Characteristics of High Level Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues has levels. The low level is for beginners. In this level, tongues are repetitive and carry very little power. This level is mostly for training a believer to be accustomed to speaking in tongues.

The medium level of speaking in tongues is where most believers operate in. In this level, speaking in tongues is subconscious and it carries power but that power is only recognizable over a long period.

In the medium level, believers notice the impact of their tongues after speaking in tongues consistently for long.

Then there is the high level of speaking in tongues. The following are the characteristics of the high level of speaking in tongues.

Characteristics of High Level Speaking in Tongues

1. It carries the Fear of God

The high level of speaking in tongues carries a great fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord overtakes both the person speaking in tongues and the people hearing him speak.

For the person speaking in tongues, the fear of the Lord makes him tremble. Sometimes the fear is so severe that the person speaking can’t even stand.

The fear of the Lord paralyzes the body of the person speaking in tongues and if the person was standing, he will fall to the ground.

In the Bible, we are told of the encounter that Saul had on his way to Damascus. The bright light that appeared to him made him fall down. Of course that bright light was the glory of Jesus Christ.

A similar thing happened to John the revelator; he fell as if he was dead when he saw the glory of Jesus in the book of Revelation.

The high level of speaking in tongues carries a lot of fear. It is so scary and no matter how deep you are spiritually, you can’t help but tremble.

God limits how many times we experience this level to prevent us from avoiding speaking in tongues completely. The fear you experience may make you avoid speaking in tongues ever again.

In the Bible, we are told that the Israelites trembled when the Lord descended on Mount Sinai with a great cloud that they asked Moses to speak to God on their behalf and only tell them what He said.

The power of the Lord is scary even when you know it will do no harm to you.

For people who hear someone speaking high level tongues, the fear of the Lord overtakes them as well. They may end up crying or even screaming. Some may literally run.

I have witnessed people run away from the room we were praying from when someone spoke high level tongues. I was terribly shaken but at least I stayed in the room.

Listening to someone speak high level tongues makes your heart race and it terrifies you to the soul. The fear is a result of the uncertainty of what the Lord is saying; you know without a doubt that it is the Lord speaking and you remember the stupid things you did without realizing the Lord was seeing you.

Those high level tongues make you feel exposed and you really doubt your own uprightness.

2. Insatiable Passion

High level tongues come out with so much passion. If you are the one speaking them, you can’t help but be carried away in it. It feels as if you are caught up in a storm.

The passion of high level speaking in tongues comes out in the form of physical motion. People speaking this level of tongues feel an inexhaustible surge of energy and it drives them to do prophetic acts as led by the spirit.

Some of them stamp their feet so hard on the ground, others make loud piercing screams. The prophetic activities come in all shapes and sizes.

I have witnessed some people take off running, literally sprinting. It happened so fast that even before ushers realized the person was running, he was already several feet away from them. They tried chasing after him but they couldn’t catch him.

The passion can also manifest as strength. All of a sudden, an average person is so strong that six ushers can’t hold him.

I’ve witnessed a young man put four ushers to the ground when they tried to restrain him from moving around when speaking in tongues. The pastor had to ask ushers to leave him alone.

High level tongues bring a surge of energy and passion that is unexplainable.

3. Fluent Utterance

High level speaking in tongues is so fluent despite the words being foreign. If you are the one speaking, words flow out of your mouth faster than your mind can comprehend them. You become a spectator of your own mouth.

For some people, the words come out too fast that even their lips can’t keep up with the pace. They end up just trembling and making vibrating sounds.

If you experience the high level of tongues for the first time, it is very likely that you won’t manage to utter words. But the more you are exposed to it, the better you become at articulating words even when they flood you.

The closer you get to this level, the faster and more fluent your tongues become.

How to Operate at High Level Speaking in Tongues

High level speaking in tongues is an experience and a half. You will live the rest of your life remembering incidences where you spoke in tongues at the high level.

However, as good as high level speaking in tongues may sound, it takes a toll on you. For this reason, God only permits us to experience it periodically.

Our bodies are not built to sustain high spiritual power for long. Exposing yourself to high spiritual stimulation for too long will make you physically sick like Daniel in the Bible when he encountered an angel and was sick for days in the book of Daniel 8:27.

I have experienced high level speaking in tongues a number of times over the years and it got to a point I wasn’t sure if I wanted it anymore.

It affects your social life because people get so scared of you after they witness you carry God’s heavy presence.

Despite all these, I would recommend you work hard to experience it a few times. You will learn a lot from it.

There are two basic things you need to operate in this level:

One, you need to be pure. Avoid every manner of defiling things. You can take a few days of fasting where you dedicate yourself to purity.

Two, you need knowledge. God is a king and to serve a king as a high level official, you need to know how to conduct yourself before the king.

Usually, the Holy Spirit will teach you how to conduct yourself in the presence of the Lord as you go through the medium level of speaking in tongues.

Once you have mastered how to conduct yourself before the Lord, you will be allowed to carry His intimate messages which often come out as high level speaking in tongues.

Until next time…Peace!

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  1. How do I speak in tongues. And I haven’t receive the baptism of Holy Spirit. How do that happen. Sometimes I feel discourage because it feels that God doesn’t want to baptize me in the Holy Spirit.


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