I’ve been Praying for a job but I’m officially tired

“I have been praying for a job for a very long time but no matter how much time I invest in prayer, I can’t get a job!! It is frustrating. Sometimes I ask myself so many questions. Am I praying with a wrong approach? Does God want me to remain jobless? Am I missing something?

Despite all my questions and prayers, there is nothing. Nothing at all! How do people navigate this landscape?

I used to be optimistic in the early days but I am getting to a point where I can’t push anymore. I am running out of strength and I don’t know what to do. My life feels so out of place.”

If you read the three paragraphs above and said “That’s so me” I’m here to help you. I understand the frustration that you have after investing so much time praying for a job but not getting any results.

Though I don’t know you personally, your challenge is common and it has a solution. It is understandable when many people miss the solution to this challenge because it is a bit difficult to understand. But don’t worry because I’ll explain it to you in the simplest way I can.

But first things first…

God acknowledges when you pray for a job

When you make your prayers for God to give you a job, God hears those prayers. I know you may be angry because you’ve not heard anything from God despite the prayers you’ve made but that does not mean that God does not listen to your prayers.

God is a very good listener and though He may not speak after listening to you, it is a good thing to know that God actually listens to you.

Let me prove to you that God listens to your prayers…

God has sent you here to read this article and the same God has given me the wisdom to help you out of your predicament. Has God not heard your prayer?

I’m not cheering you up for nothing; God’s solutions usually come with joy. God has heard you and I am sure of it. Your many years of praying for a job have come to an end.

But before you get too excited, let me share something important with you…

Getting a job is not the solution to your frustration. Yes, as absurd as it sounds, it is not. If you have been thinking that getting a job will sort your problems, you were wrong. When you get a job, you will soon realize that it comes with its own frustrations.

You will have coworkers and some of them will not be nice people. On some days, you will feel too tired to go to work but you’ll have to force yourself to go to work. At some point, issues will arise at your workplace and you will be on the brink of losing your job.

All these frustrations are common with any job. But of course I understand your argument; if God gives me a job, it will be perfect without any frustrations. Yes, that happens but it is wise to prepare for the worst rather than dream of the best.

If you get stuck on dreaming of the perfect job, you won’t land a job. But if you prepare for the worst job, God will give you your dream job. That is how God works, trust me.

By now, I’m sure you have a clue as to why you’ve not received a job despite praying for it. Still no clue? Don’t worry!

How have you been praying for a job?

“God give me a job”, “Lord, I need a job”, “Father, let me have a job”. If your prayers have taken any of the angles I’ve mentioned above, you need to understand something…

God has infinite supplies. So, how does this apply to your prayer for a job? When you make a prayer to God, two things are checked, one, are you in genuine need? And two, is what you are asking for the answer to your need?

If the answer to these two questions is yes, then your request will be granted. But if the answer to any of them is no, your request will be sent to the waiting room to wait for amendments.

As I told you before, a job will not end your frustrations. The best that can happen is that a job will not add to your frustrations. When you understand this principle, you will unlock God’s provision for a job.

When you pray for a job, take note that a job is only a means through which God will bring peace and abundance to your life but the job itself is not what will give you peace and abundance.

If God notices that you have the mindset of ‘a job is all I need’ rather than ‘If I have peace and abundance, I will do a good job’, He will withhold a good job from you.

Before God gives you a job, He will give you peace. When you receive peace, you will be in a good state of mind to do the job God provides and when you do it well, God will add you abundance. That is how it works.

I hope you now understand why I began by pumping you up to receive joy and why I said joy comes before God’s solutions.

Make one last prayer for a job

Now that you’ve understood how God provides jobs for His children, it is time to make one last prayer for a job. This time, don’t repeat the mistakes you have been making.

Start your prayer for a job by thanking God for the knowledge you have received here. This knowledge has been given to you as an answer to your prayer and you need to be thankful for it.

Secondly, ask God to teach you discipline and help you develop good character. Lack of discipline and good character cause people to develop wrong mindsets that force God to deny them blessings. Your frustrations of not having a job are a result of lacking discipline and having bad character.

When you have discipline and good character, you will receive God’s peace as a reward and that peace is what you need to do good work when you get a job.

Lastly, commit yourself to live a disciplined life fully relying on God. There are many hurdles that you will need to overcome and it will take discipline and obedience to overcome them.

When you have all these in place, do your best to maintain the same commitment you had when you were seeking them and you will never lose them. Blessings!

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