How to Pray against the Spirit of Rejection

God has provided knowledge for us to overcome the spirit of rejection. In this article, I will show you how to pray against the spirit of rejection.

Rejection is a common occurrence and God knows it. There is so much pain that comes with it. Our God is loving and willing to help us overcome rejection.

The Origin of the Spirit of Rejection

Before you start praying against the spirit of rejection, it is important to understand its origin. Rejection began when God’s creation rejected Him.

We know that at some point there was a fall out between the angels and God. The angels that left God had malicious intentions which God would not permit to prevail in heaven.

As a result, the angels turned away from God. When they fell, they vowed to be eternal enemies of God. As part of their scheme, they frustrate children of God. Their aim is to turn men against God so that men too may suffer the same fate they suffered.

Rejection is one of the spirits that they use to frustrate men. They know that when men are frustrated they can easily turn against God and perish.

For this reason, it is important for us to pray against rejection. If we don’t deal with rejection, it easily becomes our downfall.

Good for us, God has provided direction on how we should pray against the spirit of rejection.

How to Pray against the Spirit of Rejection

1. Pray for Strength

Rejection is painful but it is also a test from God. Usually, God lets His children go through rejection so that they may understand how He felt when His creation rejected Him.

God has suffered the pain of rejection on several occasions. First, the angels rejected the hierarchy that He had put in place when He created heaven and earth.

God created all things with love and wanted to enjoy fellowship with His creation. But His creation rejected the idea.

Secondly, God chose the nation of Israel. He desired to reveal Himself to other nations through them. But as we know, the nation of Israel rejected God many times.

During the time of Samuel the prophet, the nation of Israel asked for a king even though God was their king. They rejected God’s kingship and chose a man to be their king.

Later on, when Jesus came to Israel, He was rejected by His own people and handed over to the Romans. He suffered in the hands of the Romans and was crucified.

To endure rejection, you need strength. The truth is that we all face rejection at some point in our lives. God allows it so that we may understand what He felt.

Therefore, when praying against rejection, start by asking God to give you strength to endure.

2. Pray for Humility

When you are rejected, you will be tempted to revenge. Rejection is a trigger that can easily lead us to do foolish things. To avoid falling into the trap of the enemy, you need to pray that God teaches you humility.

The perfect example of this point is the story of Joseph. Joseph was rejected by his brothers and even sold into slavery. You can imagine the pain that the young man felt when he was sold by his brothers.

Remember that Joseph was sold because of the dreams he received from God. The rejection was not only of Joseph but also of God’s prophecy.

God revealed what would happen through Joseph and his brothers rejected it.

Eventually, the dreams of Joseph came to pass when his brothers went to Egypt to buy food where Joseph was the ruler. They had to bow down to him to fulfill the prophecy God had spoken through him.

Joseph in his humility favored his brothers even though he had the power to revenge. It was the same humility that caused God to exalt him to the high position.

When you suffer rejection, you need humility. When you humble yourself through rejection, God will exalt you to a high position.

Therefore, don’t just pray against the spirit of rejection but also pray that God may teach you humility. Those very people who reject you will come to you only if you humble yourself.

3. Pray for Patience

Going through rejection is tough. A short period feels like an eternity. To survive the rejection period, you need patience. You will feel pain but it is patience that will sail you through.

God permits rejection in our lives to test our patience. For this reason, you need to pray that God may teach you to be patient as you go through the rejection period.

The sooner you learn patience, the sooner the Lord will exalt you out of the rejection.

Jesus was rejected in His hometown but a few years later, He had died and resurrected and was glorified. Those who rejected Him had no choice but to bow down to Him or perish.

The pattern of rejection and exaltation is so common in the Bible. For that reason, a common proverb was coined, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”.

To this day, this pattern continues and it is our duty to yield to it. God will not exalt you unless you have suffered rejection. The rejection you suffer will teach you humility and test your patience.

When God is pleased with your humility and patience, He will give you a high position that you deserve.

How to Pray against the Spirit of Rejection: Conclusion

As you can see, praying against the spirit of rejection is not actually waging war against the spirit itself but rather aligning yourself with God. I know the common way of praying against the spirit of rejection involves warfare prayers but that is a misguided approach.

Rejection is always going to be there. No amount of praying against the spirit of rejection will remove it. God will deal with the spirit of rejection at the end of age but for now, God requires us to overcome the spirit of rejection by suffering through it.

Jesus overcame death by suffering it and resurrecting. Likewise, we overcome rejection by going through it.

Sample Prayer for Rejection

Heavenly Father, I know you love me and care for me. I trust in your Holy Name. I pray today that you give me strength to endure the rejection I am suffering. I know it is for a while and you will eventually wipe away my tears. Help me to endure it. Teach me patience through it. May I come out of it full of humility. I look to you Lord for it is only by your power that I will overcome it. Comfort me when I mourn, embrace me when I feel lonely. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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