3 Main Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues has many benefits. It is a gift from God and of course it must have great benefits. I received the gift a number of years ago and I have experienced great benefits more than I expected.

The following are the three main benefits of speaking in tongues:

  • Speaking in tongues makes praying easy. Speaking in tongues is a gift that God gave us to make praying easy and our communion with Him enjoyable.
  • Speaking in tongues brings peace in our lives especially when we pray for long hours. Long hours of communion with God in prayer brings great breakthroughs and peace in our lives.
  • Speaking in tongues boosts our faith. In the spiritual realm, faith is necessary for us to receive blessings from God. Speaking in tongues increases our faith and enables us to receive God’s blessings.

I will elaborate in detail each of the above benefits in this article.

Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

1. Speaking in Tongues makes praying is easy

Let’s face it…praying is not the easiest activity out there. Many at times, we don’t feel like praying. Coming up with prayer points and pushing ourselves to get in the mode of prayer is hard most of the time.

God knew how hard it is to pray. Jesus lived here on earth and prayed. He must have experienced how difficult it is to pray.

In fact, we are told in the Bible that at one time Jesus went to pray with His disciples but they fell asleep. The fact that the disciples of Jesus fell asleep instead of praying goes to show how tough praying can be.

When Jesus ascended to the Father and promised to send the Holy Spirit, He had in mind difficulties He had experienced while on earth. One of them was difficulty in praying.

To solve it, through the Holy Spirit, we were given the gift of speaking in tongues. Apart from many other benefits, speaking in tongues as a gift was given to make praying easy.

We clearly see this benefit of speaking in tongues manifested right from the first day the Holy Spirit landed.

On the day of Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus (The same disciples who had fallen asleep when they were to pray) receive the gift of speaking in tongues and burst out in worship.

With the gift of speaking in tongues, you don’t think about prayer; you open your mouth and speak. It barely matters the circumstances you are in.

2. Speaking in Tongues brings Peace

Praying for long is better than not praying for long. Prayer gives us peace that surpasses human understanding. The longer you soak in prayer, the greater the peace you experience.

Praying in understanding is greatly limited as it heavily relies on our mind. We have to think of the next thing to say and keep track of what we have prayed for so that we avoid vain repetitions.

But with speaking in tongues, you can go on for hours without struggling. Speaking in tongues is basically allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you.

Since the Holy Spirit never gets tired, there is no end to speaking in tongues.

Before I got baptized to speak in tongues, the longest I could pray was about an hour. Nowadays, with the gift of speaking in tongues, praying for an hour is a norm.

Forget about those people who say the length of prayers doesn’t matter. It matters, A LOT!

I can clearly tell the difference when I pray for ten minutes and when I pray for an hour. The level of peace I experience is greater when I pray for an hour.

I have prayed for longer than an hour several times. And the peace I experienced after praying for longer than an hour was greater than the one I experience when I pray for an hour.

Praying in tongues helps you pray for long and the longer you pray, the greater the peace you experience.

3. Speaking in Tongues boosts our Faith

A key determinant of the power of a prayer is faith. Jesus mentioned several times the need to have faith when we pray.

The challenge with having faith in prayer is that if you think about how difficult your situation is, you barely believe it can be solved.

The fear of our situation being too big for God to solve drains our faith. Unfortunately, mentioning the situations we are in to God gives the situations power.

But glory be to God because of the gift of speaking in tongues. With the gift of speaking in tongues, we no longer have to mention the situations we are in to God (At least we don’t catch ourselves mentioning them).

That means that our faith experiences no hindrances. Through speaking in tongues, we can ask for mighty things that we would naturally doubt but since we don’t know what we have asked for, our disbelief can’t come in the way.

From experience, I have noticed that God only allows us to know what we are praying for in tongues to the level that won’t stir up unbelief in us.

If there is an attack of the enemy and God wants you to pray to divert it, usually you will get a prompting to speak in tongues but you won’t know exactly what you are praying for.

This way, you won’t feel helpless about the magnitude of the attack. In fact, you may not know it is an attack in the first place.

As I have grown in the gift of speaking in tongues, I realized that I get to know more details about what I am praying for.

I am permitted to know much more about what I am praying for because my faith can remain unshaken even with the details.

This is a huge benefit I have discovered when praying in tongues.

Praying in understanding is limited in the sense that if an issue is too big, you feel too drained to start praying.

Also, it is hard to get your mind to be peaceful when praying for a tough situation in understanding. But with speaking in tongues, you barely know how tough your situation is and the peace you have allows you to have faith in your prayers.

Enjoy the Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

These benefits of speaking in tongues are only but a tip of the ice berg. Some may see them as worthless but whoever desires them will get baptized with the gift of speaking in tongues.

For believers who are baptized with speaking in tongues, the more you practice the gift the deeper you grow into it. And with greater depth comes greater benefits.

Every so often I encounter a benefit of speaking in tongues that I never thought about. I love speaking in tongues!

Don’t be left behind!

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