The Trick I Learned about Praying for Finances

Every believer prays for finances. I would be surprised if there is a believer who has never prayed for finances.

The truth is that finances are a core part of life and being children of God, it is common sense to pray about it. Making prayers for finances is a no-brainer.

I used to pray for finances. When my initial prayers didn’t yield the result I expected, I switched them up to see if I could make more effective financial prayers.

As I kept shifting from one tactic to another, I began to see patterns and when I followed them, I began having great success whenever I would pray for finances.

To this day, I still apply the tactics I learned over the years I prayed for finances.

In this article, I will share with you my journey of praying for finances and the tricks I learned.

The Mistake I was making when praying for Finances

In my early days of praying for finances, I would simply ask God to give me money; straight and clear! Though I was honest, this method didn’t work out well.

I later realized that it is hard to get an answer to such kind of a prayer because it takes a lot of faith. Whenever I would pray for God to give me money, I would battle in my mind where that money would come from.

At that time, I was still a teenager and most of my money came from my parents. In my mind, I would feel odd to ask God for money when in the back of my mind I was expecting my parents to give me money.

Because of the conflicting thoughts, my faith in God providing for me was low.

I have seen many people make this mistake as well when they are praying for finances. They ask God for finances but in their minds they have options.

The more options you have in your mind, the less likely you are to trust God. For this reason, it is important to deal with the options.

Money Making Options hindering Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

If you have a business or a job or someone who gives you money, you will have a hard time trusting God to provide for you.

Having these sources of income is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the thing…

God is the surest provider. Your business may make losses, the salary from your job may delay and a reliable person may go broke but God is ever able to provide.

For this reason, it is wise to make sure God is your surest financial provider.

The thing with God’s provision is that it heavily depends on your faith. If you have options, God will be reluctant to provide your finances because you can easily attribute the provision to your own effort.

God usually waits until you run out of options for Him to provide. That way, He is sure you will attribute the provision to Him and your faith in Him will grow.

When I learned this lesson, I wanted to pass every form of business and employment opportunity that came my way. I wanted to have God as my only provider.

At that time I had a blog that was making me some little money and I sold it. Sure enough, God sent people who provided for me but not for long.

During the months God was providing for me, He taught me to be self-reliant.

What I learned from God’s Financial Lessons

God has no problem when you make Him the only provider. However, He knows that we are human beings and that our faith in Him fluctuates.

As a result, God advises us to save finances for the future like the case of Joseph in the Bible. For Joseph, God revealed to him that there would be seven years of plenty in Egypt followed by seven years of famine.

Joseph could have easily basked in the abundance of the first seven years and waited for God’s provision in the following seven years. But what did he do?

Joseph saved the harvest of the first seven years and they consumed it in the following seven years.

This is the financial design of God for us; He reveals to us what is to come and gives us wisdom to prepare ourselves for the future.

When I sold my blog that I may fully depend on God, He began teaching me the importance of working to make money.

At the time He was teaching me, He was providing for me. But the more I learned, the less He provided for me.

Then came a time He revealed to me that my parents would no longer be providing for me in a few months’ time. On top of that revelation, God guided me to start this blog.

Because I had blogging skills, it was easy for me to pick up blogging and make money as I had been doing before.

I understood that God cares for my finances and is willing to provide for me but I must work. God’s miraculous provisions are only meant to supplement my finances while God is teaching me necessary finance lessons.

My Informed Prayers for Finances

After the lessons God taught me and the experiences I went through, I no longer make childish prayers asking for money. Rather, I usually pray for God to reveal to me the financial situation to come and to give me wisdom to live through it.

It has worked so well for me. It is refreshing to know that God is taking care of your finances. If my blog doesn’t make sufficient money, God always provides another route for me to get supplement income.

I work hard every day to get a good income while at the same time I have the confidence that if things don’t work out well for me, God will come to my rescue.

As a result, I have the freedom to enjoy working and financial security.

There are definitely more financial revelations I expect from God but so far, I am glad with what I have received.

Praise and glory be to the name of the Lord!

If you have financial issues, go to God and walk with Him through the journey. God is only obligated to provide for you when you are enrolled in His finance classes.

Your faith will grow and finances will never be a problem when you follow the guidance of God.

Until next time…Peace!

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