Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare

Speaking in tongues is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. If you engage in spiritual warfare by speaking in tongues, you are guaranteed to get victory.

However, you need to understand how speaking in tongues in spiritual warfare works so that you don’t end up being a casualty.

God has given us a powerful spiritual warfare weapon but it is our duty to learn how to use it.

The Role of Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare

1. Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare helps us to be Efficient

Waging a spiritual war requires you to be efficient. You may have the upper hand in battle but end up losing the war because you were not efficient.

In spiritual warfare, words are swords. Speaking the right words at the right time will bring you victory. The Bible repeatedly tells us about the power of the tongue.

Our tongues are small parts of the body but they are an unquenchable fire. In them is the power of life and death.

If we use our tongues to speak the right words in spiritual warfare, we overcome the enemy. But if we misuse our tongues in spiritual warfare, we become our own worst enemy.

God knew we needed help when it comes to waging spiritual warfare. In His wisdom, He gave us the gift of speaking in tongues.

When we speak in tongues in spiritual warfare, we allow the Spirit of God to speak through us. The instructions that we give to angels to fight for us are formulated by the Holy Spirit but the words are ours.

Angels respond to our words and wage war according to the plan of the Holy Spirit. Since the Holy Spirit is wiser than the devil, victory for us is guaranteed.

Waging spiritual warfare by praying in understanding is slow and inefficient. We may not know exactly what is going on in the spiritual world which makes it hard for us to know what instructions to give to angels.

Sometimes we are too slow in giving instructions during spiritual warfare and our angels are overpowered since they can’t act unless we have instructed them.

Speaking in tongues is not only fast but also accurate which makes it a powerful spiritual warfare weapon.

2. Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare allows God to fight for us

Truth be told, the devil is smarter than any human being. We only get to defeat him because we are assisted by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus lived as a man and overcame the devil because He was full of the Spirit. For us to overcome the devil in spiritual warfare, we must enlist the help of the Holy Spirit.

When we have the Holy Spirit, every move we make in spiritual warfare is perfect. Praying in understanding is limited in spiritual warfare because sometimes we pray out of our understanding and not God’s guidance.

Remember the Bible tells us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.

When it comes to trusting God in spiritual warfare, there is no better way to do it than to speak in tongues.

Speaking in tongues is giving the Holy Spirit full control of the battle. We make ourselves vessels that the Holy Spirit uses to wage war.

Not only do we allow God to fight our battles when we choose to speak in tongues but also we show our faith in Him. Remember the Bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith.

After winning the spiritual war, God will be pleased with us for trusting Him to fight for us.

3. Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare gives us the Position of God

The Bible tells us that we are gods. Jesus gave us authority over all powers of darkness through His death and resurrection.

We exercise the authority we have in spiritual warfare when we speak in tongues. By speaking in tongues in spiritual warfare, we speak the words of God.

Angels respond to the words of God that we speak and work for us with the same energy they work for God.

All spiritual battles that are won miraculously are fought by angels. Sometimes God instructs angels to fight for us but when we mature in the kingdom, God expects us to instruct angels by ourselves.

In the article I wrote about speaking in tongues of angels, there is a clear explanation of how we command angels when we speak in tongues.

God is the judge of the universe. Whatever judgment He passes is final. Some people coined a saying ‘God’s case no appeal’ to reflect this truth.

When we speak in tongues in spiritual warfare, we speak from the position of judges. We judge all evil by our words.

When we rebuke evil spirits in tongues, our rebuke is a law that is enforced by angels.

In the Old Testament, God made Moses to be God to the Egyptians. Whatever Moses decreed happened.

In the new dispensation, we get the position of God by aligning ourselves with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God puts us in the seat of God.

Waging Spiritual Warfare by Speaking in Tongues is a Manifestation of God’s Love

Apart from speaking in tongues during spiritual warfare being a powerful weapon, it is also a great sign of love. We initially had power over the devil but he stole it from us through the original sin.

Despite losing authority over the devil willfully, God worked through Jesus to restore our authority over the devil.

By the death and resurrection of Christ, our authority over the devil was restored and on top of it, we were given the Holy Spirit to help us in waging war through speaking in tongues.

Through the gift of speaking in tongues, God guaranteed us victory in every spiritual battle. What a loving God!

Speaking in Tongues in Spiritual Warfare: Conclusion

Every believer needs to have the gift of speaking in tongues. Spiritual battles are a lot easier when you speak in tongues. On top of that, the devil does not understand when we speak in tongues.

A believer who speaks in tongues in spiritual warfare is unstoppable. This message needs to get to every believer. I have designed t-shirts bearing this and other important messages. Get one and wear it to pass on the message.

In the name of Jesus we have overcome every power of darkness. We shall never lose our position ever again!

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  1. Hello I’ve read this post and was inspired in the spirit. Sometimes I pray in tongues and I feel authority in prayer and begin to laugh sarcasticly, not at God but through utterance given. I don’t know why am I laughing at demon spirits?

  2. You have explained the issue of not leaning on your understanding very well.
    What I have understood is our understanding is limited in terms of some spiritual things so employing tongues does help a believer to overcome those limitations because in tongues we pray the perfect will of God.
    Thank the Holy Spirit for that revelation


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