How to Encourage Yourself by Speaking in Tongues when you are Discouraged

Life is full of discouragements. It is hard to predict when you will be discouraged but you can be sure you will go through discouraging times. In such discouraging times, it can be hard to speak in tongues.

It is wise to plan how you will encourage yourself to speak in tongues during discouraging times because they are bound to come. You will need to speak in tongues to overcome such tough times.

Speaking in tongues is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit that can encourage you when you are low. We get discouraged when we are seeking to be employed but all our applications are rejected.

Other times we get discouraged when our relationships are not improving despite the effort we are putting in them.

There is no end to things that discourage us but we have to push through. It is discouraging to work so hard on a business that never grows.

As believers who speak in tongues, we have a gift from the Holy Spirit that can help us navigate discouraging times but we have to know how to use it.

Tips to help you speak in tongues when you are discouraged

1. Accept that it is Normal to be Discouraged

It is hard to speak in tongues when you are discouraged without acknowledging that being discouraged is normal. Discouragement sucks our strength and leaves us hopeless.

In that hopeless state, speaking in tongues feels pointless. Accepting that once in a while you will experience discouragement gives you something to hold on to when you are discouraged.

If you accept that being discouraged is normal, you will find it easier to believe that the discouraging season will pass. The faith you have that the discouraging season will pass will give you enough motivation to build upon.

After you have talked to yourself that being discouraged is normal, tell yourself that speaking in tongues is the easiest way out of your situation.

You may be discouraged to speak in tongues because you don’t believe that it is the easiest way out. There are many ways to get out of a discouraging situation but speaking in tongues is one of the easiest ways.

Some people may read the word of God to encourage themselves but for others speaking in tongues is the easiest method.

If you have been seeking a job but you have not found one, you may think that the only way to ward off the discouragement is by getting a job. But God can take away your discouragement if you speak in tongues even if you have not been approved for any job yet.

God sometimes puts us in discouraging situations to see if we will turn to Him for encouragement. The Bible tells us of the Patriarchs of faith who encouraged themselves in the Lord during difficult times.

When God sees you encouraging yourself in Him by speaking in tongues, He will be moved to come and help you.

2. Use Speaking in Tongues as a Way to Regain Control

When we are in discouraging situations, we often want the situations to end. But wanting the discouraging situation to end is actually harmful.

In discouraging situations, the best thing you can do is to take control. One of the easiest ways to take control is by speaking in tongues.

When you speak in tongues, you activate the fruit of the Spirit in you. Remember that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit.

If you persist in speaking in tongues, self-control will grow in you and you will feel more in control of the situation.

In fact, for someone who is consistent in speaking in tongues, there is barely any discouragement. When a discouraging situation comes, self-control kicks in and the person sails through discouragement with minimum effort.

If you have been praying to God for a spouse and you are discouraged that you have not found one, speak in tongues and take control of your situation.

God has many exciting things to reveal to you apart from showing you your spouse. In fact, when God reveals to you other mysteries, you will become a very attractive person and that attraction will draw your spouse to you.

If you have been working to fix a decaying marriage, speaking in tongues will make you feel in control of the situation. The confidence that speaking in tongues will give you will make your spouse attracted to you once again.

Let speaking in tongues build self-control in you. Once you have self-control, the discouraging situation will no longer have control over you.

Jesus taught this lesson when He said if you are slapped on one cheek, turn the other also and if you are forced to go one mile, go two miles with the person.

When a discouraging situation comes upon you, accept it and speak in tongues to take control then you can dictate what happens.

3. Set Minimum Time to Speak in Tongues

Convincing yourself to speak in tongues when you are discouraged is hard. And even after you convince yourself to speak in tongues, it is hard to persist. This is why it is important to set minimum time you want to spend speaking in tongues.

The amount of time you spend speaking in tongues matters a lot. When you start to speak in tongues when you are discouraged, the discouragement won’t disappear immediately.

You will have to persist speaking in tongues for a while before the discouragement disappears.

Setting minimum time that you intend to speak in tongues will help you persist in speaking in tongues despite the discouragement you will be experiencing.

For some people, forcing themselves to speak in tongues for 20 minutes will be their minimum. For others, 1 hour might be their minimum.

Whatever minimum time you set, make sure it is sufficient to pull you out of the discouragement you are experiencing.

The greater the discouragement, the more time spent speaking in tongues it will require to overcome it.

How to Encourage yourself by Speaking in Tongues: Conclusion

Encouraging yourself when you are discouraged is hard work. However, when you have the gift of speaking in tongues, encouraging yourself should not be a mystery.

Put your trust in the Lord and speak in tongues until you feel better. The gift of speaking in tongues is meant to help us pray when we are discouraged.

Remember the Bible tells us to pray when we are in trouble. Being in a discouraging situation is trouble that requires praying to overcome.

Don’t let the discouraging situation overwhelm you. Take control by speaking in tongues.


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