How God revealed to me my Life Purpose when I was praying

It was June, 27th 2022 Monday evening. I had just walked back to my room and I was feeling deflated. Not only was I feeling lost in life but also I had just turned 24 years old a week earlier.

Turning 24 came with an unpleasant reality; I was growing old yet I didn’t know what to do with my life. Being a born again believer, I knew that only God could reveal to me my life’s purpose.

But since I had never known how to ask God to reveal to me my life’s purpose, I was feeling defeated.

In the preceding months, I had tried all manner of things. I wanted to feel alive and motivated but nothing cheered me for long.

I would start projects and abandon them along the way. It had happened so many times that I was beginning to accept it as the reality.

I really wanted to do something for God and not just live life to pay bills.

I had tried doing face to face evangelism, creating bible verses to be printed on t-shirts, singing in church, Christian counseling, writing Bible commentaries and much more.

Though I could comfortably do most of those projects, I never felt fulfilled.

The evening of June 27th 2022 was the breaking point.

The sequence of events leading to the revelation

A week prior to God revealing to me my life purpose, I had gone to see the University therapist. I had lost motivation for everything and I thought she could help me.

My therapy session turned out to be unhelpful. I came out of the session angrier than I had gone in. The therapist gave me general advice which I could have gotten online through a Google search.

The glimmer of hope was that praying had made me feel better. I had only gone to the therapist to see if I could feel better than how I felt when I prayed.

Because the therapist card didn’t work, I resorted to the only thing I could do; pray in tongues.

For several days, I would wake up, go to school, loiter around the compound, eat then go back to my room to pray.

On the evening of Monday June 27th 2022, I had completed my usual aimless day and I was heading back to my room. On my way to my room, I took out my phone and called a girl I was pursuing at that time.

The state I was in had negatively affected our relationship. We would go many days without talking.

After talking for a little while with her, I got to my room while still thinking about her.

I hung my bag on the wall and knelt beside my bed to pray. Since I didn’t know what to say, I prayed in tongues. Shortly after I had begun praying, I decided to pray for the girl I was pursuing.

While praying for her, an idea came to my mind; why can’t I pray for other people as well?

The Revelation

Immediately I got the idea to pray for the girl I was pursuing, I had a surge of energy I had not felt in a long while. Coupled with the surge of energy were ideas of how I could create something big out of the revelation.

First, I had experience creating blogs. At that time, I was running a blog where I was writing random things. I thought it would be a great idea to write about prayer given that I had so much knowledge about prayer.

Secondly, I had desired to start a YouTube channel but I didn’t know what to share on the channel. I had already installed video editing software, getting the topic of the videos was the only thing left.

Thirdly, I had been leading prayers in a certain fellowship in school and people were coming to me for prayer and guidance and I enjoyed it.

All these ideas flooded my mind to the point that I couldn’t continue praying. I concluded my prayer session and began planning how I would implement the ideas I had received.

Eventually I started a YouTube channel and this blog was born a week later. The deflation I was feeling vanished and the energy I received that evening never went away.

I was super grateful to God because He had revealed to me what to do with my life and it suited me perfectly.

What I Learned from God revealing my Life’s Purpose

1. It is Progressive

What God revealed to me on the evening of 27th June 2022 was only one piece of the puzzle. Prior to getting that revelation, I had a rough idea of what I was good at and what I enjoyed.

That revelation made the picture clear enough for me to implement it.

I had been writing blog posts and e-books since 2017. The problem was that I had never settled on one topic. I desired to serve God through writing but I didn’t know how.

In 2020, God had instructed me to write about His kingdom. At that time, I was writing about mobile phones. But even after God instructed me to write about His kingdom, I didn’t know exactly what to write about.

There are infinite things I could write about God’s kingdom. I started a spiritual blog in 2020 but I closed it after writing a number of articles.

Looking back, it is clear that my life purpose is a big picture that God reveals to me in bits.

2. You have to be desperate

God waited until I was very desperate for Him to reveal to me what to do. I understood that God waits for desperation to build so that when He reveals, you take the revelation seriously.

At the time God was revealing to me to write about prayer, my entire life was at a standstill. For weeks, I had been drifting through life aimlessly.

I was so desperate to find something to do and when God revealed it to me, I started working on it immediately.

3. Do what you can

When I didn’t know my life’s purpose, I did the thing I knew was good; pray. Actually, I was praying and writing. Writing has always been my passion and it feels therapeutic as well as prayer.

When I would feel lost, I would struggle but I never stopped praying and writing. Eventually, God’s revelation aligned with the two activities I was doing through my low moments.

I believe God tested me to see if I could keep up with prayer and writing when life gets hard. And when I did, He decided to recruit me to serve in His kingdom.


I’m so grateful that God revealed to me what to do with my life early. Life is so much good when you know that you are doing what God created you for.

Also, the way your purpose and passion align make life easy and fulfilling. It is worth pursuing God’s purpose. Be as desperate as you can, you’ll never regret it.


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