The Devil’s Strategy against Speaking in Tongues

It is no secret that the devil fights against speaking in tongues. There are numerous schemes that he uses but one of them stands out among the rest.

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues, you must have experienced an attack from the devil whether you knew it or not.

Usually, we underestimate the power that the tongues we speak have. The devil knows how terrifying tongues are and that is why he works hard to discourage us from speaking them.

The Strategy of the Devil against Speaking in Tongues

The devil is a deceiver. His deception skills are so advanced that only the Holy Spirit can detect them. If someone doesn’t have the Holy Spirit, he doesn’t stand a chance against the deception of the devil.

The following are the deceptive means the devil uses against speaking in tongues.

1. Speaking in Tongues is Gibberish

The devil passes around the narrative that speaking in tongues is nothing but empty words. He does this by deceiving vulnerable people who go out and speak against speaking in tongues.

He plants doubts in them and hatred for people who speak in tongues and then they do the rest. What such clueless people don’t know is that the devil has set them up against God.

Speaking in Tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit and denying speaking in tongues is like denying the Holy Spirit. And as you know, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

When someone denounces speaking in tongues claiming that it is gibberish, he is claiming that God’s gift is useless. But what he doesn’t understand is that his salvation depends on that very gift he is denouncing.

Speaking in tongues keeps us in communion with God and it is also a powerful weapon against the devil. If someone denounces it, he loses communion with God and has no weapon to fight against the devil.

His vulnerable state makes him an easy target for the devil.

Even if someone doesn’t speak in tongues, he should at least avoid denouncing the gift. It is impossible to denounce speaking in tongues and have the Holy Spirit at the same time.

If you denounce speaking in tongues, you have denounced the Holy Spirit and that means you won’t be convicted of sin. And if you can’t be convicted of sin, you can’t repent. That is how you can permanently lock yourself out of salvation.

2. Speaking in Tongues ended during Biblical Times

Speaking in tongues began during biblical times but the devil deceives people that it started and ended during biblical times. People who claim that speaking in tongues ceased are under the deception of the devil.

As you would guess, the devil will come up with any narrative to make sure that people don’t speak in tongues. The Bible has never mentioned that speaking in tongues ceased but the devil somehow manages to deceive people that speaking in tongues ceased.

Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift was first practiced on the day of Pentecost; the same day that the disciples of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit.

If the Holy Spirit is still at work today, how is it that His gift ceased?

According to the plan of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit should help us in the process of perfection. As long as we are still in the process of perfection, the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be active.

Healing will abound for as long as there are sick people. Speaking in tongues will abound as long as we are still offering prayers.

3. Speaking in Tongues is for special people

The devil has dissuaded some people from speaking in tongues with the lie that speaking in tongues is a gift for special people. The devil lies to people that they are not special and so they cannot have the gift.

The truth of the matter is that speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is given freely to every believer who desires.

God is not limited, neither are His gifts. Every believer can speak in tongues and should speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues makes communion with God easy and enjoyable.

In the process, you are edified and your life is aligned with the perfect will of God.

Even if you believe that speaking in tongues is for special people, well, the Bible says we are a royal priesthood and that means we are special people. We are so special that Jesus gave His life for us.

How to deal with the Devil’s Strategy against Speaking in Tongues

God has not left us in the darkness in terms of dealing with the schemes of the devil. It is clear that the devil takes advantage of our ignorance but we can overcome him using the following methods.

1. Read the Word of God

The devil deceives but the word of God reveals the truth. When you know the truth of God from His word, no deception will ever sweep you.

We have been asked to believe the word of God like little children. If the word of God says speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit then that means that speaking in tongues is good and everyone should have it.

If we know from the word that speaking in tongues edifies us, then we speak in tongues for edification without overthinking it.

If Apostle Paul laid hands on people and they spoke in tongues, then we also lay hands on people that they may speak in tongues.

The devil can deceive people but he can’t deceive someone who eats the word of God and knows the truth.

2. Speak in Tongues

The devil may throw all manner of deception at you but if you speak in tongues daily, there is nothing that his deception will do. If you have spoken in tongues and experienced the joy it brings, there is nothing the devil can do to dissuade you from praying in tongues.

Regardless of the doubts the devil plants against speaking in tongues, there is one thing he can never destroy; personal experience or as the Bible puts it, the word of their testimony.

If you have experienced the power of speaking in tongues, you have a testimony that will massacre the deception of the devil. And how do you experience the power of speaking in tongues? By speaking in tongues!

When people bring objections and debates about speaking in tongues, close your ears and speak in tongues. Beat them with experience. Don’t let those evangelists of the devil dissuade you.


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