How Speaking in Tongues Changed My Life

Speaking in tongues changed my life for good. On the list of good things I have come across in life, speaking in tongues is up there.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that praying in tongues could transform my life the way it has done. I have heard preachers talk about the benefits of speaking in tongues but having experienced them first hand, I say not even half of the benefits have been covered.

In addition, speaking about the benefits of speaking in tongues and experiencing them are two different things.

When it comes to expressing the benefits I have experienced as a result of praying in tongues, I can’t find the right words. The best I can do is use Biblical descriptions such as ‘Peace that surpasses human understanding’ or ‘What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no heart of man has conceived’.

In this article, I will try to elaborate how speaking in tongues changed my life for good.

Ways in Which Speaking in Tongues has changed my Life

1. Peace through Speaking in Tongues

I don’t think I will ever talk about the goodness of speaking in tongues without mentioning the peace I experience. Regardless of what I am praying for, I always end my prayer sessions feeling a lot more peaceful than I began.

The peace I feel after praying in tongues varies but even the least peace I feel is greater than any kind of peace I ever felt before I got the gift of speaking in tongues.

Before I got the gift of speaking in tongues, I used to pray in understanding. Sometimes I would pray for an hour in understanding.

After such a long prayer, I would feel peaceful but speaking in tongues brought a whole new dimension of peace.

The peace I get after speaking in tongues does not vanish immediately after I am done praying. It dissipates slowly but I always make sure I don’t stay for long before going for another session of speaking in tongues in order to maintain the peace.

I have realized that the default peace I feel in my life is greater than the default peace I used to feel before I made speaking in tongues a daily routine.

I believe what I am experiencing is what Apostle Paul describes in Philippians 4 as ‘peace that surpasses human understanding’.

The peace that comes from speaking in tongues has changed my life for good. I have a more fruitful life and I make better decisions as a result.

There is no amount of words that can describe the impact that the peace I get from speaking in tongues has had in my life. It’s enormous!

2. Finding Purpose in Life through Speaking in Tongues

Finding purpose in life turned out to be harder than I thought. I usually see motivational speakers guide people on how to find purpose in life but I know only God can reveal your purpose in life.

It makes sense that God is the only one who knows your purpose in life because He is the one who created you. Obviously, He knows why He created you.

I learned that God keeps the purpose of your life secret until when you have grown to a certain level in your relationship with Him. He does this so that only those who are humble get to enjoy a life of purpose.

The proud are left to chase after filthy mammon and toil all their lives. There is a scripture in Ecclesiastes that supports this point; find it.

It was in the middle of speaking in tongues that the Lord revealed to me the purpose of my life. That evening turned out to be one of the best in my entire life.

I don’t know how I could have asked God to reveal to me the purpose of my life in understanding considering that at that time I was feeling lost. Everything was overwhelming except speaking in tongues.

I had tried serving God in many ways but none of the ways felt natural to me. Deep within, I knew I was struggling.

It was difficult to understand myself at that time. My family and friends, obviously, could not understand me.

Expressing myself to God was a nightmare. The only thing I could do was speak in tongues and believe that the Holy Spirit would express my feelings to God.

Sure enough, He did!

Speaking in tongues changed my life forever when I got the revelation of my life purpose in the middle of the prayer session.

3. Unlocking the Supernatural

The supernatural is a mystery. Think of this; you need faith when you ask for anything from God. What if it is faith you are asking for?

As impossible as it seems, things work out. But since we can’t wrap our minds around the workings of God, it is best to let the Holy Spirit guide us.

Since prayer is the way we transact with God, speaking in tongues enables for efficient transactions. The Holy Spirit knows what to pray for when we need faith even if we don’t have enough of it.

My life changed when I began speaking in tongues; I began receiving gifts from God I had no idea existed.

Just before I received the gift of speaking in tongues, I had been praying to get the gift of wisdom. When I received the gift of praying in tongues, asking for wisdom became a breeze; very easy.

Not only did speaking in tongues enable me grow in wisdom but also in other gifts; faith, interpretation of tongues and knowledge.

Many are the times I have received life changing revelations when I was praying in tongues. The knowledge I have received as a result of speaking in tongues is priceless.

Read a sample of the knowledge I received in the testimony I shared after speaking in tongues.


I have only practiced speaking in tongues for 6 years at this point and already the effects are life changing. I know there is a lot more that is coming if I keep up with the habit of speaking in tongues.

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues, treasure it. If you don’t have the gift, seek to have it.

I don’t care what people say about speaking in tongues provided it has changed my life. Just like the blind man whom Jesus opened his eyes, it didn’t matter whether Jesus was a sinner or not; the important thing was that he was blind and now could see.

That is how speaking in tongues is to me; it has changed my life for good.

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