How to Pray for Success in Business

Praying for success in business is a good move to make. God acknowledges prayers made for the success of a business. Whether it is your own business you are praying for or the business of a friend, be assured God listens.

An effective prayer for your business needs to be made in understanding. Just as running a business requires understanding, praying for the success of a business requires understanding also.

In this article, I will walk you through the procedure of praying for success in your business.

Praying for the Person Running a Business

Businesses take the character of the person who owns them. Because of this, it is important to pray for the person who owns the business.

People who have the right understanding will find it easy to run a successful business. Businesses are a shadow of God’s creation.

When God created the world, He made it with the level of wisdom and understanding that He had. As a result, the world runs on the perfect wisdom of God.

Businesses are the creation of men. The same way the world runs on God’s wisdom, businesses run on the wisdom of their creators.

It is no surprise that King Solomon who was the richest man ever was also the wisest man ever.

When praying for the success of a business, remember that the person behind the business determines the success of the business.

Praying for God to Bless your Business

Some people pray directly asking God to bless their business. While there is nothing wrong with that type of a prayer, a few things have to be clarified.

God blesses the person behind the business

When you ask God to bless your business, God blesses you with gifts that will help you run a successful business. God causes your business to be successful as a reward for your faithfulness to Him.

God has perfect wisdom and His creation is perfect. When you please Him with your faithfulness, He reveals to you the secret wisdom that He applied in creation.

As a result, you create your business according to the pattern of God’s creation and success comes naturally.

God only blesses a business in accordance to the faithfulness of the person running it. God doesn’t want the wicked to prosper in business. He conceals business wisdom from them.

As a result, they may experience short term success but they turn out to be losers in the long run. Using ungodly means in business is a sure way to deny yourself God’s blessings in your business.

God understands your prayer

When you pray to God to bless your business and expect God to bless it, God understands your prayer based on your level of understanding.

However, God will only answer your prayer according to His understanding. This is why there are believers who are very prayerful but still don’t do well in business.

They pray for their businesses but because they have not received wisdom to do business, they struggle. God is usually reluctant to give such believers success in business because the devil can easily deceive them.

The wisdom that God gives you not only helps you succeed in business but it also teaches you how to avoid the deception of wealth. When God knows that you can avoid the deception of wealth, He will have no problem making your business successful when you ask Him.

Scriptures to use when praying for Business

Proverbs 14:23

The Bible tells us in proverbs 14:23 that all hard work brings profit but mere talk leads only to poverty. When praying for business success, you have to remember that hard work is part of the requirements for a successful business.

It is God who designed success to come through hard work. Initially, God was providing for man without hard work but after man sinned, God subjected us to hard work.

For a business to succeed, you have to put in hard work. Prayer builds faith and faith makes work easy. The more you pray about your business, the less tedious it will be to find success.

Your prayer for business success must acknowledge that it takes work to find success. Praying for success in business without acknowledging that you have a role to play in the success of your business will not yield the results you want. Painful but true!

Deuteronomy 8:18

Deuteronomy 8:18 tells us that it is God who gives us the power to get wealth. It is important to remember this scripture when praying to get wealth.

God makes sure that someone acknowledges that He is the provider of wealth before giving the person the ability to get wealth.

God ensures someone knows that wealth comes from Him so that the devil may not deceive the person. Usually, the devil can easily deceive someone that the wealth he has is a result of his hard work. As a result, the person hardens his heart against God.

Because God loves us and doesn’t want anyone of us to perish, He withholds wealth from us until we have acknowledged that He is the one who gives us power to get wealth.

On the same note, God expects us to be responsible with the power to make wealth. When God has established that we are good stewards, He will give us wisdom that will enable us find success in business.

I hope at this point you now understand that success in business is a healthy combination of prayer and personal responsibility.

Sample Prayer for Success in Business

Heavenly Father, thank you for the unfailing love that you have for me. To you belongs all power and might. I have understood today that getting wealth requires me to have faith and take action. I pray Lord that you give me wisdom to find success in business and the ability to take action. I desire to be wealthy for the glory of your Holy Name. Bless the work of my hands. May I not sweat to find success in business. Send me the right people that the business I run may thrive. I trust you Lord.


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