What happens Spiritually when you Speak in Tongues?

In this article, I will discuss what happens spiritually when you speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is a spiritual activity. When you engage in it, a lot happens in the spiritual world.

Knowing the spiritual significance of speaking in tongues will help you practice the gift diligently.

Things that happen Spiritually when you Speak in Tongues

1. Spiritually when you speak in tongues you receive healing

When you speak in tongues, the Spirit of God heals you of every spiritual infirmity. Our spirits suffer the same way our physical bodies suffer.

When we go through events that crush our spirits, we come out of them weary. The weariness of our spirits may manifest physically as fatigue that can’t be explained.

Other spiritual infirmities come in the form of nightmares. Have you ever realized that after experiencing a nightmare you wake up drained spiritually?

Our spirits get drained when we engage in spiritual combat. Physically, when we are tired, we sleep to regain energy. Spiritually, we regain energy by speaking in tongues.

By speaking in tongues, you invoke the healing power of God to flow through you. Since the Spirit of God speaks the word of God through you, the power of the word heals you.

The Bible generally refers to the healing power of speaking in tongues as edification. Edification is a general term that refers to spiritual nourishment.

There was a day I was surprised; I had been sitting for over an hour and my back was aching. I was writing a blog post and I planned to take a break after I was done to stretch my back.

When I completed the article, I felt a strong urge to pray in tongues. I yielded to the urge to pray in tongues and as I prayed the pain in my back ceased.

It amazed me that the Spirit of God could cure physical back pain without me having to stand and stretch.

2. Spiritually when you speak in tongues you receive revelations

This happens to me almost all the time when I speak in tongues. I have shared one of the revelations I received after speaking in tongues in a previous article.

We know from the Bible that whoever speaks in tongues speaks mysteries to God and no one understands him. It is true.

Spiritually, when you speak in tongues, you speak mysteries to God and He in turn answers you back with mysteries.

While our minds may not comprehend most of the mysteries God reveals to us, our spirits understand all the mysteries.

Once in a while, the mysteries God has revealed to our spirits find their way into our minds. Have you ever known something but you couldn’t tell where you learned it from? That is how mysteries relayed from our spirits manifest.

Speaking in tongues is a direct way of asking God to reveal mysteries to you. By speaking in tongues, you are speaking mysteries to God which prompts Him to answer you with mysteries.

3. Spiritually when you speak in tongues angels act

There are different types of tongues. When you speak tongues of angels, you prompt angels to act on your instructions.

We know from the Bible that angels are ministering spirits to us. God allows us to give instructions to angels when we have matured in our spiritual walk with Him.

Through speaking in tongues, we give angels instructions of things we want them to carry out. It may be driving out devils, bringing healing, comforting us, protecting our loved ones etc.

Any instruction given when you speak in tongues of angels is carried out by the angels responsible.

Because angels are obedient to our instructions, God has to make sure we have matured in our character before we get the privilege to give instructions to angels. That way, God can be sure we won’t ask angels to do strange things.

4. Spiritually when you speak in tongues heavens open

When we talk about heavens opening for a person, it means the person has direct access to the throne of God. Access to God’s throne is usually blocked until someone prays fervently.

God designed it this way so that our careless conduct doesn’t land us in trouble. God is holy and anything unholy that is exposed to His presence is put to death.

To prevent deadly consequences, God designed heavenly gates that only open when someone is praying fervently.

When you speak in tongues, those gates open for your prayers to ascend to God’s throne. Prayers generated when someone speaks in tongues are perfect because they are basically the words of the Holy Spirit.

Since the Holy Spirit knows the deep thoughts of God, He formulates perfect prayers that are pleasing to the Lord all the time.

Because God knows that prayers made in tongues are pleasing to Him, He opens the heavens for people who speak in tongues.

5. Spiritually when you speak in tongues fire is kindled in your heart

It is no coincidence that tongues of fire appeared and landed on the disciples of Jesus on the day of Pentecost. The same tongues of fire land on us every time we speak in tongues.

On the day of Pentecost, God allowed those who were present to see the spiritual tongues of fire but usually they are invisible.

The tongues of fire purify us. Remember the vision that Isaiah had where a hot coal was placed on his tongue to purify it. Fire is used to purify us.

When we speak in tongues, God purifies us using flaming tongues. I have explained in a previous article how speaking in tongues feels like.

In the article, I explained how you feel when tongues of fire land on you.

After the tongues of fire have purified you, they set your heart on fire. When your heart is set ablaze, the light from it shines on your path.

Physically, you will have clarity in your life when your heart is producing light for your path.

What happens Spiritually when you speak in Tongues? Conclusion

A lot happens spiritually when you speak in tongues. You receive healing and revelations from God, angels act on your instructions, heavens open for you and fire is kindled in your heart.

All these spiritual occurrences have their unique physical manifestation. The Bible generally refers to all the physical manifestations of what happens spiritually when you speak in tongues as edification.

You may not notice each of the manifestations but over time you will witness tremendous improvement in your life.

Treasure the gift of speaking in tongues. It carries so much power.


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