ask for it but instead sends the man to them.

This happens if God determines that the girl is too emotionally fragile to handle the information of her future husband. Instead of taking many years to prepare the girl emotionally, God decides to use her husband and save her waiting time.

If this is your case, you will need a great deal of faith to accept a man without verbal confirmation from God. The guiding factor in this type of situation is God’s silence.

If anytime you date someone God warns you to stop but doesn’t tell you the right person, you fall in this category.

When you will start dating the right person, God will not warn you and that will be the confirmation that you are on the right path.

Praying for God to prepare you for your Future Husband

Don’t be too preoccupied with praying for your future husband that you forget to pray for God to prepare you for Him.

A lot of preparation goes into becoming a wife. God has to teach you submission, accepting love, loving Him more than your husband, being a servant, sustaining a marriage in prayer, communicating etc.

You have to pass all those tests for God to approve you for marriage. Spending all your prayer time waiting to know your future husband is a sure way to delay your own marriage.

As a wise girl, focus on passing the tests that will make God approve you as a wife. The sooner you pass them, the sooner you will get your husband.

Pray that God may reveal to you the areas you need to work on and help you to work on them.

Some girls completely refuse to work on themselves claiming that their God given husband will love them just as they are. Such girls delay their own marriage and they have no one to blame but themselves. Don’t be like them!

You are not working to change into a different person; you are only working to be the best version of yourself so that your future husband may find it easy to love you as you are.

Best Prayer for your Future Husband

The best prayer for your future husband is 80% praying for yourself and 20% praying for your husband. Remember that your future husband also has a responsibility to pray to know you and work on himself to be a good husband to you.

If you work on yourself, God will automatically push your future husband to work on himself for your sake. It is just the two of you and though you may not realize it, the price of your marriage will be paid by both of you.

Therefore, channel your prayers for a husband in the right direction. Humble yourself and accept the truth.

Also remember that getting a husband is just an element in the grand plan that God has for you. If you have not been walking with God perfectly, it is wise to pray to fix that first.

Sample Prayer for your Future Husband

Heavenly Father, you are my Lord and my God. I trust in you and I know you love me. I am grateful that you created me in your image and likeness and you have walked with me this far. Thank you for the good plan that you have for me.

Today I choose to follow your plan. In my heart I have desired to know my husband but I choose to ask instead that you reveal to me what I need to do to stay within your plan. I understand Lord that being in your plan will not only guarantee me a husband but enjoyment of life as well. I choose wisdom.

Give me the grace to prepare myself for marriage. Teach me the lessons I need for marriage. I am your child and I look to you for guidance.

For the husband you have prepared for me, I pray that you give him the grace as well to prepare for marriage that we may meet and be a blessing to one another.

Thank you Lord for you always hear me when I pray. Glory and honor be to you forever and ever.


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