Speaking in Tongues while Asleep Meaning

Speaking in tongues when you are sleeping means that you have given permission to the Holy Spirit to use your tongue whenever He wills. By giving your life to Jesus, you automatically gave consent to the Holy Spirit to use your tongue to pray. Speaking in tongues in your sleep occurs because that is the time the Holy Spirit managed to find expression through you. It is a good sign that you have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I have experienced speaking in tongues while asleep. The experience happened several times after I received the gift of speaking in tongues.

As you would expect, I was amazed and wanted to find out more about speaking in tongues while sleeping.

On other occasions, I would start speaking in tongues in my dream then wake up speaking in tongues. As I have grown in the gift, I have come to understand some of the experiences I had.

In this article, I will share with you what it means to speak in tongues in your sleep.

Speaking in Tongues while Asleep Meaning

1. You have the Gift of Speaking in Tongues

While it may be obvious to some people when they speak in tongues in their sleep that they have the gift, to others, it is a sign that God gives to them.

Believers who have the gift of speaking in tongues but are afraid to exercise it may receive a dream where they are speaking in tongues.

God expects them to learn from the dream that they have the gift and all they need to do is exercise it.

I know God uses dreams to build our faith in matters that we should be doing but we are afraid to do. Speaking in tongues in your dream is not any different.

2. You are Open to the Spirit of God

The Spirit of God can never abuse our free will. Even with speaking in tongues, we have to give Him consent for Him to speak through us.

He is gentle in nature just as Jesus was gentle and never forced us to accept His salvation. Because the Holy Spirit came to fulfill the promise of Jesus, if you open up yourself to Jesus, you have automatically opened up yourself to the Holy Spirit as well.

Since we don’t make decisions when we are asleep, it only means that the Spirit of God took over your tongue because He has a right to do so.

This is such a good sign for your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

3. The Holy Spirit was making Intercession for you

The Bible tells us that we do not know how to pray as we ought to and that the Spirit of God makes intercession for us with groans that are too deep for words.

Speaking in tongues in your sleep means the Spirit of God was praying for you. It may have been an emergency prayer that could not wait and so He caused you to speak in tongues in your sleep.

It is a great experience to have the Holy Spirit make intercession for you. Not only does it get you results from God but it also shows how much God loves you.

Waking up from Sleep while Speaking in Tongues Meaning

Sometimes we wake up in the middle of speaking in tongues. This is a bit different from speaking in tongues while you are asleep and only waking up with the memory of speaking in tongues. This is what it means…

1. God wants you to make Intercession for a Matter

Waking up while speaking in tongues usually happens when you are having a strange dream but it can happen with normal dreams as well.

Since dreams show us what is happening in the spiritual realm, the Spirit of God intercedes for us if we are in danger.

But then the shock of the experience causes us to wake up and find ourselves speaking in tongues. In this case, the wise thing to do is to continue speaking in tongues.

In some cases, before you wake up, the Holy Spirit has already dealt with the threat but in other cases, you need to continue with the intercession.

2. God is helping you to Pray

There are seasons where praying becomes hard even for believers who have the gift of speaking in tongues.

During such seasons, God may cause us to start speaking in tongues while sleeping then wake up in the middle of it so that we overcome the hardship of praying.

This is why it is wise to always continue praying when you wake up and find yourself speaking in tongues. If you continue speaking in tongues after you wake up, you will overcome the hardship that was keeping you from praying.

The Spirit of God not only helps us with praying but also with overcoming the struggle that keeps us from praying. Waking up while speaking in tongues is one of the ways He does so.

3. You are walking in the Spirit

The bible asks us to walk in the Spirit and not gratify the desires of the flesh. Walking in the Spirit involves giving priority to spiritual activities that benefit us over physical activities.

Waking up from sleep while speaking in tongues shows that your spiritual life has more significance than your physical life. The fact that you can quit physical rest to engage in a spiritual act shows how much value is placed on your spiritual life.

There are people who suffer spiritual attacks in their sleep and can’t wake up. If you can fight back against spiritual attacks in your sleep by speaking in tongues, it shows you are spiritually alert.

Speaking in Tongues while Asleep Conclusion

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues and you experience it when you are asleep, it is a good sign. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit must be going great for you to speak in tongues in your sleep.

If you don’t have the gift of speaking in tongues yet you dream you are speaking in tongues, it is time to take action. The Bible tells us that faith without action is dead.

If you believe speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit but never exercise it, it is time to start exercising it.

