How to Pray against High Blood Pressure

There is no disease that God cannot heal. Praying against high blood pressure is a good move. However, you need to understand how praying for healing works for you to make a wise prayer against high blood pressure.

In this article, I will share with you the necessary information you need to make a wise prayer for healing.

Spiritual cause of High Blood Pressure

Before you pray against high blood pressure, it is important to understand its spiritual cause. Once you understand its cause, you will know how to pray for healing.

Scientists consider high blood pressure to be a lifestyle disease. In other words, it is caused by lifestyle choices. This may seem carnal but it is important if you want to understand the spiritual cause of high blood pressure.

It is true that high blood pressure is caused by lifestyle choices. Demons also understand that. As a result, they deceive people to follow lifestyles that lead them to have high blood pressure.

When God created you, He had a purpose. That purpose had a lifestyle. For people who follow God’s purpose for their lives, they end up living a lifestyle that exempts them from lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure.

For people who suffer high blood pressure, it is a result of living a lifestyle that is not in line with what God intended for them.

When you live a lifestyle that God intended for you, your life is filled with peace. Even if the assignment God had for you was demanding, you will still find peace.

No human being will ever have an assignment more stressful than the one Jesus had. And the fact that Jesus never suffered high blood pressure tells you that God knows how to sustain His people even when they are under immense pressure.

Lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure develop over time. The further you stray from the purpose God intended for you, the greater the chances of suffering a lifestyle disease.

By now I hope you understand that suffering high blood pressure is self-inflicted pain. This does not mean that God cannot heal it but He requires that you acknowledge your role in your suffering.

Many people who suffer high blood pressure go to God for healing without acknowledging that they are the architects of their own suffering.

Failing to do God’s assignment is a sin. And the Bible tells us that sin leads to death. For this reason, when you fail to do God’s assignment, you end up developing lifestyle diseases that draw you closer to death before your time.

I know this is harsh but it is the reality.

How to pray for healing from High Blood Pressure

Asking God directly to heal you from high blood pressure is a good decision only if you have made up your mind to pursue God’s purpose for your life.

If you have not made up your mind to pursue God’s purpose for your life, it is pointless to pray for God to heal you from high blood pressure.

God knows that if He heals you from high blood pressure and you don’t pursue His purpose for your life you will soon develop it again.

For this reason, you only stand a chance to receive healing for high blood pressure after you have abandoned your own schemes and decided to follow God’s purpose for your life.

Of course this will be hard if you are advanced in age. If your age is advanced, the time God assigned for you to do His work will be nearing the end. This may seem hopeless but the wise thing to do is to salvage whatever little you can.

You may not get healing for high blood pressure but at least you will save your soul from eternal condemnation. Failing to do God’s assignment is a sin punishable by eternal damnation.

Praying for mercy for High Blood Pressure Healing

There is no lie that the chances of receiving healing from high blood pressure are low. This does not mean that you can’t receive healing for high blood pressure, rather, it should humble you.

Healing for high blood pressure is granted only through mercy. In other words, God only heals high blood pressure out of His mercy.

Don’t be offended because God is justified. Someone suffering high blood pressure is justified to suffer because it is a result of his lifestyle choices. God is just and He allows everyone to reap what he sows.

The only time people don’t reap suffering for what they sowed is when God shows them mercy. And mercy is shown on condition that the person has a history of showing mercy to others.

Jesus told us clearly that blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. To receive healing out of God’s mercy requires you to have shown mercy to others.

Nothing else will get you healing except God’s mercy.

Repent for failing to follow God’s Purpose

This is a call for you to humble yourself. It seems harsh to ask someone who is sick to repent but it is actually the right thing to do.

Repent for being irresponsible and living a lifestyle that has led you to develop high blood pressure. God demands that we should be good stewards of what He has given us. Our bodies are among the gifts God has given us and we are expected to use them well and take good care of them.

Your act of repentance will prompt God to have compassion on you and show you mercy.

In the end, it is God who will decide whether you deserve mercy or not. But all in all, at least save your soul by humbling yourself before God.

Sample Prayer for healing High Blood Pressure

Heavenly Father, you are my Lord and my God. I have sinned before you. I have been irresponsible with my life and the suffering I am undergoing is justified. Today I have made up my mind to pursue your purpose that I may find rest. It is my prayer Lord that you help me in my pursuit of your purpose for my life. With the little time I have left, I desire to salvage as much as I can. Receiving your healing will be a much welcome surprise but at this point all I want is the salvation of my soul. For a day spent in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. Help me Lord and save my soul.

In Jesus name I pray…Amen!

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