How to Pray against Masturbation

It takes good understanding to make an effective prayer against masturbation. Making a clueless prayer won’t yield the desired result.

If you have struggled to pray against masturbation with little success, this article is for you. I will walk you through the perfect prayer against masturbation and exactly what you need to do. I have previously made the same prayer.

The cause of Masturbation

Before you pray against masturbation, it is important to know its cause. Understanding the cause of masturbation will make praying against it easier.

Masturbation is a result of insufficient intimacy. We are intimate beings by nature. God created us to have an intimate relationship with Him and with one another.

When we don’t get sufficient intimacy, we are tempted to masturbate. Some people compensate for their insufficient intimacy by engaging in casual sex. Others do it by watching porn and masturbating.

Either way, the cause of masturbation is insufficient intimacy.

Intimacy from Parents

When a child is born, she needs intimacy. God designed children to receive intimacy from parents. Babies have no ability to get intimacy from anywhere else except from parents.

Babies who don’t get enough intimacy from parents end up struggling with masturbation. The intimacy void from childhood drives them into masturbation as they try to compensate it.

If you didn’t receive sufficient intimacy from your parents, masturbation will be an ever present temptation.

Intimacy from God to stop Masturbation

For children who don’t receive intimacy from their parents, God offers to fill the void. Masturbation usually begins when children are old enough to understand that they lack intimacy.

If a child is old enough to understand that she needs intimacy, she is also old enough to seek intimacy from God.

Seeking to cover up the void of intimacy with masturbation is a deliberate choice against seeking intimacy from God. It is this decision that makes masturbation a detestable act before God. Masturbation becomes an idol that fills the space that God should be occupying.

God is willing and ready to fill any intimacy void from childhood. If you allow Him to fill it, masturbation urges will disappear.

I have outlined the entire process of finding fulfillment in God in the book I wrote. Get a copy if you want to understand how to find rest in God and overcome masturbation completely.

Intimacy from other people to stop Masturbation

Apart from God offering intimacy to people directly, He also offers intimacy through other people. Godly friendships and a godly marriage play an important role in killing masturbation urges.

God designed friends to offer us intimacy and what they can’t offer God designed us to have a spouse who can offer it.

For this reason, it is important to have godly friends and a spouse ordained for you by God. When God is choosing a spouse for you, He considers the level of intimacy that you require. He then matches you with someone who is willing to offer that level of intimacy.

Lacking people who offer you intimacy will tempt you to seek intimacy through ungodly acts like masturbation.

How to Pray against Masturbation

The perfect prayer against masturbation has three segments. When you master these three segments, you will have an easy time praying against masturbation.

Praying for Forgiveness after Masturbation

When you engage in masturbation, you exchange God’s intimacy with intimacy from an idol. Of course God gets angry when you lock Him out of your life. God gave us the desire for intimacy so that we may seek Him to fill it.

For this reason, masturbation qualifies as a sin that warrants repentance. Because of this, you need to repent anytime you give in to masturbation urges.

Even if the urges come as a result of not receiving sufficient intimacy from your parents, giving in to masturbation urges is wrong.

In your repentance prayer for masturbation, acknowledge that you have sinned against God by seeking intimacy from an idol rather than seeking it from God.

Praying for Masturbation Temptations to Stop

For some people, masturbation is not addictive but once in a while they get tempted and end up masturbating. This is common for people who don’t have intimacy problems but they have a history of masturbation.

If this is your case, you need to pray to God to lead you away from temptations. Remember Jesus included the phrase ‘Lead us not into temptation’ in the Lord’s Prayer.

We are human and if we are tempted beyond what we can handle, we will fall into sin. This is why you need to pray that God may keep you from temptations that are beyond what you can handle.

When you are recovering from masturbation, you may receive sufficient intimacy but just because you had the habit of masturbating, you easily fall back into it when you are tempted.

When God keeps you from tempting situations, you will have an easy time resisting urges to masturbate.

Praying to God for Intimacy to stop Masturbation

I have already mentioned that masturbation is a result of insufficient intimacy. For this reason, you need to pray that God may bring intimacy in your life.

God is the provider of intimacy. He provides it directly and also through people. You need intimacy both from God and other people.

Pray that God may teach you to be intimate with Him and also bring you intimate friends. If you don’t have a spouse yet, pray that God may give you an intimate partner as well.

If you already have a partner, pray that God may bring intimacy into your relationship.

Since we need intimacy continuously, you have to make this prayer often to keep yourself from sliding back into masturbation.

Sample Prayer against Masturbation

Heavenly Father, I seek you for you are My Lord and My God. I trust in your Holy Name and to you I look for my salvation. I confess before you that I have sinned by seeking intimacy from idols instead of seeking it from you. Forgive me Lord! Wash me in your blood and purify me by your word.

Lead me away from tempting situations and help me walk in holiness. Teach me to resist temptations that I face. Above all I pray that you may teach me to be intimate with you. Teach me to draw intimacy from you instead of drawing it from idols. Bring me people you have ordained to offer me intimacy that I may be satisfied.

You are my Father and I wait on you for my salvation. Have mercy on me and help me. Amen!

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  3. Jehovah my God please forgive me my sins of Masturbation ,which I have been doing for 13 years now . I Repent from it please lord save me and deliver me from this sin ,in Jesus name

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