How to use Speaking in Tongues to End Every Addiction

Did you know that you can use speaking in tongues to end addictions? Speaking in tongues is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit that can end any kind of addiction.

We know speaking in tongues to be a gift that helps us pray efficiently but it can do much more.

God knew we needed help in many areas when He was designing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Apart from their primary purposes, the gifts of the Holy Spirit can help us solve other problems you may never have imagined.

Before I tell you how you can use speaking in tongues to end any addiction you have, it’s good if I start by explaining addictions.

The Source of Addictions

Addictions come when there is a void in us. Remember we are vessels that God created to serve His purpose. If a vessel is not filled with what it was intended to carry, it will be filled with something else.

If we don’t allow God to fill us with what He intended, the devil will fill us with addictions. The devil knows that our flesh desires fleshly pleasures.

When he sees that a person is empty, he gives the person suggestions of things that excite him. All the suggestions are usually addictions. That is how people get into drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality and other addictions.

Fighting these addictions is hard if you don’t understand where they come from. I’m sure you have heard preachers mention that addictions are from the devil. That is true.

But have you ever asked yourself how the devil gets people addicted to things?

Laying hands on someone and praying doesn’t end an addiction. Addictions are more complex than they appear; they need a special gift from God to eliminate them.

Speaking in tongues has the power to end every addiction but it is not in the way most preachers teach.

In this article, I will explain to you how speaking in tongues can end every addiction.

Ways in which Speaking in Tongues Ends Addictions

1. Speaking in Tongues Fills the Void in You

Most of us have voids if not all of us. These voids come through traumatic experiences we go through while growing up.

The devil orchestrates those traumatic experiences specifically to create voids in us. The devil knows that if he can incite a father to abuse the mother in front of the kids, the kids will grow up with a void.

The voids are usually spaces that God creates in us with the intention to fill us with His goodness. Everyone has space in him for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

But if a child is deprived of love, the space meant for love remains void. The devil then comes with suggestions of things that can be put in that void.

If a person chooses to fill the love void with alcohol, the alcohol will become a binding addiction. In situations where the person needs to feel love, he will turn to alcohol.

Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit that helps us commune with God. If a person never experienced joy while growing up and has a void filled with an addiction, through speaking in tongues, the person will receive joy from the Lord which will fill that void.

God usually gives parents all the good gifts He wants their children to receive. If the parents fail to give their children the gifts, God can give those children the gifts Himself.

But for the children to receive the gifts from God, they need to cultivate an intimate relationship with God. The gift of speaking in tongues is meant to help us cultivate an intimate relationship with God that enables us receive goodness from the Lord to fill the void in us.

If a believer faithfully invests time to speak in tongues, it doesn’t take long before the feeling of emptiness disappears and all addictions with it.

2. Speaking in Tongues Occupies your Free Time

Apart from addictions occurring as a result of a void, they can also occur as a result of idleness. Englishmen say ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. That is true.

Take the example of King David; when it was the time of the year for Kings to go to war, he remained behind. Obviously, he was idle.

In his idle state, he was tempted and ended up sinning first by committing adultery with Bathsheba and then by killing Uriah; an innocent man.

When your mind is idle, the devil will whisper to you suggestions of fleshly pleasures you can engage in. By being idle, you give the devil a foothold.

The gift of speaking in tongues can help you avoid being idle. Speaking in tongues is an activity, a very productive activity.

Anytime you feel idle, start speaking in tongues to avoid being tempted to engage in an addiction. Remember Jesus told His disciples in Luke 22:40 to pray that they may not fall into temptation.

Addictions are addictions because they are tempting. If you can avoid being tempted, no addiction will have a hold on you.

Spend your free time speaking in tongues and don’t give the devil a chance to tempt you.

3. Speaking in Tongues gives you a High Feeling

The main trap of addictions is the promise of feeling high. The Bible describes the high feeling in Proverbs 23:34 saying “You will be like one sleeping on the high seas, lying on top of the rigging”.

The feeling is addictive and it keeps victims coming back. God knew that such a feeling is tempting to us and so He gave us the gift of speaking in tongues which gives us the same feeling.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 5:18 not to be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit. How do you get drunk in the Spirit?

By speaking in tongues!

I have experienced the high feeling many times after speaking in tongues. I have never been drunk with wine but I’m sure the high you feel by speaking in tongues is the same as the one you get by drinking too much wine.

The advantage of the high feeling from speaking in tongues over that of being drunk with wine is that you have self-control. Instead of speaking obscene words, you praise the Lord. Instead of falling in a ditch, you jump for joy.

Speaking in tongues can be so sweet, sweeter than any addiction. The high feeling is a good feeling but we need to get it from speaking in tongues not through sexual immorality, drug abuse or drunkenness.

The Advantage of using Speaking in Tongues to End Addictions

1. Speaking in Tongues is Free

The gift of speaking in tongues is completely free to receive. Imagine getting a free gift that eliminates all addictions for you. Both the rich and the poor can afford it.

God loves us so much and He does His best to make sure we get good gifts in the easiest way possible.

Provided someone believes in Jesus and welcomes the Holy Spirit, he will receive the gift of speaking in tongues and enjoy all these benefits.

No one has an excuse to engage in an addiction because the solution to addictions is free of charge. God has provided it.

If you already have the gift of speaking in tongues, work hard to grow in the gift. The more you grow in speaking in tongues, the more powerful it will be.

Believers fail to get benefits from speaking in tongues because they never cultivate the gift. Speaking in tongues is like a muscle; it grows the more you practice it.

You will receive it free of charge but you will have to put in effort for it to grow.

2. Speaking in Tongues comes with Additional Benefits

Speaking in tongues curing an addiction is only a side effect. The gift itself has more benefits beyond what we can name.

By choosing to use speaking in tongues to end an addiction, you not only end the addiction but you get other benefits as well.

Speaking in tongues gives you all benefits at once. It is just that some benefits require a higher level of understanding than others.

3. Speaking in Tongues is Easy to Practice

Speaking in tongues doesn’t need a special environment. If you have the gift, you can exercise it wherever you are.

Because the gift is easy to practice, using it to end an addiction should not be hard work. Whether you are in your room, in the gym, walking on the road or driving to work you can speak in tongues.

The temptation to engage in an addiction can come at any time. But because speaking in tongues can also be practiced at any time, it is a good way to counter addictive urges.

How to use Speaking in Tongues to End Every Addiction: Conclusion

Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift but it solves physical problems as well. Whatever addiction you have, speaking in tongues has the power to end it.

The task on your hands is to practice speaking in tongues often to unlock its addiction breaking power.

There is nothing that an addiction offers that speaking in tongues can’t offer you. In fact, whatever addictions promise you, speaking in tongues will offer it.

Why should you struggle with addictions when you can calmly speak in tongues and end them?

It may take some time but it works.


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