How to Pray when you like Someone 

We all have moments when we like someone, but we remember that we are Christians, and we need to involve God.  

It can feel a little weird at first to think of praying when you like someone but there is no shame in it. God is our Father and there is nothing we should ever be afraid to tell Him. 

In this article, I will guide you on how you should pray when you like someone and what you should expect. 

How to Pray when you like Someone 

Express your true feelings to God 

The first and most important thing you need to do when you pray when you like someone is to express your true emotions to God. 

Our emotions easily become a problem if they are not expressed in the right way. When you like someone, your attention will be on that person and the person can easily become an idol in your life if you don’t express your feelings the right way. 

In normal life, people are advised to tell people they like their true feelings. This is not necessarily a bad idea but it often leads to heartbreak. 

For a believer, it is best to express your feelings to God and find peace in telling God rather than someone who may end up breaking your heart. 

When you express your true feelings in prayer, you will offload the emotional burden. Remember Jesus asked us to go to Him those of us who are weary and heavily laden that He may give us rest. 

Emotional rest is important and that is why when you like someone, you need to pray and offload your emotions on Jesus. 

It is important to ensure that you don’t expect an answer from God when you go to offload your emotions on Him. In this case, God is there to allow you express yourself so that you don’t hold someone you like as an idol in your life. 

Expressing your true emotions in prayer will ease the pressure on you and enable you navigate the situation in peace. 

Ask God if the person is meant for you 

If you like someone, there is a possibility that the person is meant for you. However, whether the person is meant for you or not, it is important to ask God. 

The purpose of asking God if the person you like is meant for you is to set a standard. What you want is to be in the habit of asking God whenever you like someone so that you don’t find yourself in a difficult situation. 

When you ask God if the person you like is meant for you, the answer could be one of the following three: 

First, God tells you the person is right for you. This is of course the most hoped for answer. If this is the answer you get, remember to ask God for direction on how to approach the situation so that you don’t end up ruining it. 

God will lead you on the steps you need to take if the person you like is meant for you. 

Second, God tells you the person is not right for you. This is of course not the answer you hope for when you pray when you like someone, but it is the answer in some cases. 

If this is the answer in your case, pray that God will enable you move on from that person. Dwelling on that person after you have been told he is not meant for you will only lead you into trouble. 

Third, God remains silent when you pray concerning someone you like. If this is the case, the situation is complicated beyond your understanding and God prefers to guide you with actions as opposed to speaking to you. 

In this case, you need to focus more on your relationship with God than getting into a relationship with someone you like. 

God is love and when He knows that you don’t understand love, yet you crave it, He will usually dissuade you using actions. As you know, it is impossible to advise someone in love. 

Ask God to Prepare you for the Right Person 

The surest way to pray when you like someone is to ask God to prepare you for the person meant for you. When you pray in this manner, you are guaranteed to find love even if it is not with the current person that you like. 

This is a wise way to pray because you guarantee yourself love at some point. If you allow God to prepare you, after the preparation, He will give you someone and obviously, you will like that person. 

The other advantage of making this prayer is that not only will you like others, but others will like you. It is one thing to love someone, but it is another thing for someone to like you. 

In fact, someone liking you is out of your control but if you go through thorough preparation, you will be liked and enjoy the relationship. 

Draw Closer to God 

No matter how charming the person you like is, God is more amazing than that person. For this reason, do your best to love God more than anyone you ever meet. 

This is a safety measure because human beings are fond of betraying one another but God will never betray you. 

When you draw close to God and love Him more than anyone else, you are guaranteed of love regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. 

On the day that someone you like rejects you, if you have a solid relationship with God, it won’t hurt as much as if you have no relationship with God. 

Therefore, remember to have this in mind as your safety net when you enter the realm of finding love. 

Sample Prayer when you like Someone 

Dear heavenly Father, I love you and trust you. Thank you because I know you love me and care for me. In my heart, I have developed feelings for this person, and I have decided to express the true feelings of my heart to you. 

It is my desire to know what you have to say about the feelings I have developed for this person. I will appreciate your guidance, my Lord. As your child, I rely on your wisdom and infinite knowledge to know the truth. 

Above all, I pray that you prepare me to be a mature partner. Teach me love and help me grow in loving you as well as others. Help me to settle with someone who loves me and whom I love. You are my Lord, and my hope is in you. 

Thank you for you always hear me when I pray. 


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