The Easy Way to Build Momentum when Speaking in Tongues

Building momentum when speaking in tongues is crucial. If you manage to build momentum, you will speak in tongues for long. If you fail, you will be forced to end your speaking in tongues session.

We were taught in Physics that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

This law of physics is a copycat of what Jesus said in Matthew 13:12 that whoever has will be given more and whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

If you have built momentum in speaking in tongues, it will be easy to speak in more tongues and if you have not built momentum, even the little motivation you have will vanish.

I know this principle is paradoxical but there is a way around it. The fact that there are people on the good end of this principle means it is not impossible to get yourself on the good end.

Building Short Term Speaking in Tongues Momentum

Short term speaking in tongues momentum is easy to build but it needs to feed the long term momentum. There are numerous ways to build short term speaking in tongues momentum.

1. Praying alongside other believers

If you are blessed to have a fellowship of brethren who speak in tongues, you can build the short term speaking in tongues momentum by praying with them.

The main reason why God introduced the idea of fellowship was for us to gain motivation from one another. When you are feeling very discouraged to speak in tongues, you can be sure there is someone in the fellowship who is very eager to speak in tongues.

By having a fellowship, you can borrow their motivation to build your own momentum. But because fellowships are temporary, this method of building momentum only works in the short term.

Did you know that you can joy ride the spiritual atmosphere that other believers create?

Yes, if you are in the presence of believers who are speaking in tongues, even if you don’t speak in tongues, you will automatically experience open heavens.

The open heaven will naturally draw you to start speaking in tongues. It will feel very easy.

This is a trick I used many times when I was new to speaking in tongues. I knew it takes hard work to break spiritual barriers to get open heavens.

I would intentionally go a bit late to church because I knew the service began with intercession. Those who went early would do the hard work of getting the heavens open then I would joy ride the atmosphere they created.

During worship, I would sit and wait for the atmosphere to be charged up before I would join.

Of course this is a shrewd way of doing things but hey, if it works, why not capitalize on it?

2. Playing Worship Music

You can also play worship music to build short term speaking in tongues momentum. Worship music has the same effect in the spiritual realm as speaking in tongues; it breaks spiritual barriers.

This is one of the easiest methods you can use to build speaking in tongues momentum. Even if you don’t pay attention to the worship music itself, just by playing it, the atmosphere shifts.

Angels of the presence of God are always drawn to where there is worship. Playing a worship song will attract them and when they come the atmosphere will shift.

Speaking in tongues in such an atmosphere will be super easy. In fact, you won’t have to decide to speak in tongues; you will be automatically caught in the flow.

It will be like the story of Jacob in Genesis 28:11-12 who slept at Bethel and saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder. Jacob was in a blessed land; a land that worships the Lord and he was automatically drawn into the heavenly activity.

3. Sleeping

I said playing worship music is one of the easiest methods to use to build speaking in tongues momentum but the easiest is sleeping.

How hard can falling asleep be?

When you are tired, you automatically fall asleep. But did you know that when you are asleep, your body gets tuned to the heavenly realms?

That is why we usually have dreams and dreams are heavenly occurrences.

God designed sleep to tune us to the heavenly rhythm so that even if we have no time for Him, He can always access us when we are asleep.

I’ve just mentioned above the story of Jacob who experienced God when he was asleep. There are more people in the Bible who experienced heavenly activities in their sleep; the likes of King Solomon, Daniel, Joseph the husband of Mary etc.

When you wake up from sleep, your heart is usually still connected to the heavenly realms. If you choose to speak in tongues at that time, you will have a breakthrough.

This is the reason why speaking in tongues is the first activity I do when I wake up. Sleep creates a highway to heaven that I travel on after I wake up.

And the beautiful thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you slept during the day or night. Provided you are asleep, when you wake up, you have a golden opportunity to access heaven if you speak in tongues.

Building Long Term Speaking in Tongues Momentum

While building short term speaking in tongues momentum has different approaches, long term speaking in tongues momentum has one main approach; desperation.

No matter who you are, the only thing that will keep you speaking in tongues for years is desperation. The day your desperation ends is the day you will stop speaking in tongues.

God knows this and that is why He has designed life to always keep us guessing. The constant state of uncertainty makes us desperate.

Sometimes we get clarity and lose the need to pray in tongues. We are not any different than the Israelites who forgot God when they got to the Promised Land.

The desire to get to the Promised Land kept them desperate but when it was fulfilled, there was nothing left for them to long for.

For us, the return of Christ will be the final act that will take away our desperation. This is why we won’t be praying in tongues in heaven; there will be no desperation.

Therefore, if you want to sustain the speaking in tongues momentum long term, assure yourself that it is only the return of Christ that will end your troubles and that you need to keep your faith until He returns.

This mindset will prevent you from losing speaking in tongues momentum when you get small wins. In my mind, whenever I start getting complacent because of small wins, I remind myself that trouble is the lot of every man whether righteous or wicked.

The Bible tells us so in Job 14:1.

And then I remind myself of what James wrote in James 5:13 that anyone among us who is in trouble should pray.

Knowing that I am consistently in trouble until the return of Jesus even when I feel I’m at peace, keeps me on my toes and it gives me the much needed speaking in tongues momentum.

Build the same mindset and you will secure your long term speaking in tongues momentum.


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