How to Pray for Forgiveness after Fornication

Fornication is a sin. If you commit it, you need to repent. Praying for forgiveness for fornicating requires you to have understanding.

In this article, I will walk you step by step through the process of repenting for fornication. But before you go through the steps of repenting for fornicating, I’ll help you understand the sin of fornication.

Once you understand it, you will find repenting for it easy.

Understanding the Sin of Fornication

Fornication is a sin because it distorts the natural design of God’s creation. When God created the world and its systems, He designed them to show His love and power.

Sex is one of the activities that God created to reveal His love for us. The act reveals God’s love for us when it is done within the laws of God. When it is done outside the laws of God, it is sin.

The devil uses fornication to distort the beautiful intention that God had for us.

In 1st Corinthians 13, the Bible tells us that patience is one of the attributes of love. Fornication is a result of being impatient which destroys love.

Usually, after fornication, the impatient nature takes over. This is why relationships that start through fornication eventually turn out to be abusive.

The people involved lose patience for each other and the relationship turns out to be abusive.

The worst part is the effect of the impatient mentality on your relationship with God. Just as you were not patient in your physical relationship, your spiritual relationship follows the trend.

Before you know it, you quickly get angry at God and you are tempted to quit the faith.

People who harden their hearts through fornication quickly brush off the fear of the Lord. Once they fornicate, they are blinded by their own impatience and they legalize fornication.

They start questioning if fornication is a sin at all. Fornication is a very slippery sin. Its consequences are not as obvious as you may expect. But as it is with the nature of weapons, the most subtle is the most dangerous.

A snake that slithers into your house without your knowledge is more dangerous than the snake you see in the bush.

How to Pray for Forgiveness after Fornication

1. Confess your Sin of Fornication

Before you open your mouth to ask for forgiveness from God for fornicating, you need to acknowledge that fornication is a sin. This is a crucial step. God resists the proud. If you refuse to confess your sin, God will not listen to the rest of your prayer.

This is why I began by helping you understand that fornication is a sin. Fornication distorts God’s perfect design of creation by taking away patience from the fruit of love.

In other words, fornication is corrupting love. And remember that the relationship between God and man is built on love.

The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Fornication mocks love; the only attribute that attracts God to us.

It is subtle but its consequences are grave.

2. Repent for Fornicating

After you acknowledge before God that fornication is a sin, you need to ask God to forgive you for engaging in it. It may seem obvious but asking for forgiveness is not easy.

Usually, the temporary sweetness of sin fools us to assume it is good for us. Unless you manage to shake off the deception of sin, you will find it hard to repent.

It takes faith to repent for fornication even though you enjoyed the act physically. You repent for the well-being of your spirit.

Actually, your flesh will protest when you choose to repent of fornication. Your flesh enjoys sin and doesn’t want you to repent.

For this reason, you have to overcome your flesh and the thoughts of ‘one last time then I’ll repent’.

The devil seduces people to enjoy sin one last time only for them to be trapped in it. Don’t double think repenting for fornication. Do it straight away! No matter how you feel about it, if you entertain it, you will regret it.

3. Break the Sexual Covenant

Sex is a covenant. Repenting for it will wipe away your sin but breaking the covenant will require the blood of Jesus.

It is important to break the sexual covenant so that the devil doesn’t use it against you. Usually, the devil capitalizes on the sexual covenants that people make during fornication to access their lives.

Those covenants are made in sin and sin is the power of death. Remember that the thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. He accesses your life through such covenants.

Usually, when you are upright, the devil can’t find a way into your life just like in the case of Job in the Bible. But when you commit sin, the sin creates defilement in an area of your life which pushes God away and the devil finds an avenue to access your life.

The blood of Jesus represents the strongest covenant ever made and it is able to override every other covenant including sexual covenants.

4. Ask God for Restoration

After you repent of fornication, it is important to ask God for restoration. Usually, the devil steals gifts from you through fornication. When you repent, if the devil already stole a gift from you, God will restore it.

Have you ever heard cases of girls who feel worthless after fornication? Well, that’s because the devil uses men to steal the value of girls through fornication. On the other hand, the devil uses girls to steal the strength of young men through fornication.

When a girl sleeps with a man, she gives him her most precious gift; virginity. But if the man leaves her, he leaves with her gift.

On the other hand, girls drain the strength of young men by luring them through fornication. The young men invest their strength in the girls instead of using it to build themselves up.

In the end, both the girl and the young man who fornicate lose their precious gifts. Afterwards, the devil comes to taunt them for giving up their precious gifts.

For this reason, it is important to ask for God’s restoration to avoid the taunting from the devil.

5. Thank God for forgiving you

It is always important to end your prayer of forgiveness after fornication by thanking God. Forgiveness is a gift from God and it is good when we thank God for it.

When you are grateful for forgiveness you prompt God to quicken your restoration. Be like the one leper who went back to Jesus to thank Him after he was healed. You will please the heart of God.

Sample Prayer for Forgiveness after Fornication

Heavenly Father, you are My Lord and My God. I trust in your Holy Name. I confess today that I have sinned against you by fornicating. I acknowledge that what I did was evil. Forgive me and have mercy on me. I pray today that you break the sinful covenant I made through the act by the power in the blood of Jesus. Restore to me the gifts I have lost as a result of my foolish actions. I look to you Oh Lord for you are my only hope. Thank you for listening to me and thank you for forgiving me. Help me to walk uprightly before you until the day you will give me my rightful partner.

In Jesus name I pray, amen!

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  1. Thank you so much for teaching me l have sin against God I’m not married but I have sex my heart is broking please remember me in your prayers. Am Dickson from Accra Ghana

  2. What if i have sex with someone whom i will marry in future? will it be considered as fornication? if yes, then if we get married will that sin be forgiven by the act of marriage?

    • Fornication is a sin in any case even if it is with someone you intend to marry. Don’t be fooled, fornication will complicate issues and make marriage very difficult for you. If you are burning with passion, marry early and enjoy sex in marriage but don’t fornicate.

  3. I had sex and I am so heart broken about it
    It’s causing issues and also ruining my reputation but I know God almighty disciplines his loved one and he has forgiven me of my sins and has broken the convenant.. thank you Jesus
    Jesus keep on helping me a d counseling me on what to do…

  4. I confess that I have sinned before God by fornicating and I repent. I ask God to break this sexual covenant and restore my gifts. I thank you God for forgiving me for fornicating. Amen.


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