Mother’s Day Prayer: How to Pray

We are used to mother’s day prayers that make us feel good but do not have any spiritual significance. When it comes to praying, every word that proceeds from your mouth needs to have an impact.

Making an effective mother’s day prayer requires knowledge. This is for serious believers. Leave those casual ‘feel good’ mother’s day prayers for average believers.

In this article, I will dive deep into the spiritual significance of praying on mother’s day. I will teach you how to pray a prayer that will have a tremendous impact whether it is for your mom, your wife, your daughter, your friend or yourself.

The Spiritual Role of a Mother

Before you celebrate mother’s day, as a believer, you need to understand the spiritual role of a mother. When you understand the role of a mother, you will know how to make an effective mother’s day prayer.

According to God’s design, becoming a mother is a gift from Him. Before God allows a woman to become a mother, He trains her. The training is tough and that is why motherhood is such a precious gift.

Getting children doesn’t necessarily make you a mother; it is the training of God that makes you a mother. Being a mother is more about your ability to raise children in God’s way than bearing children.

For this reason, mothers in the faith need to take seriously the type of prayer they make on mothers’ day. Making mother’s day prayers without understanding will be an embarrassment to your faith.

God’s Training to become a Mother

In the training that God gives women before they become mothers, a few things stand out:

First, God tests the love that the woman has for Him. During this test, God puts the woman into a situation where she has to choose between her love for children and her love for God.

In the Bible, God tested women with barrenness. When a woman is barren, she has a strong desire to get children. But then God asks her to have a stronger desire for Him than for having children.

The woman has to suppress her own desire to have children in favor of her love for God to pass the test. Sarah was barren for many years until she gave up hope of having children and chose to focus only on living for God.

Her decision proved that she valued God over her desire to have children and that is when God gave her Isaac.

Secondly, God tests the ability for a woman to raise children. Before God gives a woman children of her own, He gives her an opportunity to raise children of others.

If she guides those children in Godly ways, God will give her children of her own. This is the same thing that Jesus said about being faithful with another person’s wealth. If you are faithful with another person’s property, God will give you your own.

David was faithful in shepherding his father’s sheep so God appointed Him to shepherd His people Israel.

Lastly, God tests the ability of a woman to let her children serve Him. It is common for mothers to be possessive of their children to the point of not allowing them to serve God.

Mothers struggle to cope with the fact that God has to train their children especially when that training involves pain.

For this reason, God has to test a woman to know if she is ready to see her children go through painful training without interfering with it.

This is so serious that God had to tell Mary beforehand that her heart would be pierced through Jesus when they presented Jesus to the temple and met Simeon. The suffering and death of Jesus was double pain for Mary; not only because of the shattered hope of Jesus saving Israel but also because Jesus was her son.

It required proper preparation to be a mother to Jesus.

How to Pray a Proper Mother’s Day Prayer

1. Mother’s Day Prayer must include love for God

When making a prayer for mother’s day, pray that every mother may love God more than her children. This is very important both for the mother and the children.

The mother benefits in the sense that God takes His rightful position in the lives of the children. When a mother allows God to have His rightful position in her children’s life, parenting becomes easy for her.

There is a role that God plays in the parenting of a child that a mother can’t. It is only when a mother loves God that she can let God take His position.

For this reason, every mother on mother’s day needs to pray that they love God more than their children.

Also, when a mother loves God more than her children, the devil gets no chance of turning her faith against her children. Usually, the devil targets mothers by putting them in a position where they have to choose between their faith in God and their children.

But when a mother loves God, she will choose God over her children and God will reward her by making her children love her.

2. Mother’s Day Prayer must include raising children

It is God’s command for mothers to raise children in Godly ways. A mother who fails to teach her children to follow the ways of God will suffer the pain of watching her children’s destruction.

For this reason, it is a good thing to pray on mother’s day for mothers to have wisdom. Raising children requires wisdom and wisdom is a gift from God.

A mother who raises her children in the pattern of God will enjoy her old age with her children and grandchildren.

3. Mother’s Day Prayer must include praying for the heart of the mother

A good mother’s day prayer must mention the heart of a mother. The hearts of mothers are delicate. They care so much for their children and the pain they feel when their children undergo pain is tremendous.

Given the nature of life, it is likely that mothers will witness their children go through pain a number of times. Because of this, it is good to pray on mother’s day that God may give mothers endurance.

God should be the anchor of every mother during difficult times. When children cause them pain, they should be able to find comfort in God.

Sample Mother’s Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of motherhood that you have given me. I acknowledge that it is for a reason that you allowed me to be a mother. I pray today Lord that you teach me to love you as a mother more than my own children. My children are your children and a gift from you. Teach me to raise them in your holy way. My desire is that my children may grow up to fulfill what you created them for. As their mother, I ask you Lord to help me be a vessel that shall let you mold them to be what you ordained them to be. Give me endurance. Through the pain of motherhood be my comforter. My hope and my trust is in you Lord. Glory and honor be to you my Lord.


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