Speaking in Tongues Syllables

Where do speaking in tongues syllables come from? How do you know them? What is an example of speaking in tongues syllables?

When it comes to speaking in tongues, there are many questions. Being a beginner to speaking in tongues leaves you with many questions.

I have been there and I know how hard finding answers to some of the questions can be. I have written an article about speaking in tongues for beginners that is aimed at helping those starting out this journey.

Apart from that article, you can also check out the article I wrote about how to receive the gift of speaking in tongues.

Today I would like to get more practical with speaking in tongues and actually give you a sample of speaking in tongues syllables. But before we get there, let us begin by answering a few basic questions about speaking in tongues syllables.

Where do syllables come from when you are speaking in tongues?

When you are speaking in tongues, the syllables you speak come from the Holy Spirit. This is why speaking in tongues is sometimes used as the evidence of having the Holy Spirit.

It takes faith to believe that the syllables you are speaking are actually coming from the Holy Spirit. When I first got the gift of speaking in tongues, I had doubts if the words I was speaking were from the Holy Spirit or just my own imagination.

That was the voice of doubt and it can stop you from receiving the gift of speaking in tongues if you are not careful.

In my case, I reasoned like this; I have no intention of faking speaking in tongues, why would I come up with my own words? Secondly, I have no intention of sinning against God. Out of my innocence, I will keep doing this until God tells me whether I am right or wrong.

Every time I had doubts about the syllables I was speaking, I resorted to my logical thinking. It took about six months before finally God gave me a sign that the syllables I was speaking were actually from the Holy Spirit.

I learned that the syllables you speak when speaking in tongues are a physical manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit. When receiving the gift of speaking in tongues, you receive the power of the Holy Spirit then the power automatically causes you to speak unknown syllables.

Your focus should be on the power of the Holy Spirit more than on the syllables.

How do you hear speaking in tongues syllables?

Theoretically speaking, you hear speaking in tongues syllables spiritually. But how exactly do you hear spiritually?

You hear spiritually when your spiritual ears open. How do spiritual ears open? They open when you ask God to open them.

When your spiritual ears open and you hear speaking in tongues syllables, you will know they are the syllables of speaking in tongues. Our spirits know. God created them with the knowledge of the truth. We only need witness.

Technically speaking, you hear speaking in tongues syllables in the form of thoughts in your head. The only difference is that these thoughts are initiated without your effort.

Usually, we think of something when we are prompted. For example, when you look at your watch and it is noon, you think of eating lunch. None of our thoughts are independent; they are all triggered by something else.

But the syllables of speaking in tongues come as thoughts without any trigger. All you do is pay attention to them and speak.

When you are used to speaking in tongues, you barely even pay attention but still manage to speak them.

A scientific study was done and it confirms that speaking in tongues does not involve the part of the brain responsible for speech. In other words, those who speak in tongues don’t think about what they are saying.

How does it feel speaking unknown syllables?

If you didn’t expect them, they feel weird. Since your mind doesn’t understand them, it goes blank. That blank feeling is uncomfortable.

But after you speak in tongues for a while, your mind gets comfortable being in the blank state. The unknown speaking in tongues syllables are not actually the cause of the weirdness but rather the reaction of your brain to being idle.

Since birth, our brains never lack something to do. Getting them to do nothing is hard and that is what speaking in tongues does. That alien feeling surprises them.

You can read a full article where I explained how speaking in tongues feels like.

Speaking in Tongues Syllables Example

Now to the juicy part, I will write down the syllables of speaking in tongues that I will receive. Remember that these are just syllables but the power lies in having the Holy Spirit.

Technically, anyone can come up with these syllables but unless they are backed up by the power of the Holy Spirit they are empty words.

Also it is important to note that there is no punctuation. I will write as they come.

Speaking in tongues syllables Sample

Tanalia rakap shementerekes alikh semin tovante imankalatia shemenko ivontaya simpri okan shayalteken avonkan aprishkaman likrishelvestes bolsoyka pakrata eltrona kipri kipri shaken ovakelet vikayanan liaprikos otayanko tokavunamia mailaikalisia seshemkenes tololokrant evrenmiskaten bayanka ninsala tapes dikonshe volmankwa tiprisekten iprashen vilusia bojankote sosoite shamkeni kuliprashenge

Well, that is enough. I have tried to read the words myself and I was struggling. I would never struggle to read words that have come from my own mind. That is one more reason for me to know that the syllables are actually not from my mind.

Deses tamin palak!

Sometimes I get thoughts in my mind and I am able to convert them into speaking in tongues syllables. The strange thing is that the syllables are never the same even when I translate the same concept into tongues at different times.

I understand that no two events are ever exactly the same. The Holy Spirit translates each situation with its uniqueness exactly as it is to God which makes the syllables appear different. If I tell God I love Him today and tell Him again tomorrow, there will be some differences at least in my emotions.

The Holy Spirit will be keen to translate all that into tongues including the emotions.

Lintira kariapa! (It is true!)

Shamami karan testeshe! (You have written what I wanted you to write!)

Nesesi tambili Jamini! (I belong to God!)

That is a sample of the translations I have come up with just now. Expressing these messages won’t always translate to the same syllables of tongues. They only did that once and will never repeat again.

God has too much vocabulary in His language to repeat anything. That is His infinity on display right there!

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  1. I think i speak in tongues but what I say does not sound like anything I have seen ( youtube) or heard from others.

    Does this happen

    I am 95% sure I am not making the words up in my head

    • Your tongues can be different from the ‘mainstream’ tongues online. The Holy Spirit gives some people very unique syllables. Keep praying, you are on the right path.


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