Why Speaking in Tongues is Necessary

Speaking in tongues is absolutely necessary in the body of Christ. We are living in the last days and the gift of speaking in tongues plays an important role.

While some believers don’t speak in tongues, I really wish they did. Apostle Paul also wished that all believers would get the gift of tongues.

Praying in tongues is necessary in the life of a believer and that is why Apostle Paul wished that all believers had the gift.

Having practiced the gift for a number of years, I will share with you why speaking in tongues is necessary.

Why Speaking in Tongues is Necessary

1. Speaking in Tongues is Necessary for Drawing the Attention of Unbelievers

The Bible tells us that speaking in tongues is a sign for unbelievers. Given this fact, it is necessary for believers to speak in tongues in order for unbelievers to get the sign that God is at work.

You see, unbelievers do not know God. And because they don’t know Him, they need something that will draw their attention to God.

Currently, it is the Spirit of God who reigns on earth and Jesus told us that the world can neither see Him nor know Him.

Since it is the Holy Spirit who leads us into all the truth, how will unbelievers come to know the truth if they can’t see the Holy Spirit nor know Him?

Easy…When believers speak in tongues!

But how does speaking in tongues make unbelievers come to know the truth?


Praying in tongues is a peculiar act. When a believer prays in tongues, it fascinates unbelievers. They wonder why a sober person would engage in such an act.

The puzzling nature of speaking in tongues draws the attention of unbelievers. A number of them ask for an explanation. When an explanation is given, the unbelievers become believers.

On the day of Pentecost, many unbelievers came to the faith after they were drawn to the scene by the disciples of Jesus who were speaking in tongues.

Through the tongues, some heard the disciples praising God in their native languages and they wondered how that was possible given that the disciples were Galileans.

The incident puzzled them and as they sought for an explanation, they came to the faith.

To draw the attention of unbelievers, speaking in tongues is necessary.

2. Speaking in Tongues is Necessary for Believers to make Perfect Prayers

Speaking in tongues enables believers to make perfect prayers. We are asked in the Bible to pray without ceasing. Speaking in tongues is necessary in helping us pray without ceasing.

Praying in understanding is limited by our thinking. We can only pray for what we know when we pray in understanding.

Since there is a lot that goes on in the spiritual world, it is impossible to make prayers in understanding that cater for all the spiritual activities that happen.

The time it takes to learn spiritual matters can be long. If we rely on our knowledge to pray, we will always be behind.

God knew we needed an efficient way to offer our prayers. He introduced the gift of speaking in tongues through the Holy Spirit.

With speaking in tongues, we can make prayers that are perfect in every way. The content of the prayer is perfect, the motive is right and the prayer is backed up by faith.

While speaking in tongues, you not only make your requests known to God but you also get edified in the process.

Speaking in tongues is necessary for believers as it enables us to make perfect prayers and get edified in the process.

Without the gift of tongues, praying is hard.

Prayers made in understanding are imperfect because they come from our hearts. Jesus told us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

But then the word of God tells us that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Jesus echoed this message when He said that out of the heart of man come all manner of evil.

How then can a pure prayer come from a wicked heart?


But with speaking in tongues, our prayer comes directly from the Spirit of God. Since our heart is not involved, the prayer made in tongues is undefiled.

3. Speaking in Tongues is Necessary for Defeating the Devil

The devil has power and he is cunning. The Bible tells us in Luke 10:19 that we have been given authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over the power of the enemy.

How can we exercise authority over the power of the enemy?

By praying!

When we engage in spiritual warfare prayers, we pull down strongholds and destroy the works of darkness.

The challenge is that waging spiritual warfare in prayer can be hard. Our limited understanding works against us in spiritual warfare.

But with the gift of speaking in tongues, we can efficiently pull down the strongholds of the devil. The Spirit of God who prays in us knows all the schemes of the enemy and how to destroy them.

Since all believers are subject to spiritual battles, speaking in tongues is necessary for everyone. Speaking in tongues is like going to war with a machine gun while praying in understanding is like going to war with a bow and arrows.

If you want to defeat the devil easily, speak in tongues.

Why Speaking in Tongues is Necessary: Conclusion

These are only three reasons why speaking in tongues is necessary. There are many more reasons why every believer needs to speak in tongues.

The gift of tongues was given to us to enable us operate effectively on earth. We are disciples of Jesus and we need the gift of praying in tongues for us to be effective.

Speaking in tongues helps us individually and in the service of God. Through the gift, we edify ourselves while at the same time we draw others to God.

Any wise believer uses speaking in tongues and knows it is necessary. Though you can make it to heaven without speaking in tongues, why should you waste the precious gift of the Holy Spirit?

Let us arise and speak in tongues harder than the way people of the world party because it is necessary.


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