How to pray for a Court Case

If you have a case in court, it is wise to pray. Praying for a case in court requires understanding. God listens to prayers of His children and He answers them but they must be made with understanding.

In this article, I will guide you on how to make a prayer that is aligned with God’s word for your case in court.

Praying to Win a Case in Court

Everyone who has a case in court wants to win it. But of course it is the judge who decides the outcome. Our courts have human judges who can be bribed and end up giving unjust rulings. But God is a just judge who can never be bribed.

When you want to win your court case, you can pray to God but there are a few things you need to understand…

1. God judges using His law

The laws that we use in our countries are derived from the law of God. Some of the laws are not in line with the law of God.

If you have a case in court that involves a law that is not in line with God’s law, you can pray that God may enforce justice that His law may prevail.

In other words, you will win the case not only because you were right but also because God’s law must prevail over human laws.

Jesus was sentenced to death because He was found guilty of blasphemy according to the law of men but according to the law of God, He was righteous. As a result, God raised Him from the dead.

Likewise, if you know you are right according to the law of God, you can pray that God may enforce His law.

Praying directly that you may win a case in court won’t give you the desired result if you are not right according to God’s law.

Despite the love that God has for you, He values His law. As a result, He will grant you victory in your court case when you are blameless according to His law.

2. You are called to love

As a believer, you are called to love. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He also asked us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

When you have a court case, it is obvious that you have an adversary. When you pray to God to help you win a court case, you have to remember to show love to your adversary.

Make sure there is no bitterness in your heart towards your adversary. It is possible to be angry at your adversary without being bitter at them.

Bitterness tempts you to revenge but God has called us to leave vengeance to Him. Do your best to prove your innocence but have no plans to demean your adversary.

Let the desire of your heart be to see justice prevail over chest thumping.

When God sees that your heart is in good state, He will be moved to grant you victory in your court case.

Praying for Justice in a Court Case

The Bible tells us in Psalms 97 that righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne. In Galatians 6 the Bible tells us that a man shall reap what he sows.

All through scripture, there are stories of God administering justice in human affairs. There is no doubt that God is interested in human affairs and that He executes justice when necessary.

When you have a case in court, you need to pray that God’s justice may prevail. Usually, human judges make judgment but it can never be as perfect as the judgment of God.

When human judges make rulings, one of the parties involved in the case often feel they have been deprived of justice. But when God makes a ruling, everyone is satisfied.

For this reason, pray that God’s justice may prevail.

The good thing is that God is already interested in having His justice prevail in every court case. The only hindrance is that nobody prays to Him to ask for it to happen. And according to the heavenly law, interfering with human activities without their will is illegal.

When you pray for God’s justice to prevail, you authorize God to execute justice in your court case. Therefore, pray for justice in your court case and do not hesitate.

God’s Justice outside the Courtroom

God’s justice is not confined to the court. When you pray for justice to prevail in your court case, God will extend His justice outside the courtroom.

The beautiful thing is that God will ensure you have received justice if you are right according to His law. You may pray that you win your court case but you lose it only for God to restore to you more than what you lost afterwards.

Therefore, make it your concern to be right according to God’s law. That way, you will be guaranteed victory whether directly in your court case or outside.

In the case of Jesus, God allowed Him to be subjected to the injustice of the human law but He later exalted Him far above what the human law could have offered Him had He won the case.

There is also the case of Peter who was whisked out of jail at night by an angel when he was wrongfully imprisoned. There is also Paul and Silas who were set free when they praised God in their cells after they were wrongfully imprisoned.

God has proven to us that He can execute justice at any time. Whether you get justice instantly or later on, the fact remains that God can never be hindered from executing justice.

Sample Prayer for a Court Case

God Almighty, righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Your law is perfect and your judgment is right. I pray today for the case I have in court. Lord you understand what prevailed and I am here praying to you that justice may prevail. I choose to put my trust in you for you are a just judge unlike men who can be bribed. Remember me and help me Lord. I am powerless without you. The people I have hired to represent me in court may fail but you will never fail. My confidence is in you Lord. Thank you for you always hear me when I pray.


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