How to Pray and Anoint Yourself with Oil 

When you want to pray and anoint yourself with oil, there are two main points you need to remember:

  1. You can anoint yourself before you start praying.
  2. You can anoint yourself after praying.

Each of these approaches has its benefits, which I will explain in this article.

Anointing Yourself with Oil

Many times, anointing oil is used with a Man of God anointing someone else. This practice originates from the Old Testament, where priests and prophets used to anoint Kings in Israel.

At that time, the priests came from a specific lineage and adhered to strict rules. The anointing oil sealed the declaration that God had made over someone.

Today, we have become kings and priests through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Through Christ, we have the authority to anoint and seal declarations, just as the priests and prophets did in the Old Testament.

This means you can anoint yourself, make declarations, and God will honor them. Anointing yourself is a significant spiritual act with great power.

The oil you apply represents the Holy Spirit. When you anoint yourself with oil, you welcome the Holy Spirit to work in you. Though this practice began in the Old Testament, it remains significant in this new dispensation of the Holy Spirit.

Purpose of Anointing Yourself with Oil

You can anoint yourself to seal declarations made in prayer, but you can also anoint yourself to keep your body pure for the Holy Spirit to dwell within you. Remember that Jesus was anointed in preparation for His death.

Anointing yourself signifies you as God’s temple, and God will dwell within you. When facing difficult situations, anointing yourself allows God to dwell in you and work through you.

How Often Should You Anoint Yourself?

Ideally, anoint yourself daily if possible, especially if you aim to keep yourself pure for God’s dwelling. However, there is no specific schedule to follow. It depends on your intentions and desires. God will honor your desire every time you anoint yourself. Anoint yourself as often as you have desires you wish God to fulfill.

The frequency can also depend on the amount of oil you have. If you have enough oil to anoint yourself every day, that’s perfectly fine. If you preserve a little oil for special occasions, that’s also acceptable.

Anointing Yourself with Oil before You Start Praying

Start by organizing the place you intend to pray in. It’s advisable to pray and anoint yourself in private to limit distractions. Once the place is ready, pour a little oil into the palm of your hands, apply it to your forehead while on your knees, and then lift your hands and start praying.

When you pray after anointing yourself, ask God for whatever you desire. If you seek wisdom or direction, request it. Praying after anointing yourself attracts the presence of God.

As you make your requests, the Lord listens and fulfills your desires. God is drawn to purity, and anointing oil purifies you.

If you’ve anointed yourself with the intention of making yourself a pure temple for God, pray for God to find your body a worthy dwelling place. This is a powerful prayer that pleases God greatly.

When God dwells in you, He will transform your life, leading to breakthrough after breakthrough.

Anointing Yourself with Oil after Praying

After completing your prayers in private, pour a little oil onto your hands and apply it to your forehead and feet. Anointing your forehead signifies acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit’s leadership, while anointing your feet symbolizes your belief that God will establish what you have prayed for.

It’s important to pray for something you want God to establish before anointing yourself, as this act establishes your prayer.

You can also anoint yourself with oil after praying to preserve what God has done. When you pray, God often speaks concerning your life, and the words He speaks are commands that angels execute.

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Anointing yourself after prayer allows you to maintain your faith until the angels fulfill what God has spoken about you.

In some cases, people ask for blessings from God, but by the time those blessings are dispatched, their faith wavers, and the blessings are retracted. Anointing yourself with oil after praying helps you hold onto your faith until all that God spoke about you during your prayer is fulfilled.

What to Do after Anointing Yourself with Olive Oil

After you’ve prayed and anointed yourself with oil, you can return to your daily activities as usual. The key is to remember the state you have placed yourself in through anointing.

For the anointing oil to have power in your life, you must maintain a lifestyle of uprightness. The oil serves as a seal that marks you as a vessel set apart for God’s use.

If you live carelessly after anointing yourself, the oil’s power in your life will diminish. Fortunately, the anointing oil comes with inherent power to help you lead a pure life.

Make anointing yourself a habit. Some of the declarations you make and the anointing you perform may take time to be realized, especially the bigger ones that require great faith.

Therefore, by making anointing yourself and prayer a habit, you’ll see the positive change it brings to your life.

God bless you!

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