Praying in Tongues for Healing

If you are praying in tongues for healing either for yourself or for someone else, this article is for you. Praying in tongues is a powerful way to receive healing from the Lord.

The Spirit of God knows what is ailing you and He has the power to make you whole in the name of Jesus.

I understand that you may have been praying in tongues for a while without tangible results. If that is the case, don’t worry; I will help you identify what you may have missed and walk you step by step how to get things right.

Praying in Tongues for Healing: No Results

Whenever you pray in tongues for healing and you don’t get it, there is a reason. Healing, just like other requests made to God, need to be done properly to get the desired outcome.

Before you know how to ask for healing by speaking in tongues, it is wise to know what stands in the way.

Know the Cause of the Sickness

Not all sicknesses have the same cause. There are three major causes of sicknesses: demons, curses and negligence.

Sicknesses caused by demons are healed when the demons causing the sickness are cast out.

Have you ever heard of cases of people who suffered diseases but they got healed instantly after demons were cast out of them?

That is an example of getting healed from diseases caused by devils of infirmity.

Sicknesses caused by curses are healed when the curses causing the sicknesses are broken. The process of breaking curses is not the same as that of casting out demons.

A person may have no devils but he is sick because there is a curse operating in his life. The curses causing sicknesses can come from God or people.

The word of God has promised infirmity on people who break certain laws. Have you ever read the scripture where Apostle Paul says some become sick because they take Holy Communion when they are not fit for it?

It happens!

Sicknesses caused by negligence are healed when we take responsibility. God only steps in to heal diseases caused by our irresponsibility out of His mercy.

Praying in tongues for healing therefore must take into consideration the cause of the disease. In most cases, speaking in tongues will only help you understand what you need to do to get healing.

Praying in Tongues for Healing: How to do it

Healing for Sicknesses caused by Demons

If the disease you have is caused by a demon, through praying in tongues, God will reveal to you that the sickness is caused by a demon. If you persist in prayer, God will reveal to you how to get rid of the demon.

You can as well ask God to drive the demon out of you by praying in tongues. In fact, the more you speak in tongues, the more uncomfortable the demon will be. Persist for a while and the devil will leave on its own.

To get rid of demons causing sicknesses, you can either go to a servant of God who has the authority to cast out demons or you can follow a few steps to get rid of the demons for yourself.

If you want to get rid of the demons yourself, start by repenting for giving the devil a foothold in your life. Allowing devils in your life is breaking God’s law; you must repent.

Secondly, deal with any legalities that the demons used to access your life. If they came because of unforgiveness, deal with the unforgiveness. If they came because of sin, repent of the sin.

Thirdly, order the devils out and declare your stand in Christ. This is where you are to quote the famous ‘By His stripes I am healed’ scripture. These declarations help you affirm your faith in Jesus and prompt God to act.

Lastly, thank God for the love He has for you and for making it easy for you to receive healing.

Praying in tongues will help you get the precise steps you need to take but that is generally the process.

Praying in tongues for Sicknesses caused by Curses

Praying in tongues for healing if the sickness is caused by curses takes the same angle as for sicknesses caused by demons.

Start by acknowledging that you deserve the curse. This confession will prompt God to show you mercy. Then repent of the sin that caused the curse.

Thirdly, ask God to lift the curse from your life and then affirm your covenant in Christ. The curse making you sick will be put on Christ and you will receive healing.

Lastly, thank God for sending His only son to become a curse to set you free.

Praying in tongues in this case will help you know what caused the curse in your life. Through speaking in tongues, God will give you revelations.

Praying in Tongues for Healing: Diseases caused by Irresponsibility

Praying in tongues for healing for diseases caused by our irresponsibility takes an interesting angle. As you pray in tongues, God will reveal to you the area in your life that has caused the sickness.

God may require you to work it out yourself. This is where you will have to go see a doctor and take medication. You will also have to work hard to change your lifestyle.

This is the type of sickness you usually hear some servants of God tell you to go see a doctor even when they have the gift of healing.

God can have mercy on you and heal you but the drill is usually to fix it yourself. God helps you see what needs to be solved and how to get it solved.

If you fail to take responsibility for diseases caused by your negligence, God will watch you suffer and even die. It is that serious!

I lost a tooth because of my poor dental hygiene and learned this lesson the hard way. God is loving but His love is greatly limited by our irresponsibility.

Praying in Tongues for Healing Conclusion

Even though speaking in tongues is allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through us, there is a procedure of how things work in the spiritual realm.

If you want healing, you have to follow the procedure of getting healing. Speaking in tongues will help you navigate the requirements to get the healing you want but there is also your responsibility.

Speaking in tongues has the healing effect. The ‘edification’ that the Bible talks about as a benefit of speaking in tongues includes healing.

If you make speaking in tongues a habit, you will realize that you don’t fall sick easily and your health generally improves.

I have noticed that I have great mental stability even in situations that would naturally freak me out because I speak in tongues a lot.

Speaking in tongues works better than any therapy on this planet. I assure you!

Spend more time praying in the spirit and experience renewal and healing.

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