Speaking in Tongues to spice up your Easter

The irony of Christian celebrations nowadays is that people celebrate shopping discounts more than the meaning of the celebration. Instead of reflecting on the reason of the season, people choose to scroll their phones to find the best discounts on products.

Easter is arguably the most important Christian celebration. It coincides with the Passover festival which marked the end of the Egyptian slavery for the Israelites. As we know, the exodus from the Egyptian slavery was only a shadow of the true exodus that we will be part of when Christ returns.

In Egypt, the Israelites slaughtered lambs and smeared their blood on door posts so that the angel of death may pass over their houses. In the new covenant, the blood of Jesus was smeared on the cross that death may have no claim on those who trust in the work of the cross.

All these parallels were designed by God to help us believe in Jesus, the only son of God. Easter is a time for every believer to meditate on the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary.

Speak in Tongues to get Easter Revelations

We should not be like pagans who enjoy shopping discounted products during Easter than reflecting on the blood of Jesus that was shed for the remission of our sins. During the Easter season, true believers need to dedicate themselves to prayer and meditating on the Jesus our only savior.

For those of us who have the gift of speaking in tongues, Easter is the time to spend time praying in tongues. When we speak in tongues, God opens our ears of understanding and we internalize the depth of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.

It is one thing to read that Jesus gave His life for the remission of your sins but it is a totally different thing to get a revelation about it.

Saul was persecuting people who believed in Jesus until the day he encountered Jesus and had a revelation of His power. The encounter transformed him into the Apostle Paul that we celebrate today.

God has a way of turning theoretical knowledge into tangible power for us to believe. Even for people who have already believed in the saving power of Jesus, there are still greater levels that God is willing to usher us into if we seek Him diligently.

Easter ushers in Pentecost and Speaking in Tongues Anniversary

Speaking in tongues is synonymous with the day of Pentecost. Pentecost comes after Easter. It was on the day of Pentecost that we had the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of His gifts.

Easter is important in the sequence of events leading up to Pentecost. It was during Easter that Christ winded up His mission and gave room to the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Himself testified that it was good for Him to leave because the Helper would come. After Jesus was crucified, He said it is finished. From what we understand, Jesus was done with His part and His statement set in motion the plan for the Holy Spirit to come.

Easter gave birth to Pentecost which showered us with heavenly gifts including speaking in tongues.

Easter’s low versus Pentecost’s high

Easter marks the lowest point for the disciples of Jesus. The disciples of Jesus had gradually grown in faith believing that Jesus was the Messiah. But during Easter, their faith was shattered when Jesus was arrested, falsely accused and crucified.

The Bible tells us that the disciples scattered. Jesus Himself told them that they would scatter on the night He was arrested.

It is understandable that the disciples scattered. The person they had invested all their lives into was gone. But as we now understand, Easter was only the beginning of the greatest movement since the creation of the world.

The fear that the disciples dealt with during Easter stayed with them until when they received the power of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The power of the Holy Spirit enabled them to overcome fear and they spoke in tongues boldly.

To this day, speaking in tongues opens our spirits for the power of the Holy Spirit to be deposited in us. This is why your boldness increases when you speak in tongues.

When you experience low moments like the disciples of Jesus during Easter, you need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit like the disciples of Jesus during Pentecost.

Easter balances the Power of Speaking in Tongues

Easter is the point of sacrifice for all the gifts that came during the day of Pentecost. It is during Easter that God teaches us humility. Easter marks the humble beginning of Christianity as we know it today.

Speaking in tongues is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit. When you have it, you need humility. Failing to humble yourself when you have the gift of speaking in tongues can easily lead you into pride.

For this reason, Easter came before Pentecost. God allowed the suffering of Easter to precede the glory of Pentecost so that only those who humbled themselves during Easter could receive glory during Pentecost.

The same pattern happens symbolically for us; before receiving the power of the Holy Spirit to speak in tongues, God permits you to go through your own low moments that will help you humble yourself when you eventually get the power to speak in tongues.

Without the humbling period, it is easy to get carried away in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Easter is the perfect season to soak yourself in tongues. There is great spiritual significance in this season that every serious believer should tap into.

For you who has the gift of praying in tongues, take advantage to commune with God and get to understand the perfect sacrifice that Jesus offered on the cross.

Establish your faith through praying in tongues and understanding the revelation of Jesus Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit is given to us to understand the mystery of the cross. What better time to learn about the mystery of the cross than during Easter?

Make it your responsibility to celebrate Easter properly unlike casual believers and the heathen.

Happy Easter!

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