Can Someone Fake Speaking in Tongues?

Yes, someone can fake speaking in tongues. However, whatever he will be doing won’t qualify to be called speaking in tongues. Unlike what many people think, speaking in tongues is not only the utterance but also the power behind the utterance. Someone can fake the utterance of speaking in tongues but the power cannot be faked.

Speaking in tongues is a gift from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God gives the utterance and the power.

When we talk about fake speaking in tongues, it is usually only the utterance that people fake. But what is the benefit of having the utterance without the power?

Why Would Someone Fake Speaking in Tongues?

Someone can fake speaking in tongues by imitating the utterances of those who speak in tongues. In the eyes of men, he may sound legitimate.

In fact, he can do it for a long time without ever being noticed. But someone who fakes speaking in tongues fools only himself.

The most important part of the gift of speaking in tongues is in the power of the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul mentioned that even if he was able to speak in the tongues of men and angels but didn’t have love, he would be like a resounding gong.

Someone who fakes speaking in tongues is nothing more than an empty shell making noise. God won’t listen to his nonsense.

And because speaking in tongues is a prayer, why would someone waste his time uttering nonsense that adds no value to his life?

Why can’t the person just pray simple prayers in understanding that will make his life better?

The end goal is to build our faith in Jesus as we await His return. Speaking in tongues is an efficient way of praying that God gave to us. Faking it is pointless.

Someone cannot fake the Power of Speaking in Tongues

On the day of Pentecost when the disciples of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit, the Bible tells us that they became bold.

Not only did they speak in tongues but the tongues transformed them. Before that time, they were naïve and had locked themselves up.

But after the encounter, Peter stood up to address a large group of people. From then onwards, the disciples went into other cities to proclaim the good news of our Lord Jesus.

Speaking in tongues comes with boldness. I have spoken in tongues and experienced the boldness. You get to a point in the process of speaking in tongues and you feel a massive surge of energy.

It is so powerful. Containing it can be hard sometimes.

Someone who fakes speaking in tongues can never experience that power. If you listen to someone genuinely speaking in tongues, you can feel the power and the boldness of the Holy Spirit.

No amount of fake speaking in tongues can get someone the power and the boldness of the Holy Spirit.

This goes to show just how stupid it is for someone to fake speaking in tongues. In his mind he may think he is gaining but in reality he is only fooling himself.

It is the power of speaking in tongues that transforms. The utterance is only a result of the power.

The Foolishness of Someone who fakes Speaking in Tongues

Someone who fakes speaking in tongues hinders the Holy Spirit from operating in his life. Faking the gift is a form of pride. And since God opposes the proud, someone faking speaking in tongues cannot receive the gift of speaking in tongues.

Not only will someone who fakes speaking in tongues be wasting his strength uttering gibberish, but he will also be preventing himself from experiencing the real gift.

It is not hard to receive the real gift. Provided a person invites and lives a life that can sustain the presence of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues is easy to receive.

In the eyes of the person faking the gift, it may look like he is gaining. There are some ‘servants of God’ who fake speaking in tongues to fool their members that they are spiritually deep.

But what does that benefit them? A bigger offering…? Maybe.

But even if they get a bigger offering, is that not what Jesus called gaining the whole world at the expense of your soul?

Someone who fakes speaking in tongues for financial gain is literally making money from demeaning the Spirit of God. You think God will not be angry at such a person?

Just because God is patient with us doesn’t mean He won’t punish us. Such a person is piling up God’s anger against himself. The day God will breakout against him, no one will be there to help him.

Someone Faking Speaking in Tongues is serving the Devil

Jesus said that whoever is not with Him is against Him and whoever doesn’t gather with Him scatters. If someone speaks in tongues, he builds himself up and can serve God better.

But for someone who fakes speaking in tongues, he is destroying the image of the gift of speaking in tongues. There are people who shun the gift of speaking in tongues because they have seen someone fake it.

God is watching!

For every soul that gets discouraged from speaking in tongues because of someone faking the gift, the person will pay for it.

It is the devil’s agenda to discourage believers from praying in tongues. The devil knows how powerful speaking in tongues is and of course he doesn’t want believers to do it.

To accomplish his wicked mission, he preys on fools who think that faking speaking in tongues is a good idea.

What those who fake speaking in tongues don’t know is that they are being deceived to arouse God’s anger against themselves. The day their cup of iniquity will be full and God sends calamity upon them, the devil will laugh at them.

That is the classical way the devil deceives people.

Can Someone Fake Speaking in Tongues? Conclusion

If you are a victim of fake speaking in tongues, stop it! Repent for having supported the agenda of the devil to destroy the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is gracious; He will forgive you.

If you know someone who fakes speaking in tongues, warn them to stop it. If they heed to your warning, God will forgive them but if they don’t, their blood will be upon their own heads.

If you suspect that you have been faking speaking in tongues, you are not guilty. People who fake speaking in tongues know it without a doubt.

In your case, ask God to build your faith in the gift. Beginners in the gift of speaking in tongues often worry that they may be faking it. I have been there; I know.

It took me 6 months after receiving the gift to fully believe I was genuinely speaking in tongues and not faking it. Read my full story of how I received the gift of speaking in tongues.


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    • The Bible does not prohibit people speaking in tongues in church assembly. After all, on the day of Pentecost, the disciples had assembled in public and they spoke in tongues so that people thought they were drunk.


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