How to pray when you need Money 

Who doesn’t need money? We could argue that all a person needs is food and clothing because that is what Jesus said. But because you asked how to pray when you need money, I’ll do my best to explain. 

There is nothing wrong in asking God for money in prayer. However, there is a level of maturity that makes such a request weird. 

In this article, I will cover how to pray when you need money depending on the spiritual level you are operating at. 

How to pray when you need money 

Beginners in the faith 

For beginners in the faith, it is advised that you ask for everything from God. If you want money, ask for it in prayer. 

At this level, God is more interested in you relying on Him for provision and would gladly receive your prayer for money. 

In this level, people who ask directly for money receive it with little resistance. God is usually prompt in delivering money requests of beginners since their faith heavily depends on God’s answer. 

If you have just started the journey of faith and you ask God for money, He will be quick to give it to you so that you rely on Him for greater things. 

Most miracles of receiving money happen in this stage. The money miracles are exciting and meant to encourage the faith of the young believer. 

Intermediate believers in the faith 

For an intermediate believer, praying for money is barely permissible. At this point, you are expected to have understood that God gives ideas and it is your work to implement the ideas to make money. 

In this stage, if you want to pray for money, you need to ask God to give you money making ideas. In fact, if you ask for money in this stage, God will give you ideas and expect you to implement the ideas and make money from them. 

This intermediate stage emphasizes on believers using their God given talent and knowledge to make money as opposed to waiting for a stranger to drop money in their account. 

People who benefitted from money miracles in the beginner stage usually find it hard to adjust to the new reality of working to make money. 

When you need money in the intermediate stage, it is best to pray that God blesses the work of your hands so that it bears fruit. 

It is in this level that God gives people promotions to help them financially. If you own a business, God will supernaturally send customers to you so that you make sufficient money. 

High level believers 

For a high-level believer, asking for money in prayer is a shame. God does not expect you to be asking for money in prayer when you get to these high levels of faith. 

In these high levels, God is your provision, and you don’t need to ask for money. Jesus was operating in this level. When there were 5000 men who needed food, Jesus gave thanks for the little food that was available, and God supplied for everyone. 

It was people in this level that Jesus was addressing when He said that your Father in heaven knows what you need even before you ask. In this level, you live by faith and not by sight. 

You need great faith to survive at this level, but it is not impossible. When you need money in this level, you don’t say it, rather, you simply trust that God will take care of it. 

People at this level are expected to be concerned about matters of faith and not carnal needs like food and clothing. 

At this level, prayers are mainly focused on fulfilling the mandate of God and upholding faith. 

Some Men of God who are in this level will usually say things like ‘I never ask God for money’ and it may surprise some believers but that is what is expected of them based on their faith. 

To ask for money in prayer in this level is to demean your own faith and of course God dislikes people who demean their own faith. 

How to know your level when Praying for Money 

Before you ask for money in prayer, you need to understand the level at which you are operating from. You must make a prayer for money that aligns with your level of faith for you to receive God’s provision. 

Knowing your level will also help you know when God is testing you so that you advance to the next level. 

If you have never asked God for money in prayer, you are in the beginner level. Receiving money from God is a journey of faith that is initiated when you first ask for money in prayer. 

God will give you a taste of His ability to provide by miraculously giving you money. This usually takes different forms but the miracle is the sign that you are in the beginner level. 

After the miracle, God will expect you to grow to the next level. 

If you have ever received miracle money, don’t expect it to happen again. Instead, focus on growing your faith for the next level. 

You will know you are in the intermediate level if you prayed for a job or business and God gave it to you. In other words, if you have ideas of making money, you automatically fit in the intermediate level. 

In this level, you pray that God may give you ideas to make money through your job or business.  

If God wants to give you miracle money in this stage, it will come in the form of a business deal or a job promotion.  

Lastly, you will know you are in the high faith level if God assigns you work in His kingdom. Once you start pursuing God’s assignment for your life, your provision shifts from business and jobs to God Himself since you are working for Him. 

In this level, if you need provisions, God will send people who need your ministry. Once you minister to those people, they will supply your needs in return. 

God will not delay in sending your provisions which means at no point will you ever need to ask for provisions. 

Sample Prayer when you need Money 

Heavenly Father, I love you and I trust in you. I am your child and I look to you for my provision. I know that you care for me. Teach me financial skills, give me ideas to make money, send people to me who need the gift you have deposited in me. I put my hope and my faith in you. In Jesus name I pray, amen! 

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