Praying in Tongues for a Breakthrough

Praying in tongues for breakthrough is a wise thing to do. However, you must approach it in the right way or else it won’t yield any meaningful results.

Praying in tongues for a breakthrough is not a substitute to other requirements of God. I say this because majority of believers who pray for breakthroughs do so to avoid God’s lessons.

Fulfilling God’s requirements will give you any breakthrough you ever wish for. I’ll explain in detail…

Praying in Tongues for a Breakthrough and Fulfilling God’s Requirements

The Bible tells us clearly that it is impossible to please God without faith. Faith is a law that you must fulfill for you to do any transaction with God.

Praying in tongues for a breakthrough will only be successful if you have fulfilled the law of faith. Jesus emphasized this message countless times. He said whatever you ask in His name you will receive if you believe.

The catch is in the last phrase ‘If you believe’.

Praying in tongues is a gift that helps us to pray. To some extent it boosts our faith in prayer but then prayers made in tongues also require faith for them to be answered.

While you may pray in tongues and not understand what you are praying for, faith is required. You must believe whatever you have prayed for is the right thing.

But if praying in tongues is allowing the Holy Spirit to pray in us, how can such a prayer not be answered?

Well, it is true that praying in tongues is allowing the Holy Spirit to pray in us. And it is also true that the Holy Spirit makes perfect prayers to God every time.

But then the answer to a prayer only comes if Jesus approves it regardless of whether it was made in understanding or in tongues. Are you surprised?

Praying in Tongues and the Role of Jesus

Jesus is the only access we have to God. Whatever Jesus doesn’t approve can’t get to the Father. Whatever the Father sends forth can’t get to us unless Jesus approves it.

Praying in tongues for a breakthrough is no exception.

Jesus is the mediator between us and God. When God was angry at us for sinning against Him, Jesus prevented the anger of God from getting to us by taking it upon Himself.

Jesus not only mediates good but also evil. When we make stupid prayers to God, Jesus prevents them from getting to God lest they get to Him and He answers us according to our foolishness.

If you are faithful to Jesus, He will trust you with much. That way, He will allow many of your requests to get to the Father and subsequently He will allow many answers from the Father to get to you.

Praying in tongues is a guaranteed way to get your request to the Father. This is true because any prayer made in tongues is made by the Holy Spirit and there is no way the Holy Spirit will make a foolish prayer.

However, the challenge lies in the answer.

God answers ALL prayers that get to Him. But not all answers that come from Him get to the people who made the prayers. Jesus is the checkpoint through which answers to prayers go through.

If Jesus approves an answer, it is then delivered to whoever made the prayer by angels.

Answer to Praying in Tongues for a Breakthrough

The answer to praying in tongues for a breakthrough goes through the same scrutiny like an answer made to a prayer made in understanding.

This means that if you are lacking in any of the fundamental aspects of getting an answer to a prayer (Which is basically faith), you won’t receive your answer even though God answered your prayer.

Jesus withholds that answer until the day that your faith will grow to a level that can unlock that answer.

This is why it is said that praying in tongues is praying caters for your current and future needs.

This is true because when you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit will at times request for things which you are not eligible to receive at that time.

God answers by releasing those things into the custody of Jesus. At that point, all you have to do is grow to a certain level and Jesus will release those things without you making any further prayer.

Therefore, if you have been praying in tongues for a breakthrough, be assured the answer is already released but it is in the custody of Jesus.

The answer will remain in the custody of Jesus until the day you will have grown in faith to a level that you can receive it.

Getting Quick Answers to Praying in Tongues for a Breakthrough

If you want quick answers to prayers you have made in tongues for a breakthrough, focus on building your faith and understanding.

You receive answers to prayers that fit in your level of faith and understanding. The greater your faith and understanding, the greater the answers you can receive.

If you are praying for financial breakthrough, faith is when you know God as your provider and understanding is when you know how God provides.

This is very important because God wants you to know that He is the one who provides for you without a doubt or else the devil can easily deceive you with provisions.

God needs you to understand how He provides so that you can differentiate when the provision you receive is from God and when it is from the devil.

Jesus will withhold answers to prayers for breakthrough until when a person has grasped these two concepts.

The sooner you grow in these two areas, the quicker you will receive breakthroughs that you pray in tongues for.

This means that you have to invest your time in reading the word of God. The more the word of God you have, the easier it will be for you to understand concepts in God.

You also need to be proactive in taking action. Learning about faith is one thing, exercising it is a totally different thing.

If you know the characteristics of an action taken in faith, you won’t have trouble taking actions that are faith driven.

As for understanding, you have to ask God to give it to you. He is the only one who really knows what it is.

God bless you!

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