How to pray when you need rent money quickly

If you live in a rented house, paying rent can be tough sometimes. As a believer, of course you were taught to cast your cares to the Lord. Isn’t rent money a care? Should it not be cast to the Lord like any other care?

Of course rent money is a care. In fact, it is one of the most important cares that we have today. Because rent money is a care, it can be cast to the Lord in prayer. But of course the hard question is how do you go about casting house rent as a care to the Lord?

If you have never prayed for God to provide rent money before, where should you begin? I know these are real concerns and that is why I am writing this article. I will walk you through praying to God for house rent. No matter the concerns you have, be assured you will be sorted by the end of this article.

Does God answer prayers for rent money?

Of course the first question that comes to mind when you want to pray to God for rent money is if God answers prayers for rent money. I know you are a believer and you have been taught not to doubt God. But I also understand that this is a real struggle when you are in the thick of seeking house rent from God.

Don’t worry! I get you. That’s why I’ve started with addressing this important concern.

Yes, the Lord answers prayers for rent money. As I have mentioned above, rent money is a care that many believers have and God clearly asks us to cast our cares to Him and He will give us rest.

In fact, God is eager to receive your house rent burden. God is always willing to help us so that His name may be glorified. God shows His power in our weakness. When you are stuck and can’t pay rent, God will gladly come to your rescue that you may praise Him for the deliverance.

Therefore, be bold when you approach God in prayer for rent money. The Bible also encourages us to approach the throne of God boldly that we may obtain mercy. God is our Father and we should never be afraid to let Him know our fears and concerns.

How do I start praying for rent money?

Now that you know God is eagerly waiting to take care of your rent money, how should you begin praying? What is the formula?

Well, here is a guide of how you need to start praying for rent money. First of all, I want you to analyze your life for a few things. These are things that may hinder you from receiving rent money from God if they are not put in place.

I want you to check if you love God. I say this because sometimes we find ourselves in tight situations because our love for God has grown cold. Usually, God provides for us even before we ask for anything. Just as the Bible assures us that we should not worry about our cares because God knows we need them, God actually takes care of our needs when we love Him.

But then sometimes we drift away from loving God and things fall apart. Before you pray to God to provide rent money, I want you to make sure that you are in good terms with the Lord. This means you should be praying and having fellowship with God daily.

Also, when you love God, you will be sure you are not the kind of person who only needs God for what He can provide and not for who He is. God desires that we love Him not only for what He can do but also for who He is.

After you check that your love for God is alive, I want you to check your faith in God. Faith in God will ensure that you receive rent money when you ask for it. The Bible also tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith. This means that you have to believe in God’s ability to provide even before you ask Him for house rent.

And to make your work easy, let me tell you something…

God provides shelter and food for the birds of the air yet they do not work. He provides for them because they are His creation. How much more will He provide for you given that not only are you God’s special creation but also that you have asked for Him to provide?

Therefore, take heart because you are already in a good position to receive rent money that you are seeking.

What should I expect when I pray for rent money?

When you pray for rent money, God will answer you by performing a miracle. God can use people around you to provide the money but He prefers to provide in an extraordinary way so that His power is revealed.

The means by which God will provide depends on the amount of power He wants to show you. There is no shortage of God’s power and ability to provide. The good thing is that you don’t need to concern yourself about how God will provide. Your duty is to pray and rest in the assurance of God’s ability.

The time that God will provide is also out of your control. God Himself will decide the appropriate time to give you rent money. This depends on how much God wants to test you. I know it is scary when you hear that God wants to test you but trust me it is a good thing. When God tests you, He can’t let you get in trouble. Yes, it will be scary but you will be absolutely fine.

What should I do after I pray for rent money?

After praying for rent money, go about your business as usual. Praying for rent money is all you can do. The rest is God’s business; don’t concern yourself with it.

If you are very anxious after praying for rent money, play some praise and worship songs until you feel calm. Also, take up the attitude of Esther when she said “If I perish, I perish” in Esther 4:16. At that time, she had given up all control and fully trusted that the three-day fast people would hold for her would either save her or she would perish. Her confession was a sign that she fully trusted God to honor the fast that she would hold before approaching the king to make her petition.

Remember also Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego made a similar confession just before they were thrown in the fiery furnace. Eventually, God saved them.

Jacob also made such a confession before releasing Benjamin to go to Egypt with His brothers. He accepted that even if it meant losing Benjamin on top of Joseph, so be it. This does not mean He didn’t care, rather, it shows that He left everything to God and that is what God loves. When you leave everything to Him, He will show you His power and ability to save.

After you pray for rent, accept that the coming days will be scary but trust that no harm will befall you because you have presented your case before God.

Sample Prayer for rent money

I hope you are now encouraged to pray for rent money. Let me give you a sample prayer for rent money. You can go deeper in prayer; this is only a prompt for you to start with.

Heavenly Father, thank you because you know me and you love me. I have needs and I am getting scared but I choose to trust you. Today, I pray to you Lord concerning my rent money. You are my hope and my salvation. I look to you Lord. Do not leave me alone in this trying moment. I don’t want to be put to shame. Save me from the impending shame that I may praise your Holy Name. I trust that you will provide my rent money on time and that my mouth will be filled with praise for your Holy Name. I trust you my Father and I love you for you never fail. Thank you for you always hear me when I pray. Amen!

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