I speak in tongues in my sleep. What does it mean?

I would like to cover a topic that has been brought up on several occasions by some believers regarding speaking in tongues while asleep or upon waking up.

Many have inquired about this phenomenon and its significance. From my personal experiences, I have noticed that this occurrence is not uncommon among believers who have a connection to speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues in a dream

When God reveals a dream where you are speaking in tongues, it indicates that you should begin speaking in tongues, even if you have never done it before. This dream serves as a message that you already have the gift and should utilize it.

On the other hand, those who already have the gift may find themselves speaking in tongues in their dream or while asleep. This could be a sign of their openness to the spirit of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to use them as vessels for intercession.

In such cases, even during sleep, individuals may find themselves speaking in tongues as they have given permission to the Holy Spirit to work through them.

Speaking in tongues in a dream is often attributed to the Holy Spirit praying. It is important to recognize that dreams are not just mere imagination, but an actual realm in the spiritual world where events unfold exactly as we dream them.

I once came across a book that shared the testimony of a woman who had a vision of hell. In this vision, she witnessed people entering hell, but what was shocking was that some of them thought they were dreaming.

This revelation led me to understand that dreams hold a certain truth to them. They can be so vivid that we question whether we are actually dreaming; just like when we witness someone experiencing a significant breakthrough or a surprising event in real life, and they exclaim, “Am I dreaming?”. Without a doubt, dreams indeed hold a significant place in our lives.

When the Holy Spirit prompts you to speak in tongues in your dreams, it signifies that He is utilizing you to intercede in the situation you are experiencing in that dream. Even in our dreams, we engage in spiritual battles and make intercessions.

God communicates with us in our dreams just as He did with King Solomon in the Bible. God appeared to him in a dream and asked what he desired. King Solomon asked for wisdom, and God granted him wisdom in the dream.

In connection to this, speaking in tongues remains effective even in dreams, which is why the Holy Spirit may give the prompt when necessary.

Speaking in tongues when waking up

There are individuals who experience speaking in tongues upon waking up. Essentially, they wake up and find themselves in the act of speaking in tongues. This happens because God desires them to intercede.

Some people find it challenging to initiate praying in tongues, so God prompts them to start speaking in tongues and gradually intensifies their experience.

At times, this happens because the Holy Spirit was interceding while they were asleep, and they happened to awaken in the process. When they wake up and find themselves speaking in tongues, it becomes effortless to continue doing so.

The same principle applies in the event of nightmares. If you possess the gift of speaking in tongues, you may find yourself speaking in tongues upon waking up from the nightmare.

Therefore, it is advisable to immediately continue speaking in tongues after waking up from a nightmare until you feel a sense of peace. This shows that the Holy Spirit has accomplished whatever purpose He intended.


Whenever you speak in tongues in your sleep or in a dream, it is important to recognize the significance of this experience. It is the Holy Spirit working through you, using your willingness to be a vessel for His intercession.

If you do not possess the gift of speaking in tongues but you find yourself exercising the gift in a dream, it may be a sign that you should begin seeking this gift.

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