The Power of Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues is powerful because it gives us direct access to God, it edifies us and through it we defeat the enemy. The power of speaking in tongues helps us overcome spiritual barriers and access God. When we speak in tongues, its power transforms our physical lives in what we call edification. Still, the power of speaking in tongues enables us defeat the enemy using our words.

Speaking in tongues is powerful for these and many reasons. No amount of writing can fully describe how powerful speaking in tongues is.

But the good thing is that you don’t have to know all the ways in which speaking in tongues is powerful to enjoy the power.

Provided you have the gift, you will experience its power.

However, to unlock the full power of speaking in tongues, you need to approach it intentionally.

There is power that is hidden in speaking in tongues that can only be unlocked if you take the right actions.

For example, when you combine praying in tongues and fasting, you unlock a level of power that you would not experience if you spoke in tongues without fasting.

The amount of time you spend praying in tongues matters. The depth of knowledge of the word of God you have also matters when it comes to speaking in tongues.

The Power of Speaking in Tongues

1. Direct Access to God

Speaking in tongues is allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through you. The Bible tells us that the Spirit of God intercedes for us with groans that are too deep for words.

The Bible also tells us that the Spirit of God understands the deep thoughts of God. By allowing the Holy Spirit to pray in you, you get direct access to God.

I explained in detail how praying in tongues for a breakthrough works in a previous article.

Speaking in tongues is powerful in that every word you utter is perfect in God’s ears. God enjoys listening to you as you make the prayer.

As a result, God answers your prayers instantly. However, you may delay to get some answers to prayers you make by speaking in tongues because of faith issues. I explained it in the article I have linked to above.

Because speaking in tongues gives you direct access to God, it means you can make many requests in a single prayer session.

With a 100% delivery rate, it is encouraging to send more requests.

2. Self-Edification

The Bible tells us that whoever speaks in tongues edifies himself. This is a powerful reason to speak in tongues.

Self-edification means you get better in areas of your life even when you don’t know. In other words, when you speak in tongues, the Spirit of God identifies areas of your life that need to be built up.

He then makes requests to God to have those areas built up. The Bible tells us that when the disciples of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues on the day of Pentecost, they became bold.

Peter stood up to address a large crowd of people and from that day, the disciples of Jesus went out to preach the good news.

By speaking in tongues, the disciples gained boldness. They were edified.

I have experienced the same power of the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues. There have been times when I was feeling low but I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong.

I pushed myself to speak in tongues for a while and after speaking in tongues, I felt better. That is the power of self-edification that comes from speaking in tongues.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to know what area of your life needs edification. All you do is open your mouth and speak in tongues. Everything else is taken care of by the sweet Spirit of God.

3. Defeating the Enemy

The devil is cunning. But God has given us power through speaking in tongues to deal with the cunningness of the devil.

Speaking in tongues is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. When you speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit takes over your tongue and uses it to fight against the enemy.

The Bible has spoken countless times about the power that is vested in our tongues. We know that our tongues have the power of life and death.

Every word that proceeds from our mouths is law. The angels of God act upon it if it is in agreement with God’s law.

By speaking in tongues, you give the Holy Spirit room to use your tongue to utter laws and decrees for the angels of God to act upon.

Since the Holy Spirit understands all things, He utters perfect decrees that quickly defeat the enemy.

The result is quick victory for you who is speaking in tongues. I have witnessed devils cast out in less than a minute of making declarations through speaking in tongues.

A few times God has used me to wage war against the forces of darkness by speaking in tongues. The sessions barely last for a minute and you are done.

Speaking in tongues that defeats the devil is usually short and intense. It drains your strength faster than you would imagine.

After those short intense sessions of speaking in tongues, it usually takes me about a week or two to recover. Yes! That is what I have experienced.

But I have noticed that the Holy Spirit only launches those powerful warfare tongues when it is necessary. That is why I have only experienced it countable times.

Aligning yourself to tap into the Power of Speaking in Tongues

The power of speaking in tongues is available to anyone who has the gift. But the level of power you experience from speaking in tongues depends with how you align yourself.

The most intense powerful sessions of speaking in tongues happen when you are focused and intentional.

I advocate for people to pray in tongues for long hours because it gives you a greater opportunity to align yourself to tap into the power reservoir.

If you can fast once in a while, do it. Fasting helps sharpen your focus. With a sharper focus, you can launch deeper into the spirit and tap into greater power.

The most important element of aligning yourself to tap into the power of speaking in tongues is to live a holy life. A pure lifestyle allows the Holy Spirit to have easy access in your life.

When the Holy Spirit has easy access in your life, He brings more power into your life. Watch how you use your tongue.

The Holy Spirit will only make use of a tongue that is pure. Avoid careless talk that defiles your tongue.

With that, you will experience the full power of speaking in tongues.

God bless you!

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