How to Pray for a New House

If you are tired of living where you currently live, I’ll show you how to pray to get a new house and how to pray for it before you move in. While a house is an earthly possession, there is nothing wrong in asking for a better house from God.

God grants our desires. If you want to live in a better house and your motives are right, God will listen to your prayer for a new house.

But before you start praying for a new house, you need to understand what God expects from you. Once you know what God requires of you for Him to give you a new house, praying for it will be easy.

Praying for a New House: Asking for Finances

Unless you already have enough money to move to a new house, the prayer for a new house starts with asking God to provide finances. It is obvious that moving to a new house costs money.

There is the cost of acquiring the house, moving your items to the house, renovating it etc. God understands how our economic systems work. If we need help and we ask Him, He will help us.

When asking for finances when praying for a new home, remember that God has the power to give you a new house without giving you finances. Our system works with finances but the system of God works with favor.

God may choose to cause you to find favor with someone and in the process acquire a new house without spending any money.

God may connect you with a person who needs the gift you have and in return the person gives you free accommodation. God can also place you in an organization to serve there and give you a free house in the process.

Actually, this is the most likely outcome of praying for a new house from God. God prefers to give us favor that will earn us a free house rather than give us money to get a house for ourselves.

Either way, your work is to pray for a house and let God choose what method He will use to answer your prayer.

Praying for a New House: Asking for the Location

If you already have finances but you don’t know where to get your new house, God can direct you to the right environment. God cares about where we live. He understands that the environment we live in affects us.

Take the example of Lot who lived in Sodom; the Bible tells us that he was tormented day and night because of the wickedness of that place.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to say “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one”. As part of leading us away from temptation, God has to place us in an environment that doesn’t tempt us to sin.

Some locations may have good amenities but spiritually they are altars of wickedness. If you choose them using your physical understanding, you will become a victim of spiritual attacks you have no idea about.

When Abraham and Lot were separating, it was Lot who chose his land first then Abraham went to the opposite direction. The land that Lot chose was fertile and looked like the garden of the Lord.

The land Lot chose was Sodom and the land Abraham lived in was Canaan. Sodom became the capital city of wickedness while Canaan became the Promised Land.

Because the future is concealed from us, it is wise to pray to God to show you where to get a new house.

Praying for God to show you the location of your new house is a wise move.

Praying for a New House: Asking for God’s Assignment

Moving to a new house is not only a physical act but spiritual also. The new house you move to is a spiritual altar and as a servant of God, there is an assignment for you.

When Joseph went to Potiphar’s house, he went there for a physical assignment as well as a spiritual assignment. His experience in Potiphar’s house taught him chastity and being a faithful servant.

It was after successfully completing his assignment in Potiphar’s house that God promoted Him to become Prime Minister in Egypt.

The same is true when God gives us a new place to stay; He has a spiritual assignment for us. God required the Israelites to drive out the Canaanite tribes and occupy the land of Canaan.

Physically, God was fulfilling the promise He made to Abraham. Spiritually, God was destroying the worship of other gods. The Israelites failed in the assignment and their stay in the land was affected.

For you to enjoy staying in the new house you are praying for, you have to fulfill the assignment God has for you there.

The assignment may be a one-time activity that you do and live in the house for the rest of the time or it may be a continuous activity that you do while you live there.

Either way, you have to know the assignment God has for you in the new house for you to enjoy your stay there.

Sample Prayer to find a New House

Heavenly Father, you are my Lord and my God. I trust in your Holy Name and I look to you for my provision. Today I ask that you guide me to find a new house. Provide for me the necessities as you did for your children, the Israelites. I am your child and I am waiting on you to provide for me a house. I also pray Lord that you reveal to me the assignment you have for me in the new house and help me to complete it. Thank you for you always hear me when I pray. Amen!

Sample Prayer for a New House

Thank you Lord for this house that you have given me. I have now believed that you are a faithful God. Just as you gave your children the Promised Land you have given me this new house. I pray Lord that I may remain faithful to you while I stay in this house. Watch over me when I come in and when I go out of this house. Keep the evil one away from me. May this house be a refuge for those who love you and a shelter for those who need you. Help me to manage this house and to enjoy the good that you have provided in this place. Amen!

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