Speaking in Tongues of Angels

The Bible mentions tongues of angels in 1st Corinthians 13:1. But what exactly are tongues of angels? How does one speak in tongues of angels? What is the purpose of the tongues of angels?

If these are some of the questions you have about tongues of angels, you have come to the right place. I thought about these questions too and came up with answers. I want to share with you the answers I found.

Speaking in Tongues of Angels: What are they?

From the Bible’s mention of the tongues of angels, it shows that this is the language that angels use to communicate with one another.

Since angels are servants of God, it makes sense for them to have their unique language. As we know, the physical hierarchy of things is a shadow of the spiritual hierarchy.

In the physical world, we have masters and servants. While both the master and the servants may use the same language to communicate, it usually has unique features.

Languages usually vary depending on the relationship of those using it. If two businessmen meet, their language will be different than if a businessman meets his doctor.

Angels have a different relationship with God than men. God is a master to the angels but to us, God is a Father.

The tongues of angels are the language of servants. When God is giving instructions to angels, He uses the tongues of angels.

But since we are sons of God, we also give instructions to angels. In our normal lives, we know that a servant in the home is not only a servant to the owner of the home but to everybody in the home.

The same is true with the Kingdom of God; angels are servants to everyone in the kingdom.

While the ultimate authority in the Kingdom is God, as His sons, we get privileges. Giving instructions to angels is one of the privileges.

As we become mature sons in the Kingdom of God, we are expected to handle some matters on our own. We can only do that if we know how to give instructions to angels by speaking the tongues of angels.

The Spirit of God brought us the gift of speaking in tongues which includes the tongues of angels to enable us to operate as mature sons in the kingdom.

How do you speak in Tongues of Angels?

The ability to speak in tongues of angels is given by the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit would come to teach us many things.

When we receive Jesus as our Lord and savior, we automatically get the Holy Spirit. Our willingness to be taught determines how much we learn through the Holy Spirit.

Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Spirit of God. We receive it when we are in a close relationship with Him.

The Spirit of God teaches us how to pray and how to speak to angels.

When we first receive the gift of speaking in tongues, the tongues we speak are directed to God. The Holy Spirit begins by teaching us to speak to God.

Even in our normal lives, babies start by learning how to speak to their parents. They learn to call their parents before anyone else.

The aim is to make sure that children acknowledge their parents before anyone else.

The same is true when we get born into the kingdom of God.

After we learn how to pray to God in tongues, the Spirit of God begins teaching us how to communicate with angels.

The tongues of angels are only taught to us after we have mastered speaking to God in tongues. It is also at this point that we are taught to interpret tongues because we are expected to know what we are asking angels to do.

When babies speak to their parents, they can say all manner of gibberish and their parents will overlook. But if babies were to give instructions to servants in the home with their gibberish talk, what would servants do?

The same is true in the Kingdom of God; initially, we can speak things we do not understand to God and He will understand because He is our Father. But when we start speaking to angels, we have to know what we are saying.

You can only start speaking in tongues of angels after you have mastered speaking in tongues to God and you have a good grasp of interpreting what you are saying.

What is the Purpose of the Tongues of Angels?

We speak in tongues of angels to give instructions to angels. This does not mean that angels cannot understand human languages; they do.

But tongues of angels are particularly important because demons cannot understand them. Demons can understand human languages.

If you give instructions to angels using human languages, the angels will take your instructions but then demons will know the instruction you have given and they will put up obstacles.

Although angels are powerful than demons, some angels are not meant to fight demons. Such angels can be overpowered by demons and whatever they were carrying can be stolen. That is how demons steal gifts from believers.

But if you speak in tongues of angels, the demons will have no idea what you asked for and so they can’t come up with a plan to steal it.

When you are waging spiritual war, speaking in tongues of angels enables you give instructions to angels on how to fight demons. Since demons don’t understand the tongues of angels, they get surprise attacks.

The result for you will be an easy victory.

Speaking in Tongues of Angels: Conclusion

Tongues of angels are an advanced form of speaking in tongues. As a believer, you are expected to grow in the gift of speaking in tongues to a level where you can give instructions to angels in tongues.

Tongues of angels are given to mature sons in the Kingdom. With the tongues of angels, comes the privilege of asking angels to do whatever you want for you.

It is at this level that you hear some men of God talking of commanding angels. In the book of Hebrews we are told that an heir remains under the care of custodians as long as he is still a child.

If you can speak in tongues of angels, you are a mature son in the Kingdom able to give instructions to angels without needing to ask God to command the angels for you.

This is a spiritual level that we should all strive to reach.

May God help us!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this insight! Of course as we mature in the Spirit we are gaining further understanding of the Kingdom realm and, as we dilegently seek, we are rewarded, that is, we realize what we’ve possessed all along. Transformation in this earthly realm comes by crushing demonic strongholds in our territories of Kingdom authority. Let us decree and declare for the glory of our King Jesus! Amen.


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