How to Pray for Marriage Restoration

Praying for marriage restoration is an emotional affair. Not only is it painful to lose a marriage but also it threatens your faith in God.

Because of this, it is important to pray for marriage restoration with understanding. At the end of the day, you hope that your marriage will be restored or at least that your faith will not fail.

Understanding the Prayer for Marriage Restoration

When you make a prayer for marriage restoration, there are three possible outcomes. These outcomes depend on the prevailing circumstances.

First outcome for the prayer for marriage restoration

When you pray for marriage restoration, the most hoped for outcome is the actual restoration of your marriage. God has the power to restore any marriage provided the one who prays is faithful.

The hindrance to this outcome is usually the person praying is not faithful to God. As a result, God refuses to restore the marriage of the person praying.

God is merciful and He waits until the day the person praying for marriage restoration becomes faithful. On that very day, God restores her marriage.

Second outcome for the prayer for marriage restoration

God can choose to restore your marriage by bringing you a new person. If you pray for marriage restoration and God sees that you deserve it but the person you were married to is not willing, He can bring you someone else.

This is why it is always good to pray for marriage restoration even if the person you were married to is not willing to reconcile. God can never run out of solutions for His children.

The hindrance to this outcome is usually the discouragement that the person praying faces. When you pray for marriage restoration yet the person you hope to be restored with doesn’t care, you will be tempted to quit praying all together.

Third outcome for the prayer for marriage restoration

When you pray for marriage restoration, God can choose to help you overcome the desire to get married again. I know it sounds disappointing but it happens.

There are situations in which it is best to forego marriage. When your faith is at risk because of marriage, God will choose to help you with your faith even if it means cutting off marriage.

There are people who pray for marriage restoration but when the marriage is not restored, they get angry at God and even abandon the faith.

Sacrificing marriage is not as painful as suffering in hell for losing your faith in God. This is why this outcome is also on the list.

How to Pray for Marriage Restoration

1. Repent for having a broken marriage

Before you pray for God to restore your marriage, you have to start by acknowledging your part in breaking the marriage. It doesn’t matter what happened for the marriage to be broken. The fact that you were in that marriage means you played a role in the breaking of that marriage.

When you repent for being part of the error that caused the marriage to break, it shows God that you are humble. Because of your humility, God will be moved to show you mercy.

Overlooking your error in the marriage will only anger God more and make Him not listen to your prayers. Be careful not to harbor bitterness against your partner when praying for restoration of your marriage.

If you are bitter at your partner, God will not listen to your prayer. Why should God bother restoring you to someone who makes you bitter?

If you feel your partner was to blame for the breaking of the marriage, you need to forgive him and pray that God may help him.

Basically, God wants to know that you love your partner before He restores your marriage. If you can’t prove to God that you love your partner, God will not restore you marriage.

2. Ask God to teach you marriage

Your marriage broke because you failed to observe marriage rules at some point. God commanded husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and wives to submit to their husbands.

If that command is kept, a marriage can never break. But if that command is broken, the marriage too will break.

This is also why I said you need to start by repenting. A broken marriage means you broke God’s command at some point.

Unless God teaches you how to sustain a marriage, praying for restoration will be in vain. If God knows that you can’t sustain a marriage, He won’t bother to restore it. Why restore your marriage only for it to break again?

For God to teach you to sustain a marriage, you have to humble yourself and ask Him to teach you. Unless you acknowledge that you can’t sustain a marriage and ask God to teach you, it will be pointless to pray for the restoration of your marriage.

3. Pray that God may have mercy on you

You have to understand that the restoration of your marriage entirely depends on the mercy of God. If God gives you a marriage and you break it, you have no right to demand for its restoration. It is only through God’s mercy that your marriage can be restored.

Therefore, after you repent and ask God to teach you about marriage, pray that He may help you get back into marriage and enjoy it.

God will begin by teaching you about marriage and once you have mastered it, He will restore your marriage or give you a new marriage all together. He is a merciful God.

Remember to give thanks to God when He finally restores your marriage.

Sample Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Dear heavenly Father, great is your holy name. There is none like you in heaven and in the earth. I repent today for failing to honor the command you gave about marriage. As a result, I have ruined my marriage. I come to you because I believe you have the power to restore my marriage.

I pray that you teach me love, submission and how to sustain a marriage in accordance to your holy law. I understand that it is impossible for me to enjoy marriage unless you teach me. Have mercy on me and help me enjoy marriage. You are my hope and my salvation. I look to you.

In Jesus name I pray.


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