Prayer for a Friend having Surgery

It is emotional to have a friend go for surgery. The best you can do is to make a prayer for your friend having surgery. But how exactly should you pray?

In this article, I have included a prayer for a friend having surgery which you can recite. But before you go to the prayer, it is important to understand a few things about praying for a friend who is undergoing surgery.

Understanding the Prayer for a Friend in Surgery

There are a number of approaches you can take when praying for a friend undergoing surgery. First, you can pray that God may help your friend come out of the surgery room alive. That is the bare minimum.

You can as well pray that God may heal your friend with or without the surgery. Of course if your friend is already undergoing surgery you can only pray that God may heal her through it.

The approach you take depends on your level of faith.

God’s desire for your Friend undergoing Surgery

God desires that all His children live in perfect health. When someone falls sick, God is willing and ready to restore the health of that person.

However, challenges come when the person who needs healing is lacking faith. We know from the Bible that faith is a key part of receiving healing. Many times Jesus told people who had received healing “Go! Your faith has made you well.”

Today, healing miracles still occur but because of the faithless nature of this generation, the miracles are rare. The few who get them have worked hard on their faith.

Out of the love that God has for us, He provided a way for those with little faith to get healing. That is why we have doctors and hospitals.

When you go to God for healing, you pay for the healing with your faith. When you go to a doctor for treatment, you pay for your treatment with money.

The healing of God is painless with no side effects. The treatment of a doctor is painful and has side effects.

God heals a tumor in seconds without any surgery but surgeons have to cut open the person and do a lengthy procedure.

The advantages of receiving healing from God far outweigh those of getting treatment from a doctor. And while everyone may desire to get healing from God, most people won’t.

Many believers have faith but not sufficient faith to get the healing they desire. As a result, they supplement their faith with money.

In the case of surgery, a believer can pray for peace while going for surgery. God will grant her peace but she will still undergo surgery which is not as good as direct healing from God. She will also need to pay for the surgery.

This does not mean that we should avoid going for surgery, rather, it should motivate us to build our faith to the level where we do not need to go for surgery.

How to build your Faith when praying for a Friend going for Surgery

Building faith takes time. God expects us to spend our entire lives building our faith. The stronger your faith, the more miracles you get when you pray.

Faith is a product of knowledge. When knowledge becomes too familiar, it turns into faith. Take an example of the rising of the sun. Because you have witnessed the sun rise many times, when it sets, you have faith that it will rise again.

When you go to sleep and wake up many times, you believe that when you go to sleep again you will wake up as you have always done and that is faith.

When unfamiliar situations come, our faith is put to the test. Usually, we struggle to have faith in unfamiliar situations because we have little experience with them.

If it is your first time to pray for a friend going for surgery, it is harder to believe than if you have had success praying for a friend going for surgery before.

For this reason, God calls people into different ministries. For someone called into the healing ministry, God will take them through different healing situations so that they become familiar with healing.

Once they are familiar with healing situations, their faith will grow and they will be able to heal many more.

Usually, God begins by using the healing ministers to heal minor infirmities. When the healing ministers find success in healing minor infirmities, they advance to greater infirmities. They build their faith to heal greater infirmities from healing minor infirmities.

This is why praying for healing for a friend going for surgery if you have never prayed for other minor infirmities is hard. You have little knowledge in the area to build your faith upon.

For this reason, it is better to pray that God may build your faith.

What to expect when you pray for a Friend going for Surgery

As I’ve already mentioned, unless you have built your faith to a level where you can pray for healing for your friend, the best you can do is pray that your friend may have a successful surgery and work on growing your faith.

When you pray, expect your friend to come out of the operation room alive. Your expectations when you pray for your friend matter. God fulfills expectations of His children that they may rejoice in Him.

If you have no expectations, God has nothing to fulfill and you will have no reason to rejoice in Him.

Sample Prayer for a Friend having Surgery

Heavenly Father, I trust you. Great is your power and mighty are your works. Today, I pray for my friend who is undergoing surgery. My prayer is that you may watch over her through the process that she may come out safely.

The process is carried out by men but I trust that you have power over the hearts of men. Direct the surgeons and everyone involved for the safety of my friend. I do not want to grieve for anything wrong because of the surgery. Keep me at peace.

I trust in your holy name and your great healing power. To you be all the glory, honor and adoration.


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