Prayer for Direction in a Relationship

If you are looking for prayer for direction in your relationship, I’m here to guide you. Not only will I show you how to pray but I will also give you tips to help your relationship grow according to God’s pattern.

Praying for direction in your relationship is a wise move. It is impossible to enjoy a relationship unless you have confidence that you are headed in the right direction.

How God shows direction in a Relationship

God has a way of guiding His children in relationships. If you humble yourself, the Lord will guide you and you will enjoy a fruitful relationship.

1. God puts you in a Fellowship

God gives direction in relationships by putting you in a fellowship. When God puts you in a fellowship, He knows that you will conform to how the fellowship handles relationships.

If you belong to a church that has a system that helps its members get married, that is one way God is giving you direction.

This is the lowest form of guidance that the Lord provides in matters of relationships. In this system, you don’t have to know much except to follow what the church has stipulated.

Just because this is the lowest form of guidance doesn’t mean it is bad. God put it in place because He knew there are believers who won’t have the faith to use other sophisticated methods.

If you are tired of being single and you have not received any direction from God concerning your relationship, you can submit yourself to the church leadership and ask them to help you get married.

God put them there for that purpose and your marriage will be blessed by God.

2. God guides you in your relationship through your Partner

A relationship is a collaboration and if you can’t get direction from God, your partner can be the source of direction. Provided both of you are believers, God can use any of you to guide the relationship.

In this case, God puts a desire in your partner to lead the relationship. In turn, your partner shares the wishes with you and you decide whether to follow his suggestion or not.

In most cases, God uses the man to lead the relationship. But if the man is not sensitive, God can use the woman to push the man to lead the relationship.

Take an example of a relationship where the two have been dating for a while but the lady is not sure whether to commit to the man or not. If the man is asking for the lady to commit, the lady can choose to follow his leading and move to the next stage.

Provided God has not warned you against that relationship, there is no harm in going with the direction that your partner is suggesting.

God expects you to know what is right and what is wrong in a relationship. With that knowledge, God will have no problem letting you choose the direction you want to go with your relationship.

God cares more that you remain in the faith. If your relationship is not leading you away from the faith, you can go the direction of your choice.

There are many couples that God brought together but they had to choose when to settle down based on their circumstances.

3. God gives you guidance in your relationship directly

God can give you direction in your relationship by speaking to your directly. This is the highest form of receiving direction from God but it also requires the highest level of faith.

You may want God to speak to you directly concerning your relationship but fail to attain the level of faith required. That is why it is advisable to resort to the lesser forms of getting direction for your relationship if this one fails.

The truth is that very few believers attain this level. It is good to aim for this form of guidance but if you feel you are running out of patience, it is okay to go with the easier options.

Our time on earth is limited. It is unwise to stress yourself over getting direction from God concerning your relationship directly when you can use other forms of getting direction and still enjoy your relationship.

Some ladies often insist on getting God to speak to them when they can just follow the direction of their man or what the fellowship they attend stipulates and enjoy their relationship. Marriage is sweet even if you use the most basic form of direction.

Because you were asking how to pray for direction in a relationship, this is likely the form of guidance you were seeking for and it is good. But I had to make that disclaimer so that you don’t end up single and bitter at God.

Requirements for getting direction in your relationship from God

Every good thing from God has a price tag. Getting direction from God for your relationship is not an exception.

Look at these requirements and decide whether you will work to fulfill them to get God to give you direction in your relationship or you would rather go with the easier options I mentioned.

1. Ability to Hear from God

This is obvious; you need to hear from God to get direction for your relationship. Hearing from God is primarily a result of living a pure life.

If you have not heard God speaking to you concerning basic things, you will not hear Him when He gives you direction concerning your relationship.

If God has spoken to you concerning other matters in your life, He will speak to you concerning your relationship in the same manner. Getting direction for your relationship can never be the first thing you hear from God.

God trains your hearing with basic things that are less risky in case you get something wrong. It is only after you have sharp hearing that He will start giving you direction about serious matters like your relationship.

2. Ability to Handle the Truth

The truth is like a sharp knife; it makes chopping vegetables easy but it can also easily chop off your finger. There are truths about your relationship that are bitter. God knows them but He chooses to conceal them unless you really want to know them.

Take an example of a lady in love with a man. The lady loves the man but she has no idea that the man had fantasies of sleeping with her friend but managed to contain himself. It is not necessarily a sin but it is a bitter truth for the lady.

If God reveals the truth to that lady before marriage, she will contemplate leaving the man. But God conceals it so that the lady learns of it when she is already married and instead of leaving the man she adjusts to accommodate her man’s weakness.

Knowing the truth is not always fun and if God knows you can’t handle it, He will refrain from speaking to you.

3. Ability to Act on God’s Direction

Getting direction from God for your relationship is one thing and acting on it is a different thing. God is wise and He can tell whether you will act on the direction you are asking for or not.

If God perceives that you won’t act on the direction you are asking for, He saves Himself the trouble of telling you what to do.

What is the point of telling you the direction you are supposed to follow in your relationship when you won’t follow it?

God knows our hearts. We cannot fool Him. Because of this, you have to prove to God that you are faithful in executing God’s instructions. If you have never received direction in your life from God and executed it, your chances of receiving direction for your relationship are low.

Sample Prayer for Direction in a Relationship

Heavenly Father, you are my Lord and God. I have no one else but you. My faith and trust I put in you. I thank you for the guidance you have given me so far. I’m at peace because of your wise counsel. Today, I pray Lord that you may give me direction concerning my relationship. Help me understand the next step you want me to take. In addition, help me to accept the truth even when it goes against my expectations. I care more that my faith in you remains solid over temporary pain of having my expectations shattered.

Teach me to act upon your word and bring to fulfillment what you have spoken. I look to you and believe that you will lead me to enjoy the relationship you have given me. Blessed be your Holy Name!


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