Demonic Speaking in Tongues

Demonic speaking in tongues is definitely an interesting topic. There is little information about demonic tongues.

I love getting information from the Bible but when I was researching this topic, there was no scripture that mentioned it or even anything close to it.

The Bible has a number of verses that talk about speaking in tongues. They are not very many. If speaking in tongues doesn’t have many verses, how much less demonic speaking in tongues?

But I thank God for the Spirit of God who leads us into all the truth. Despite getting no information about demonic speaking in tongues in the Bible, I have interesting information to share with you.

Why the Bible does not mention Demonic Speaking in Tongues

Demonic speaking in tongues exists but the Bible does not mention it at all. It doesn’t even give a hint (Or maybe it does but I have not seen it).

One of the reasons why the Bible gives no information about demonic speaking in tongues is because God does not want to popularize the devil’s agenda.

Speaking in tongues is mentioned because it is the gift of the Holy Spirit. After reading it in the Bible, we desire it and receive it.

Almost anything mentioned in the Bible becomes popular because the Bible is popular. Things that God didn’t want to popularize were omitted from the Bible.

Demonic speaking in tongues was definitely something God didn’t want to popularize. It would greatly benefit the devil.

It is for the same reason that you see the Bible barely specifying the sins people committed. You will only hear descriptions like immorality, wickedness, filthiness but barely any details.

God knows that if sins are specified, they will be a suggestion and a temptation for some innocent believers.

Tell me, how many people have sinned and blamed the Bible for mentioning the sin? I hear a lot people committing adultery then consoling themselves in the story of King David and Bathsheba.

Secondly, the Bible omitted demonic speaking in tongues because it adds no value to us knowing Christ. The main purpose of writing the Bible was for us to believe in Jesus and be saved.

Since we can believe in Jesus and be saved without knowing anything about demonic speaking in tongues, there is no point of including such information in the Bible.

How did I know Demonic Speaking in Tongues Exists

If the Bible does not mention demonic speaking in tongues, how did I know they exist? Well, I have heard testimonies of people who experienced them.

I remember vaguely but I know there was a girl who was a devil worshipper and she used to speak in demonic tongues. She said she spoke in demonic tongues to cast spells on people. She gave the testimony after her deliverance.

Then I also read a comment online of someone who attended a church where someone spoke in demonic tongues and the whole church descended into chaos.

The rest is my common sense. I know that the devil has a counterfeit for many things of God. If the devil can perform fake miracles to deceive people, it is obvious that he can imitate speaking in tongues.

Also, since the Bible urges us to test spirits to know whether they are from God, it indicates that spiritual acts like speaking in tongues can be counterfeited by the devil.

Either way, I know that demonic speaking in tongues is rare. I have never experienced it and I wouldn’t want to.

How to know if Tongues are Demonic

It may sound absurd but there are believers who speak in tongues and suspect that they may be speaking demonic tongues.

I know some people who shun speaking in tongues all together because they assume that all speaking in tongues is demonic.

Demonic tongues are easy to detect. Very easy! Jesus told us that we shall know a tree by its fruit. To know if certain speaking in tongues is demonic, check its fruit.

When someone speaks in tongues empowered by the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit will manifest. You will feel love, joy, peace etc.

When demonic tongues are spoken, you will feel the opposite.

The person whose comment I read said he felt evil presence when the person who was speaking in demonic tongues began to speak. From the comment, he wasn’t a super spiritual person but he could sense it.

If you can feel the holy presence of the Spirit of God when someone speaks in genuine tongues, you will feel evil presence when demonic tongues are spoken.

What some believers assume are demonic tongues are usually empty tongues. Empty tongues are very common. These are tongues that are spoken without the depth of the Spirit.

Apostle Paul talked about them in 1st Corinthians 13:1 when he said he would be like a clanging cymbal or a resounding gong if he spoke in tongues and had no love.

The depth of tongues is directly proportional to the measure of the Spirit of God in the person. You can read this article to know if you are really speaking in tongues.

What to do about Demonic Speaking in Tongues

It is better to focus on genuine speaking in tongues than on demonic speaking in tongues. The Bible focuses on genuine tongues and you too should do that.

If there is something God wants you to know about demonic tongues, He will guide you. I have come across a few testimonies probably because God wanted me to know that demonic tongues exist.

With so little information available on demonic speaking in tongues, God definitely does not want us to know much about the topic.

The Spirit of God has revealed a lot to me about speaking in tongues but almost nothing on demonic tongues. I’ve left things just as they are and you too should take the same approach.

After all, it is genuine speaking in tongues that benefits us. We gain nothing by learning about demonic tongues.

In fact, experiencing demonic tongues is likely to create fear among us. The few people who testified that they experienced demonic tongues don’t want anything to do with speaking in tongues.

The trauma drained their faith in the gift of tongues. It is good if we never experience demonic tongues.


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