Casting out Demons by Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit. It carries so much power. But have you ever thought about casting out demons by speaking in tongues?

Have you ever witnessed a demon being cast out by someone speaking in tongues?

Well, I’ll be discussing all details pertaining casting out demons by speaking in tongues.

Is casting out demons by speaking in tongues Biblical?

For the sake of the Bereans, let’s start by looking at what the Bible says about casting out demons by speaking in tongues.

When you read Biblical stories of casting out demons, two things stand out…

One, most stories of casting out demons happened when Jesus was still on earth. Two, speaking in tongues had not yet been revealed at that time.

When Jesus was casting out demons, He spoke to them in human language. He ordered them to be quiet and leave. There is the incident where demons begged Jesus to send them into a large group of pigs and He consented.

It is hard to determine whether speaking in tongues to cast out demons is Biblical based on the stories where Jesus cast out demons.

To get a good picture, we have to look at casting out demons after the day of Pentecost.

An incident that stands out is that of Apostle Paul casting out a demon from a girl who followed them proclaiming that they were servants of God in Acts 16:16-18.

At the time Apostle Paul was casting out the demon, we know that He had the ability to speak in tongues. Earlier chapters tell us that he prayed for people and they spoke in tongues.

In the incident with the possessed girl, Apostle Paul spoke to the demon in a human language ordering it to leave her and it left.

There is no incident where the Bible hints at a demon being cast out by speaking in tongues. Because of the silence of the Bible on this matter, it means that this matter is open.

Whenever the Bible remains silent on a matter, it means the matter has no conclusion. Everyone is left to do as he pleases.

The thing we are all sure about and the Bible clarifies it is that all demons are cast out in the name of Jesus.

Does casting out demons by speaking in tongues work?

Some believers do speak in tongues when they want to cast out demons. Does it work?

Well, speaking in tongues carries the power of the Holy Spirit. That power is able to drive out any demon. But what about the requirement that demons must be cast out in the name of Jesus?

Well, here is the explanation…

When Jesus came, He cast out demons by His word. Jesus was able to cast out demons because He was obedient to God while demons were disobedient.

The Bible tells us in 2nd Corinthians 10:6 that we will be able to punish every disobedience when our obedience is complete. Because the obedience of Jesus was complete, He was able to punish the disobedience of demons.

But for people at that time, their obedience was not complete which meant that they couldn’t punish the disobedience of demons. As a result, they used the name of Jesus whose obedience was complete to cast out demons.

For someone like Apostle Paul whom demons acknowledged alongside Jesus, his obedience was nearly perfect which gave him much authority that even demons could recognize him.

Despite having so much authority based on his obedience, Apostle Paul still used the name of Jesus to cast out demons.

Demons have ranks. When your level of obedience to God is low, you can barely cast out any demon. When your level of obedience to God is high, you can cast out many demons.

Demons can tell your level of obedience to God and they can tell if you are able to cast them out or not. For someone like Jesus, they would beg Him not to cast them out even before He did anything.

There are some men of God whom demons fear because they know they are obedient to God. Such men of God may not necessarily use the name of Jesus to cast the demons out but the demons will leave at their command because of their obedience to God.

Provided you are walking in obedience to God, you have authority regardless of whether you quote the name of Jesus when casting out a demon or not. It may seem as if such men of God are being proud but that is not the case.

Speaking in Tongues and casting out demons

When you have a high level of authority, you can cast out demons by anything including speaking in tongues. Some men of God cast out demons without saying a word; they only point a finger at the demon and it leaves.

Other men of God never bother to cast out demons; while they are preaching, demons leave on their own.

This is also the case when some men of God speak in tongues; demons can’t stand listening to them speak in tongues.

If you are a believer who is obedient to God, the tongues you speak will be too hot for demons to survive. When you start speaking in tongues, demons will leave automatically.

You won’t need to go lay your hands on someone possessed by a demon or even command demons to leave; your devotion to God will do the talking for you.

So, is it possible to cast out demons by speaking in tongues? Yes!

How to properly cast out demons by Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues is just a tool in the hand of a master. If the master is skilled, the tool will be a weapon of mass destruction.

There are many believers who speak in tongues but for your tongues to cast out demons, it all comes down to your obedience to God.

The more you are obedient to God, the more you become like Christ. And the more you become like Christ, the more demons fear you the same way they feared Christ.

At the highest level of obedience, demons will beg you to spare them the way they were begging Jesus to spare them.

Add to that level the gift of speaking in tongues and you become too much for any demon to handle. You will open your mouth to praise God in tongues and demons will scream and leave.

The level of quoting the name of Jesus when casting out demons is only the beginning. God expects us to grow to levels where our worship to Him is so pure that demons in our surrounding leave when they hear it.

Strive to get there.

Until next time…peace!

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