I Speak in Tongues but My Life is in Shambles, Please Help!

Are you a believer blessed with the gift of speaking in tongues yet your life is in shambles? Speaking in tongues is a powerful tool that is designed to illuminate and bring fruitfulness to the lives of believers.

However, it is not a wonder for a believer to have the gift of speaking in tongues but still be faced with difficult circumstances that lead to frustration and untold suffering.

In this article, I seek to explain why this happens and guide you through your quest to getting your life back on track using the gift of speaking in tongues.

Why a believer can speak in tongues and have a chaotic life

Foremost, there are a few things every believer needs to have in mind before using the gift of speaking in tongues to change the trajectory of their life. Understand that it is possible to succeed in one area of life and struggle in another. For instance, a gift that empowers you to thrive in business may not be the same kind of gift that is required to have a successful marriage.

The same goes for speaking in tongues, but with a special twist. Speaking in tongues is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that helps us in our spiritual walk. In light of this, it is almost impossible for us to possess all the gifts of the Holy Spirit all at once and so we are bound to have weak-points at certain areas of life.

Interestingly, we can channel the gift of speaking in tongues to summon strength and wisdom in our areas of inadequacies; and ultimately enjoy the wholeness of life. This is a revelation that is yet to be uncovered by many believers.

How to fix your life through the power of speaking in tongues

It begins when you find the purpose of your life. God wants each of us to fulfill a specific purpose towards His plan of salvation. To find you purpose, you need to incorporate the gift of speaking in tongues.

An ideal situation is when a believer gives his life to Christ, undergoes the baptism of the Holy spirit and ultimately receives the gift of speaking in tongues. The believer then learns to commune with God and to hear from Him. What follows is the revelation of their purpose and the assignment God has for them and from there, the believer enters their destined path.

However, some believers tend to experience stagnation in life simply because, even after receiving the gift of speaking in tongues, they don’t learn how to properly commune with God which makes it difficult for them to receive revelations about their destiny.

There is also another category of believers who have already received the revelation pertaining their purpose in life but they are yet to take action, again leading them to stagnancy and lack of contentment.

Having communion with God through the gift of speaking in tongues is what brings clarity to our lives as believers. It is worth noting that successfully communing with God is a process that takes time because the heavenly Father wants to mold us to his liking and strengthen our character so that we are in a position to first serve and please him before releasing us to serve the rest of the world.

The Lord prepares us fully and gives us direction and whatever thing we may need to ensure the establishment of His plans over our lives. It is His desire that we keep praying in tongues until we are refined in all areas of life.

The assignment God has for you determines how much time it will take to train you before releasing you to the world.

To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey.

Matthew 25:15

The more you speak in tongues and commune with God, the more you get a clearer picture of your life’s purpose and the moment you start implementing what God reveals to you, transformation is automatic.

In conclusion, bringing order to your life through the gift of speaking in tongues is a process that takes time. Be encouraged to remain faithful as you develop a sharp spirit, listening to God and implementing his directions for a blissful life. Blessings.

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