Praying in the Spirit the Perfect Will of God

Praying in the spirit is a guaranteed way to pray the perfect will of God. The perfect will of God is mysterious and the only way to pray it is by speaking in tongues.

God knew that His will is mysterious and that men could never fully understand it. As a result, He sent Jesus to come and live in His perfect will.

Because Jesus lived in the perfect will of God, all we have to do is copy Jesus and we will be in God’s perfect will.

In the Lord ’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to say ‘Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. That is pretty much all we can pray about the will of God in understanding.

But with praying in the spirit, we can go into detail when praying for the will of God to be done in our lives.

The Bible says that whoever speaks in tongues speaks mysteries to God and no one understands him. What are those mysteries?

God’s will!

Praying in the Spirit the Perfect Will of God: What you need to know

1. Praying in the Spirit is the Only Way to Pray God’s Perfect Will

This is true because the Bible tells us that it is only the spirit of a man that knows his deep thoughts.

Likewise, it is only the Spirit of God that knows the deep thoughts of God. Since the will of God is in His deep thoughts, only the Holy Spirit knows them.

As a result, only the Holy Spirit can pray according to the deep thoughts of God. Since praying in the Spirit is allowing the Holy Spirit to make intercession for you, He prays the perfect will of God to be done in your life.

Though you may not understand what the Spirit of God is uttering through your tongue, you will receive the answer to the prayer that the Holy Spirit makes.

There are aspects of the will of God that we can pray for in understanding. For example, we know that God requires each one of us to love Him with all our heart, our soul and our strength.

We can ask God to teach us to love Him but that is only scratching the surface. Love itself is a mystery. For us to tap into the deep mysteries of love, we have to make specific requests.

Those requests are beyond what human languages can express. Praying in the spirit is the only way to express such requests.

Whoever prays in the spirit is able to express deep mysteries to God.

I once had an encounter during a worship session in church. In the encounter, I found myself standing before the throne of God.

In that moment, I experienced overwhelming love I had never experienced before. I didn’t have words to say. I shed tears but they never felt enough.

It is in such encounters that only speaking in tongues can express just how much you appreciate the love that God has for you.

2. Praying God’s Perfect Will in the Spirit is Limitless

The mysteries of God are limitless. His will is limitless too. If the Will of God is limitless, how can we ask for it in our limited prayers?

We can’t!

This is why the Bible asks us in 1st Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing. We have to continually pray in the spirit for God to reveal His Will to us.

The revelation of God’s Will is limitless. Even after we go to heaven, we will still continue getting the revelation of God’s will.

Right now, while we are still on earth, the only way we can access God is through prayer. This means we can only get revelations about God’s Will through prayer.

And since God’s Will is limitless, the only way we can access it is through making limitless prayers by praying in the Spirit.

3. Praying God’s Perfect Will in the Spirit becomes Easier with Time

At first, praying God’s perfect will is hard even when you are praying in the Spirit. Since you barely understand what the Spirit of God is saying through you, there is little motivation to keep speaking in tongues.

Sometimes it feels as if praying in the spirit is speaking empty words in the air. That is how it feels at first.

When you hear servants of God saying praying in the spirit is praying God’s perfect will, your mind barely registers it.

But if you keep pushing yourself to pray in the spirit, you will grow and start understanding what the Spirit of God is praying through you.

Once you start understanding what the Holy Spirit is praying through you, it becomes interesting to listen.

Sometimes you will pray in the spirit just because you want to hear what the Spirit of God will pray for. This is a level where you can interpret what the Holy Spirit is saying.

The interpretation comes as a revelation in your mind as the Spirit of God prays. Sometimes, the Spirit of God reveals to you what He was praying for after you are done praying.

Other times, when you get an answer to what the Spirit of God prayed for, He lets you know that is something He prayed for.

At that level, you start to understand a lot about God’s perfect will and you get a stronger urge to pray in the spirit.

Praying God’s Perfect Will in the Spirit Conclusion

Praying in the spirit is a gift that God gave to us to be able to pray His perfect will in our lives. The Holy Spirit is a helper; He helps us express mysteries to God that we would otherwise never express.

God’s Will is a mystery and only believers who have the gift of praying in tongues can unlock it. The deeper you launch into praying in the spirit, the deeper the mysteries you experience.

Praying in the spirit is powerful; exercise it as often as you can. Through it, you will always pray God’s perfect will for your life.

God bless you!

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