Whenever you experience speaking in tongues in your sleep, make it a habit to thank God. It is a great blessing to have the Holy Spirit make intercession for you when you are asleep.

When you show gratitude, you will experience more power of the Holy Spirit.

There are many mysteries surrounding speaking in tongues that we can only learn if we humble ourselves to the Spirit of God.

While some people doubt the existence of the Holy Spirit, others experience speaking in tongues in their sleep.

Be open to the Holy Spirit and experience His deep mysteries.


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  1. I speak in tongues while sleeping I can hear it and I ask him to translate for me, I notice that he ask me if I love Jesus Christ, I answer yes, I communicate with him and ask him to cast out all demons that attacking me, and break all generational curses from past, present, future. Sometimes he sings in tongues and he is very happy. Even when I’m walking my dog he takes over my tongue. I pray and thank God for waking me up and everything that he does for me and my family. But I’m still a sinner, and I repent of my sins, I’m a combat veteran I been through a lot. I put the armored of God and cover myself with the blood of Jesus from head to toe and my entire family, I talk with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day. I’m nothing without God.

  2. I was sleeping and my fiancé suddenly woke me up that am speaking in tongues while sleeping because he was not sleeping at that time. And, I can’t even remember if I had a dream or what I was saying while speaking in tongues.

  3. In the early hours of this morning I moved through the stages of sleep to being awake speaking in tongues.

    I got up and understood that it was for an urgent need for a young lady called Rose who I have not seen or thought about in about 7months.

    The sense of urgency was strong so I continued to pray in tongues and then I thanked God in English. I started feeling sleepy and I started to thank Jesus more to get off the sudden wave of tiredness.

    I then prayed back in tongues for my fiancé, but then felt the urgency again to pray for Rose.

    I have had a few experiences when I have awoken to be already praying in tongues. Every time it’s been as if I have been interceding for someone. At times it’s people I know, or nations or individuals I do not know.

    Sometimes I have been taken to places not sure if it’s been dreams or visions or something in between but I know I was not asleep. I have witnessed events happening that are not right and I have heard the Holy Spirit say pray or I have known it’s time to pray about a situation ASAP. I have prayed in tongues every time.

  4. Tdy i’m getting baptized and I woke up early bc I was shocked that I was speaking in tongues I never speak in it before and ur never too young to do bc i’m only 15 and tdy i will be fill and speak in tongues that was the emergency of God he was praying for me maybe sudden death something idk but God did it and he can do it again thank u all for u comment that I had read true I really believed that I got the gift of God🙏And I have give him consent while praying in tongues to use my tongue

  5. I woke up suddenly speaking in tongues, but went back to sleep only to fight a demon in my dream. I guess it was an urgent prayer that I needed. I however went on later to intercede for someone I didn’t know. Let us not sleep when we wake up speaking in tongues

  6. I’ve had several dreams that I am speaking in tounges, but I’ve never actually spoken in tounges. How do I activate the gift??

  7. Thanks Soooo much for All of this information. I speak in tongues in my sleep alot and I wake up and Pray. But I have no idea of what I’m Saying, but I can hear emotion in it.

  8. I was born again in 2016 and early spring of 2017 I had just laid down to go to sleep it was 2:00 a.m. my four-year-old daughter at that time was sleeping with me so I laid down and as soon as I laid down on the pillow I felt and heard a very loud thunder into my body and I remember it shook and vibrated my chest and then my body was pulled up in the sitting position of my bed my arms extended straight into the air as if they were pulled by someone else and then I began to speak in tongue I remember falling back into my bed and I was trembling for a great while but I remember also my four-year-old daughter was shaking me it scared her I guess she didn’t understand what was going on and I remember that I just laid there trembling and I quite didn’t understand at that moment what was going on but before I lay down I was in deep prayer with the Lord so anyway the next morning I was in the kitchen thinking about it of course and talking to the Lord and my little girl into the kitchen and told me Mommy I saw Jesus in the room last night and you were floating in the air.! I don’t think I was floating in the air but in her little mind that’s how she interpreted it but she said she saw Jesus in the room. All I know it was a very powerful moment for me and my wife has not been the same since I love the Lord with all my heart and soul but I’ve only spoken in tongue twice in my dreams. But I do remember that it wasn’t gibberish it was another language I just don’t know what language it was. God bless you all love you brothers and sisters

  9. I was asleep yesterday afternoon and was trembling in sleep, I felt something entered my body while sleeping and all my body was shaking I woke up and slept back again while I was asleep I started speaking in tongues while sleeping like this is my first time speaking in tongue’s it was so shocking


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