Converting Speaking in Tongues into Tangible Results

Many times I see believers who speak in tongues but they have no tangible results to show for it. Speaking in tongues is a powerful gift and it should have tangible results.

After my analysis, I came up with several conclusions why a good number of believers who speak in tongues don’t get tangible results.

In this article, I will share the conclusions I came up with and recommendations in case you are affected.

Why Tongue Speaking believers don’t get tangible results

1. Using Speaking in Tongues in wrong situations

Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit meant to make our communication in the spiritual realm effective. In simple terms, speaking in tongues is a tool and like every tool it needs a skilled worker to get the best out of it.

When it comes to speaking in tongues, majority of believers assume that the tool should yield automatic results even if they are not skilled in using it.

As a result, many tongue speaking believers apply speaking in tongues in wrong situations and expect an outcome.

Getting tangible results from speaking in tongues starts with using the gift in the right situations.

A good example is the case where a believer speaks in tongues but has no intimate relationship with God. The Bible is clear that whoever speaks in tongues speaks to God and no one understands them.

But what happens when you are speaking to God when you have no relationship with Him?

Usually, God will listen but He won’t act because of the lacking relationship.

Take an example of the physical relationships we have; you can’t start discussing about how to position a couch in your living room with someone who has never been to your living room.

The person may listen to you but there is nothing he can add to the conversation because your relationship is not deep enough to discuss such a matter.

That is the same thing that happens when believers speak in tongues when their relationship with God is wanting; God understands what they are talking about but He can’t answer them because they have locked Him out of that area in their lives.

A believer who is praying in tongues to know their life purpose is doing the right thing but if he has not heeded to God’s direction for him to read the word, he is wasting his time.

God understands that it takes a certain amount of His word in a person for him to understand the answer He will give. If the person is asking for that answer but with less understanding of the word, the best God can do is to notify the person of his lack in understanding.

But usually, believers in that situation double down on speaking in tongues thinking they are not doing it enough.

Basically, to get tangible results from speaking in tongues you have to balance between how much time you spend using the tool of the Holy Spirit and how skilled you are in using the tool.

2. Failing to balance Faith and Action

Just as the body without the spirit is dead so faith without action is dead; the Bible tells us so in the book of James. Speaking in tongues is an act of faith.

When God answers your tongues, He answers them in faith terms. It is then your responsibility to convert that answer into action.

For many tongue speaking believers, they are poor at converting God’s answer to their tongues into action. This is a situation where a believer prays in tongues, the Lord reveals to them mysteries but they don’t apply that knowledge anywhere in their lives.

Their refusal to apply the revelations they received from God is not without reason. Usually, these believers wait for God to instruct them where to apply the revelations. But as it is, those revelations can be applied in so many situations. God leaves the believer to choose in how many situations they will apply those revelations.

A believer prays to God for financial breakthrough in tongues. As a result, God reveals to the believer that a good business must align with their natural gifts. The believer gets excited because of the revelation and shares it with his friends and that’s it.

Time passes and the believer is still having financial struggles. Why? Because he never started any business that is aligned with his natural gifts!

Some of the revelations that God gives to us when we speak in tongues are hard to convert into action. Other revelations can be converted into multiple actions which leaves us with the dilemma of which action to convert them into.

Some tongue speaking believers wait for God to tell them actions to take but that never happens. If God tells you the action to take after giving you a revelation, you will have no opportunity to exercise your faith and as you know, it is impossible to please God without faith.

For that reason, God only gives revelations and leaves the believer to take action. Therefore, do your best to take action whenever you get a revelation when speaking in tongues.

3. Wrong expectations from speaking in tongues

Some tongue speaking believers don’t get tangible results from speaking in tongues because they have wrong expectations. These wrong expectations are summed up in expecting God to tell them actions to take.

God only gives revelations as an answer to speaking in tongues. Everything else is up to the person to interpret those revelations and figure out the action to take.

When you speak in tongues a lot, God gives you many revelations. The revelations may be in form of dreams, prophecies from Men of God or direct communication to your spirit.

Whatever form the revelations take, you need to figure out the action to take.

When God revealed to Joseph that there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of hunger in Egypt, Joseph recommended the action that Pharaoh needed to take to be safe.

The recommendation was out of Joseph’s wisdom based on the revelation from the dream. That action showcased the faith that Joseph had in the revelation God had given him.

As a result, God caused Pharaoh to appoint Joseph to a high position in Egypt.

Even when you are praying for healing from God in tongues, in most cases, God will give you a revelation that will require you to take some action to get healing.

Remember the story of Jesus applying mud to the eyes of a blind man and telling him to go wash it off in the pool of Siloam. The action of the blind man going to Siloam proved that he believed what Jesus had told him and that faith pleased God to heal him.

Remember also the story of Naaman’s leprosy; he went and washed himself in the Jordan and was healed. But before going, he had doubts about what Prophet Elisha had told him. It was the act of obeying what he had been told and acting on it that proved his faith and God healed him.

Therefore, always expect revelations when you speak in tongues and when you get them, figure out how to act on them for you to translate speaking in tongues into tangible actions.

Until next time…Peace!

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