The Revelation I got when I prayed against Masturbation

For a long time I wondered about the perfect solution to masturbation. Being a believer, I expected God to have the perfect solution. Many times I prayed but I never got any satisfactory answer.

Being a spiritual leader, I had many young people asking me the same thing. Not only did I want to know the solution to masturbation to satisfy my curiosity but I also wanted to help the young people who were coming to me.

Eventually, I prayed and got a revelation that satisfied me. I’ll share the revelation with you.

First Revelation

Revelations from God come in stages. Before you get a mind-blowing revelation, you get minor revelations that help you understand the deep revelations you receive later on.

In the early days of praying to understand masturbation, God used to give me minor revelations.

The first revelation was about how masturbation leads to eternal death. This was the first time I realized that masturbation is actually a sin that leads to eternal death.

Prior to this first revelation, I thought masturbation was nothing more than self-pleasure.

God gave me this revelation in a dream. In the dream, I was standing outside my parents’ house on a Sunday evening. All of a sudden, bright light appeared from the eastern side.

I was puzzled by the light as I stood looking up at the sky. In the sky, there appeared a golden cube. Out of the golden cube came angels who spread all over the sky.

As the angels spread, the entire sky was lit up by their light. Then I began seeing people being taken up. It dawned on me I was witnessing the return of Christ.

As what was happening became clear, panic set in. I heard Muslims praying to their god and everyone else running around.

Because I was born again, I expected to be taken up anytime soon. I patiently waited but no angel came to pick me.

Then the angels began to retreat to the golden cube that was suspended in the air. When I saw that, I began to panic. “What will I tell people who knew I was born again?” I wondered.

One of my brothers who was born again was also left behind. I went to him and we were both sorrowful because we had not been taken up with Christ.

I remember him telling me we would have to endure the tribulation period.

One thing that was very clear to me at that time was that I was not taken up because I was addicted to masturbation. I had never thought it was sinful to masturbate until I had that dream.

After the dream, I woke up and I was terribly shaken. I didn’t know whether to thank God because it was a dream or repent for the many times I had engaged in masturbation thinking it was harmless.

Either way, the message from God was very clear; masturbation is a sin that will deny anyone entry into heaven.

Second Revelation

A few years after God had made it clear to me that masturbation can cost someone entry into eternity, I got another revelation.

The second revelation explained to me the root cause of masturbation. From the revelation, I understood that masturbation is a result of lacking intimacy.

As human beings, God created us to desire intimacy. God gives us partners, parents and friends that we may have an intimate relationship with them. Apart from the physical intimacy that we get from our partners, parents and friends, we also need intimacy from God.

There is a level of intimacy that we can only get from God. Just like the Samaritan woman who had been with five husbands yet still not satisfied, we need Jesus to satisfy us.

From this revelation, I understood that overcoming masturbation urges requires cultivating an intimate relationship with God and the people that God sends our way.

Unless the intimacy void is dealt with, overcoming masturbation is impossible.

After this revelation, not only did I preach that masturbation was sinful but that those affected need to seek intimacy from God.

Third Revelation

The process of seeking intimacy takes time. The more intimacy I received the less the urges to masturbate became.

When I thought I had finally understood how to solve the problem of masturbation, I got another revelation.

After the second revelation, masturbation urges declined but they would pop up in some situations. When I analyzed the situations in which they popped up, I realized I needed something more.

In the third revelation, God revealed to me that being idle gives the devil room to tempt us. Just like King David who was idle after refusing to go to war ended up committing adultery with Bathsheba, the same happens for all believers who are idle.

Masturbation urges come when you are idle. At that time I knew masturbation can deny someone eternal life and I also knew I needed intimacy with God but still I would end up masturbating when I was idle.

That is when I prayed and God revealed to me my assignment. After God revealed to me my assignment, I was so excited and I got busy working on it.

Most of my time was spent working on my assignment and I had no idle time to masturbate.

After accepting that masturbation is sinful and working to become intimate with God, you will need to know your assignment so that it keeps you busy and you have no time for masturbation.

Fourth Revelation

Despite all the previous revelations I had received about masturbation, I still got urges once in a while. After each revelation, the urges became lesser and lesser.

In the fourth revelation, God made it known to me that despite all the knowledge I had received about masturbation, I had free will.

Free will meant that I could still choose to sin despite all the knowledge I had. With this revelation, I gave up the mindset that God will automatically keep me from masturbation.

I understood that despite the tremendous help God had given me to overcome masturbation, I still had a responsibility to ensure that I avoid it. If I don’t take responsibility and I end up masturbating, I would be liable for punishment.

The fourth revelation was the final one and I knew I had a lifelong responsibility to remember the warnings and teachings that God had given me concerning masturbation.

I hope you found these revelations helpful.

Until next time…Peace!

4 thoughts on “The Revelation I got when I prayed against Masturbation”

      • Lust is the architect of all sexual sins and not just masturbation.
        Jesus is the answer to lust.
        What one considers attractive ordinarily might become ones most disgusting thing later.
        Sin of the flesh seems glamorous to the carnally minded and disgusting to the spiritually minded.
        If you continue in the word, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free says the bible.The truth when revealed by the holy spirit would make a believer “hate” sin ,find it “disgusting” and begin to see it as a punishment instead of pleasure.
        Jesus is a mysterious God, and no man can correctly explain his ways of giving believers rebirth.
        He is the conqueror of sins and the root causes of sin.
        He has defeated sin on the cross and keeps doing it for believers unto everlasting life.With him, you and I are more than conquerors.
        Thank you Jesus.


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