Speak in Tongues whenever you feel Lonely

There is no problem that speaking in tongues can’t solve. Whether directly or indirectly, speaking in tongues will solve every problem imaginable.

Loneliness is one of the problems that speaking in tongues solves. While most people who suffer from loneliness don’t think it is a big problem, in the eyes of God, it is.

God created us with so much love and intended for us to have communion with Him and with one another. Loneliness is the absence of communion with God and man.

Loneliness among Believers

Becoming a believer in Jesus is a ticket that sets you up against the world. Just as Jesus assured us, if we love Him, the world will hate us.

With this being the case, it is no surprise that a good number of believers in Jesus find themselves all alone. Our faith in Jesus sets us up against family members who are stuck to the ways of the world.

We lose friends who feel we are too radical about Jesus and His gospel. But for us, we know that Jesus is the only hope we have and it is a no-brainer to stake everything on Him.

Unless God helps us find other believers who are as zealous as we are about our faith in Jesus, we easily find ourselves starving from human connections.

It is also common for believers to struggle with loneliness even when they are part of a fellowship. Some fellowships make the life of genuine believers harder than no fellowship at all.

Take an example of fellowships that don’t allow believers to speak in tongues. What then is the point of the fellowship if we can’t express our deep faith in Jesus by praying in tongues?

For a long time, believing in Jesus has made many believers suffer discrimination. Jesus knew we would be discriminated and that is why He assured us that He will always be with us to the end of age.

With His word, we stand assured that even when everyone deserts us, He will always be with us. And this is the best therapy for any believer who suffers from loneliness.

I have seen believers who have been isolated because of their faith cry out to God to give them a companion. Even though the prayer is legitimate, sometimes God wants us to have Him as our only companion.

In any case, it is only the companionship that comes from God that will fully satisfy us. We may crave for a love partner from God but that love partner can never give us better companionship than the one we receive from Jesus.

How many married couples struggle when it comes with relating to one another? Even proper marriages between believers still lack a few elements of companionship. Marriages can thrive even when the companionship level is not 100% which is a miracle in itself.

But our relationship with Jesus is guaranteed to have all the aspects of companionship that we need.

Speaking in Tongues enables Companionship

It is clear that only Jesus can fully satisfy our companionship needs. Since speaking in tongues is an efficient way to commune with Jesus, it enables us overcome loneliness.

Jesus is our companion in suffering

It is not hard to find companionship from people but when times of suffering come, human companionship vanishes into thin air.

All of a sudden, there is nobody to talk to. The emails you send get no reply. Your phone calls are not picked. And if you are lucky to get through to someone, all you get is pointless advice that doesn’t help you at all.

It gets to a point where you prefer to suffer in silence than share your suffering with other humans only to increase your suffering.

It is already painful to suffer the troubles of life but to be misunderstood by those you expect companionship from makes the sad situation worse.

Good for us, we can always speak in tongues. We commune with Jesus through speaking in tongues and because He suffered the pain we are suffering, He understands us.

Speaking in tongues will make you feel less alone. Jesus will comfort you as you speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit will help you understand that you are not alone in your suffering.

Whether you are a young person or an adult, Jesus knows how to comfort you. For those who were raised in abusive homes, speaking in tongues will help you commune with Jesus and make you feel less alone.

Those who are struggling with loneliness in their marriages can rely on Jesus to be their true companion. Don’t demand for companionship from human beings. Soak yourself in tongues and find satisfaction in Jesus.

Speaking in Tongues gives us freedom of expression

A big part of loneliness is feeling you can’t express yourself to anyone without being judged. It is natural for us to crave attention when we express ourselves.

But because of the broken human nature, it is foolish to expect people to listen to you when you express yourself. There are those who will give you an ear but they have a limit to how much they can bear.

But with speaking in tongues, you have unlimited room to express yourself with as many words as you want. You can even scream and roll on the floor to express yourself and Jesus will happily listen to you.

You can cry for hours and Jesus will not get tired of wiping your tears. Speaking in tongues by nature is a gift that enables us to express ourselves to God.

The more you express yourself, the less you will feel lonely. Stop demanding that people listen to you when you express yourself when you can speak in tongues and express everything you want to God.

Jesus invited us in Matthew 11:28 to go to Him with our burdens so that He gives us rest. Loneliness is a burden and it qualifies to be cast at the foot of the cross of Christ.

Cast all loneliness at the foot of the cross of Christ by speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit will help you express yourself and cast your loneliness at the cross.

Jesus told His disciples on the night He was arrested that they would desert Him but He would not be left alone because the Father would be with Him. If Jesus kept loneliness at bay by praying fervently, who are you not to pray to keep loneliness at bay?

Don’t complain about loneliness, pray in tongues until it vanishes.


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